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A Decolonized Podcast for lovers on the margins, join your resident sexuality educator Ericka Hart and Deep East Oakland's very own Ebony Donnley, as we game give, dismantle white supremacy and kiki in the cosmos somewhere between radical hood epistemological black queer love ethics, pop culture, house plants and a sea of books.

Light an incense to this. #nigchampa #hrhw #theblackpoweredpodcast

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This episode is dedicated to the memory and power of the victims of white domestic terrorism in Atlanta, the survivors and their families as well as the victims and survivors of all forms of sinophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-sex work and anti-Asian xenophobia/ US imperialist violence against Asian bodies happening all around the globe. If you would like to join us in a moment of silence, fast forward to the 1:54:28. This episode is also dedicated to Stacey Park Milbern, one of the creators of the disability justice movement. We also dedicate this episode to the Seattle Massage Parlor Outreach Project (MPOP). The transcript at 1:55:00 is from a livestream of a community vigil held in the victims' honor and in solidarity with Black and Indigenous sovereignty. Cash App: $mpopsea, Venmo: MPOP_SEA Recommended Reading: -Resisting State Violence by Dr. Joy James (Ericka reads an excerpt from that book in this episode) -Black Marxism by Cedric J. Robinson -Some Reasons For Chinese Exclusion: Meat v Rice, American Manhood Against Asiatic Coolieism (Author Unknown) -Essay on Japanese American Beauty Pageants and Minstrel Shows during political imprisonment by the FDR administration during WWII by Malia McAndrews: -The Condemnation of Blackness: Race, Crime and the Making of Modern Urban America by Khalil Gibran Muhammad -Search for articles on the history behind yellow peril movement and Richard Aoki, an FBI Informant who infiltrated the Black Panther Party in the 60s -Note on Marxism: Engels' father owned a factory and Marx was white and didn’t understand that capitalism is always racialized like Cedric Robinson and Dr. Ruth Wilson Gilmore talk about - check the book out if you want, there are some goods in Marx’s Capital Illustrated by David Smith -Lisa Simpson and Samaria Rice Official Statement: How to Support Samaria and Lisa: Cashapp-$SamariaRice Cashapp: $lisalee693 Support Tamir Rice Foundation/Tamir Rice Afrocentric Cultural Center in Cleveland, OH Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC) Seattle Massage Parlor Outreach Project (MPOP) List of Black Owned Bookstores: Zora's Daughters Podcast: Music by Benjamin Earl Turner-Apathy Happy Editors Note: Both Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel wore Blackface
I know because my fascist government that sends its CIA to destabilize other countries it criticizes for not being democracies in bloody coups that kill millions of innocents all over the world while waging genocide against Black people for over 3 centuries while begging me to send $3 to a white cis man in order to save the country from another white cis man told me so...even though we don't have a direct election method and I actually vote for another random person in my state to vote for me--not the president. See you November 4th (InshAllah). Crystal Mason--A Black femme put in jail for a vote that didn't count: -The Electoral College's Racist Origins: -Nigeria and the movement to ENDSARS and ENDSWAT by Yinka Adegoke: -No on Prop 22: -No North Brooklyn Pipeline: - Russia: Chilean Revolution, the CIA and Chile, the Chicago Boys by Yvette Montoya: Chile Scrapping Pinochet-Era Constitution: Ice Cube: The Right to Vote and the Constitution: NYPD Officers Blast “Trump 2020” over Loudspeaker in Brooklyn: Voter Suppression: US Ice Officers Torture Cameroonian Asylum Seekers: -Joseph Buckley: Why the South Must Prevail: -More on Electoral College: - From the Mouth of Abes (Lincoln):;view=fulltext Povalikhino: Music: Apathy Happy by Benjamin Earl Turner To monetarily support Hoodrat to Headwrap Venmo @Ericka-Hart or PayPal:
And the Epsteins, the Michael Wolls, the Roger Stones, the Alexander Hamiltons, the David Starkeys, the Stephen Millers, the William Barrs, the Joe Biden's, the Tucker Carlsons, the Reed Hastings, Benjamin Netanyahus, Winston Churchills, FDRs, your non-profit executive director, maybe your partner, maybe you. There are so many names of white cis men who commit murder, spew anti-Black racism with impunity, collude with a white supremacist state to leverage the anti blackness inherent in our institutions--keeping Black people from access to capital that belongs to us in a country that we built, but also rendering the violence that happens to us invisible when these same white cis men RARELY lose their jobs (like being the President of this country) or face even the slightest consequences for the most egregious offenses from "white collar" crimes, environmental degradation and genocide. Black has somehow become synonymous with "crime", our deaths ruled "accidental" "misunderstandings" up for debate--after all, when a white person says or does something racist, they get a pre-written apology, a vacation, it's said they need a racial and social justice workshop, to read white fragility written by a fragile white person, all while keeping their same level of privilege, power and financial standing. Meanwhile, Black people meet the ultimate, permanent cancellation for far less. It's about time we "Say their names"...before they say ours. Can you name white people who have caused harm? Or do you only have the names of those who experienced it? Breonna Taylor: Highly Recommended Reading: Alex Acosta x Jeffrey Epstein: White Celebs Blackface: White and Rich While the World Gets Sick: 87 Protestors Charged for Protesting Breonna Taylor's Murder, but Not 1 Officer who Committed the Murder has been: Tucker Carlson Goes on Vacation like Most Anti-Black White People Do: Latinidad: Hamilton: Follow @comiteboricua on IG to learn more about Luis A. Miranda, Lin Manuel Miranda’s father, and the continued destabilization of PR White cis man financial crimes: Netflix countering Monique’s ongoing discrimination lawsuit against them: Frank Wills/Watergate: Music: Apathy Happy by Benjamin Earl Turner
There is a genocide against Black people in the United States happening now and white people are intentionally killing us while other white people, incentivized by our deaths, write FB statuses. Black skin in white masks beg for forgiveness on white ppl's behalf, rationalize their terror as some fault of our own and do the bidding of the police state and the mainstream white corporate celebrities that support them. Black trans women and femmes still comprise some of the highest deaths in this country but their deaths at the hands of the state and its agents go unnoticed--erasure as a tool of the oppressor. Content Warning: Police brutality, violence, death, racism, transphobia, misogynoir, homophobia, housing insecurity, wage and labor exploitation, white peopling. Referenced Reading: Nina Pop, 2020: Tony McDade, 2020: Shantel Davis, 2012: Breonna Taylor, 2020: Charleena Lyles, 2017: Sgt Tess Deterding, Rancho Cordova PD: Derek Chauvin: Cancel Rent Now: Stop the Landlord Bailout Bill A10522/S08419- White Agent Provocateurs infiltrating Minneapolis protests: Black(ish) Agent Provocateur/Stop asking people “what he do”: White Riot: Joe Biden: Politicians Insider trading: Markia Nelson: Amy Klobuchar (edit: Derek Chauvin’s 2006 case wasnt heard until after she took office but look up Myon Burrell’s case she oversaw: Elizabeth Shirey: On Eviscerating Model Minority Myth and NBPOC Complicity: Minnesota Ranked 2nd Worst for Racial Equity in US in 2017: Christian Cooper*(not Christopher as I inadvertently referred to them): Love to All Black People, Everywhere Music: Apathy Happy Benjamin Earl Turner
It's business as usual in AmeriKKKa...a state of emergency has been declared in New York State yet rent is still due all the same. Black people still comprise the highest number of deaths from COVID 19 across the nation and our enemies couldn't be more visible. Dr. Armen Henderson, a black doctor in Miami was handcuffed by police for no reason while administering COVID 19 tests for the unhoused. Essential workers are making less money than ppl receiving unemployment. The rich get richer and the senators still sell stocks before impending market crashes and buy stock in teleconferencing companies, too. Being essential is not a prize when you're disposable tomorrow. Some people got shelter and places, and some people got million dollar stimulus checks. But Gavin Newsome is great tho, right? Highly Recommended Reading Support: Fatima Jamal's Indiegogo Film Fund: Pleasure Chest Employee Resource Fund Gender 101 and Racial and Social Justice Webinars available here: Music by Benjamin Earl Turner: Apathy Happy
Suspend Rent Now. Tweet, call your state and local elected officials, send them letters, sign existing petitions like this one or create your own: I know we are all asking ourselves, "how long do we have to live like this?" in regard to shelter in place or social distancing guidelines but when it comes to racial violence and white supremacist rhetoric, we also must ask ourselves--how long do we have to live like this? The promise of a new world, of "coming together" starts with an interrogation and rejection of mass marginalization under global capitalism and how we got here, to a pandemic that costs human lives. Until then, make sure to Buy Black. Voice Credit for Intro: Tasha Lott. Highly Recommended Reading and Resources: COVID-19: Black Girl Majik Wellness InitiativE: Racial and Social Justice Webinar 3/31: Marsha P. Johnson Collective Solidarity Webinar 3/26: Sex Ed Talks for Families and Kids w/ Dr. Tracie Gilbert @thembianaiya--follow her on Instagram for more info! List of Black Owned Businesses to Support for Toilet Paper, Household Goods and Supplies: Covid-19 Resources for Undocumented Californians: Arts and Culture Leaders of Color Emergency Fund: Vocal NYC Safe Needle and Syringe Access for HRT: Local 10 ILWU Union RE: Grand Princess: Music: Apathy Happy by Benjamin Earl Turner Episode Sponsored by You
Alternative episode names: -Bandaid over a Gunshot Wound: #Notmeus2020 -I don’t care who you vote for just get your hand outta my pocket -Bush, Bernie and Biden Don’t Care About Black People (no Kanye) It’s a whole lot of democratic socialism goin on round here, boy. You know the kind where people weaponize their so-called “leftist” or radical sensibilities to gas light others into voting for the candidate of their choice oftentimes against their own interests in a system that is supposedly “by the people” (e.g. democracy). We all know Biden aint worth a damn but there's not much lore saying he is. No radical, revolutionary or progressive label has been attached to him. Idk if it's the Russian bots or just general rewriting of history, but this Bernie sanders mythology carrying something heavy. Bernie been getting wins for "working class WHITE" people...let's be clear. He don't call Black people the working class, we just an impoverished, lacking education, imprisoned, "under-resourced", "low information" recalcitrant voting bloc of niggas whose problems can't be solved by "writing a check" but I wonder if he take campaign donations only via cash app or credit card. FOH What are the benefits that Bernie’s policies will have for a community he has said he would deny reparations for and a community he also helped over criminalize and mass incarcerate in support of the Crime Bill in 94? Join us on the highway to hades 2020. Recommended Reading: McClymonds High School Closed Due to Toxins: How the Sanders and Biden Families Have Been Cashing in For Years: Bernie Sanders "Tough on Crime" Stance and Voting Record: Sanders Linked Group Entered into Racial Discrimination NDA: When Bernie Sanders Almost Primaried Obama: Opening Audio Clip 1: Opening Audio Clip 2: Bernie Sanders Vote on the 1994 Crime Bill: Episode Sponsored by You. To monetarily support HRHW you can do so at Venmo: @Ericka-Hart or PayPal: Music: Apathy Happy by Benjamin Earl Turner (go download that Bad Nature by him, too!) Support Fatima Jamal's Indiegogo for her forthcoming film, No Fats, No Femmes
Does black love include white people (or anyone who isn't black)? We all know the answer to that. Pack a lunch---this is a long one with an extended review of Queen and Slim *SPOILER ALERT* at some point but not spoiley in beginning. Skip review if you haven't seen it yet. Highly Recommended Reading Playing in the Dark: Whiteness and the Literary Imagination (available for purchase online, fuck Amazon). Register for Ericka's first live webinar-Gender 101!! December 12, 11am PST/2pm EST: References Bechdel Test for Trans Actors Queen and Slim Interview Links National Geographic predicted Americans will look like in 2050 (not 2024 or 2030* as stated in the podcast) Wack basketball player Patrick Patterson's anti-black statements can be found here: Music-Apathy Happy by Benjamin Earl Turner Podcast sponsored by you and consider donating to Activist and Writer Gia Love's college fund and The Marsha P. Johnson Institute at Bonus:
From Rockefeller's Standard Oil monopoly of America's early industrialization period to the "only Christopher we acknowledge", the drive to forgive the transgresses of abusive cis men celebrated the world over for the exploitative power of their influence and the allure of toxic masculinity across the gender spectrum has gone seldom challenged for millennia. Yet it's not the love of cis men that excites or attracts us to white supremacist patriarchy, but the hatred of black femmes. Join us in the first of two installments as we make the case that toxic masculinity aint nothing but an attempt to be like white cis men and we might need a better term for it. Highly Recommended Reading 'You Promised You Wouldn't Kill Me' by Kimberly Crenshaw History of Bolivia's Interim President Jeanine Anez anti-indigenous tweets and a fact check of all of them: Episode Sponsored by You. To monetarily support HRHW you can do so at Venmo: @Ericka-Hart or PayPal: Music: Apathy Happy by Benjamin Earl Turner (go download that Bad Nature by him, too!)
This internet shit is fake as fuck and it's hard to navigate--join us as we attempt to. Highly Recommended Reading: Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism by Safiya Umoja Noble The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg---for Consent: The Political Economy of the Non Profit Industrial Complex by Cory Morningstar In Defense of Cory Morningstar's Manufacturing for Consent Series by Hiroyuki Hamada Music: Apathy Happy By Benjamin Earl Turner, get into my brother tho Episode Sponsored by You, to monetarily support Hoodrat to Headwrap Venmo @Ericka-Hart or PayPal:
Join us for one of an ongoing conversation on colorism--the light skin elephant in the room; seldom talked about but no less visible when we walk down there street, turn on the television, roll over next to your partner in bed, scroll IG, go to the racial justice workshop or slide to the function. Highly Recommended Reading: My Face is Black Is True: Callie House and the Struggle for Ex-Slave Reparations by Mary Frances Berry Highly Recommended Viewing: Eight Black Women Discuss the Politics of Skin Tone The Inventor--Story of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos Edit: I mentioned that Elizabeth Warren is offering 50 million toward HBCUs as part of her reparations support--the correct (heretofore imaginary) number is 50 billion, still a pittance in comparison to most contemporary calculations that put the number somewhere in the trillions like in this article: Music by Benjamin Earl Turner ("Apathy Happy")
Ramadan Mubarak! Join us for an intimate conversation with our special guest veteran organizer, renown writer and co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Network and Executive Director of the Marsha P. Johnson Institute (, Elle Hearns aka our pookie bear baby butt. It's hella raw, it's mother's day coming up on Sunday, we thinking about clear nail polish and stockings and talking about Gods that don't serve white supremacy. Recommended Reading: Redoshi--the last living survivor of the transatlantic slave Donate to Support the Launch of the Marsha P. Johnson Foundation Here: Help #BlackMamasDMV Bail Black Mamas out before Mother's Day: Music: Apathy Happy by @benjaminearlturner Episode Sponsored by You **Happy Birthday Milan and Happy Mother's Day to Mama Rose**
And what exactly do ya'll mean by "woke" when you say it in response to people resisting their own subjugation? Why would Van Jones applaud right wing views and also herald Kim K as the next coming of Malcolm in criminal justice reform? Why is the Mayor of Chicago so upset with one case, considering this: Are you melting too? Also, what is the line between conservatism and racism? Well, there is no line so why does that word conservative exist? What could possibly be conserved? Join us as we parse out "bold, left leaning ideas", red, blue, progressive, liberal and all the ways that white supremacy is upheld by any other name. The rhetoric is deadly. Recommended Reading: The Sarah Lawrence Protests, please stand with them and demand the university to meet the students' demands What happened there in New Zealand isn’t isolated, it becomes inevitable when islamaphobia is fostered in our government at the federal and state level it’s connections to all of the aforementioned (There is in danger in not considering all forms of violence and how they lead to death—- Ilhan Omar vilification leads to this kind of islamaophibia that is fatal) Excellent article on the white terror attack in New Zealand by Sahar Ghumkhor Ebony and Ivy by Craig Steven Wilder (black author) Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's Comments on Reparations Willie McCoy Theme Music: Apathy Happy by Benjamin Earl Turner This episode is dedicated to Victor McElhaney and Ashanti Carmon
Happy Black Everything At All Times and Happy Black Hixtory Month. Join us for our first lil episode of 2019 and I'm already not having it. Alternative Titles: Stop Playing and Let a Real Nigga Bring You Joy in 2020 What Might Bring You Joy in 2020 Might Bring You Hell in 2021 What Bring You Joy in 2020 Won't Bring Reparations, Liberation, Justice for Black People or anyone, really in 2020 Do Marie Kondo Owe Anita Baker Some Money? Bernie Sanders for State Comptroller Music: "Apathy Happy" by Benjamin Earl Turner- Go Listen!! Highly Recommended Reading: Ta-Nehisi Coates: Bernie Sanders and the White Liberal Imagination The Origin of Others by Toni Morrison Bonnie Kristian for The Week: Bernie Sanders is not nearly as progressive as you think: More on Bernie Sanders: Zak Cheney Rice: Bernie Sanders and the Lies We Tell White Voters: Jared Beck Comments: 400 Years of Inequality--Jamestown 1619: Mollena William's Haas: Episode Sponsored by The Pleasure Chest and You
FREE CYNTOIA FIRST AND FOREMOST: Get this so we can all be on the same page in 2019: Gentrification is not a normal process whereby increased real estate development in a once systemically neglected area leads to greater economic change but rather it is the targeted displacement of "undesirable" groups in a given area to attract "desirable" (read: white) groups whose purpose can serve to reserve capital for the wealthy and significantly reduce availability of resources to poor residents from marginalized identities, many of them Black and Brown. This is a byproduct of white supremacist patriarchy, the transatlantic slave trade, colonization, widespread racial and social injustice compounded by white people's genteel urban planning policy and biased anthropological rhetoric in the academy that often overlooks institutional and governmental policies designed to support the disenfranchisement of black folk, indigenous and POC via early 20th Century discriminatory housing laws. Join us and our love/special guest Cynthia Malone (@ecofeminista) and bear with me and my cringeworthy amount of "likes" when I talk cus a nigga (Ebony) is tired at the end of the year. Two hours long pack a lunch to this clean up to this before New Years especially if your family is black and superstititous Highly Recommended Reading: On plantations, prisons and a black sense of place by Katherine McKittrick: "Forces Driving Gentrification in Oakland": "Six figure low income salary in Oakland": "Summer hill fake bullet holes in crown heights": A dream deferred exhibit is an excellent resource on how gentrification, redlining and gentrification have historically disadvantaged Black and Asian American and Asian immigrant communities in Philadelphia: Episode Sponsored by YOU and The Pleasure Chest.
"I know there's voter suppression but... "I know it won't change anything but... "Stop complaining and vote but... "Don't you dare sit at home and do nothing" Voting simply isn't a sufficient means to end systems of oppression because our political system remains invested in keeping power concentrated in the hands of a small few whom we elect to represent our interests every two to four years, often to our disappointment when they uphold the law of the land via racist, xenophobic, anti-immigrant, transphobic and homophobic policies and modest liberal reforms. So cut the shit and cast down your bucket... I mean your ballot. Support Danye Jones's family as they mourn and petition the police for a thorough investigation into his death: "Voting Does Not Make a Difference" by ancestor W.E.B. Du Bois: Christy Degallerie IG and Twitter: iischristy "Why the 'Hate U Give' is Not a Black Lives Matter Movie" by Patrisse Khan-Cullors and Melina Abdullah Voter Suppression in the US, implications on 11/6 midterm elections (I don't like title of article but it's comprehensive): Referenced Reading: The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein LeanIn Initiative Lyft using big lobby dollars to stop initiative to house homeless in SF Notes: Set it Off screenplay co-written by Kate Lanier and Takashi Bufford Episode Sponsored by You and the Pleasure Chest
Is the World Cruel or is it just White? Will it ever change? How is changed defined? Who gets to decide? Greater good or creating change---are they real or some veiled gospel of prosperity that’s mostly self interested and leaves us, the “change makers” at the center of it? Examples Jeff bezos Anne Hathaway HRC Non profits—origin of non profits, where did they come from? Why do we need them? A way to pacify activists and neutralize grassroots movements and embed them into the same oppressive institutions they were formed to absolve? Are we a less radical generation than before us? Do we just have more words to describe fucked up shit? Maybe we just gotta call shit what it is, be clear and explicit by what we mean dismantle white supremacy Join us in our attempt to make sense of the swirl. Recommended and Referenced Reading: Winners Take All by Anand Giriharadas: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex: Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton's Thoughts on Reparations for Slavery: HRC Executive Resigns After Using N-Word Episode Sponsored by The Pleasure Chest:
AAVE=African American Vernacular English POC= People of Color This Episode could have had a couple of names: No one wins when veiled anti-blackness among non black POC is a proxy for solidarity no one wins when you use AAVE and you're not black: the anti blackness of non black POC no one wins when you're neither black nor really my family so don't call me sis: POC and anti blackness this episode is onfleeklitbrosishomie Everybody wanna be black til it's time to dismantle white supremacy Both vilified and stolen, black folks aren't the only ones benefitting from black linguistic and cultural production. Get into 20 minutes of outtakes at the end...this episode could have also gone on for hours. We're taking this baby on the road! New Orleans, we aren't like Drake, come fuck wit us at the Ace Hotel for a LIVE recording of Hoodrat to Headwrap for our Toxic Masculinity Episode on Sunday, September 2nd from 1pm-3pm as part of the CAKE series. For more info visit: @AceNewOrleans on Twitter Facebook:; and Instagram: @ThreeKeysNola @BLAZELIKEFYRE @AceNewOrleans. Recommended Reading: That the Blood Stay Pure by Arica L. Coleman: More information on Pleasure Chest Sex Stores Workers' Struggle to Unionize:…nt-on-strike/ Episode sponsored by you and the Pleasure Chest
Back like we left something, Ericka and I just been in Europe where global anti-blackness (and baguettes) abound. It was hella racist but was it worth it? Recommended Reading: Scathing read of Drake's wack ass new album: More information on Pleasure Chest Sex Stores Workers' Struggle to Unionize: ***This Episode is Dedicated to Milan Ardoin and Rose Scott***--mourn you til I join you, Love Eb
You want me to come out but get mad when I call you out. The name of this episode could have been "Congratulatory, Aggrandizing and Gross" but it's Pride month, so any talk about white folks being entirely interested in their internet outrage and disdain for the systems of oppression they benefit from most will be postponed til July 1st. Recommended, Referenced Reading: Tulsa Oklahoma Massacre in the Greenwood neighborhood erroneously considered a "race riot": *Editor's Note: We intentionally referred to Roxana Hernandez's death at an ICE facility as murder. Here is an article detailing the substantially documented inhumane conditions inside of ICE facilities that may have contributed to her death at the hands of a racist, criminally negligent state. Do not donate to LGBTQ corporate non-profits. Donate here instead: National Bail Out Fund Free Black Mama's DMV: Episode Sponsored by the Pleasure Chest
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Alexandra Tsantes

Would love to hear an Ericka + Ebony music collaboration, but whatever you both choose will be great. 💗

Nov 3rd

Melissa Mick

Also the original caretakers of the land were many various Indigenous Nations including but not limited to the Hupa, Yurok, Miwok Pima and more.. You calling them Indigenous Mexicans is saying Indigenous Americans. You are disproving your own point with the wrong language

Feb 27th

Melissa Mick

what do you mean there was no culture? This whole topic you discuss is completely devoid of Indigenous recognition.

Feb 27th
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