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Author: Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner

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Are you looking for someone to share their deepest, darkest secrets on keeping their marriage spicy? Are you like, “puhhlease DISH on how to be a cool parent .. because, yeah ... I dunno!” Well Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner have got all you hubbies and wifeys - and mommies and daddies - covered, because each week they find a guest who will SPILL all their dirty secrets! Because we all wanna keep our marriages hot and our parenting cool!

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Doug and I aren’t always on the same page when it comes to parenting. We really try to make the rules together and stick to them so that we are a united front with these kids, but sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we literally have no idea what to do!    We are SUPER lucky this week to be able to have toddler EXPERTS, Kristin and Deena, on the podcast this week! Deena is a child therapist and a parent coach, and Kristin is a momma of two toddlers. Together they share the most PRACTICAL tips for handling toddlers on their Instagram page, Big Little Feelings!  Welcome to Hot Marriage. Cool Parents, Kristin and Deena! We’re so glad you are joining us!!!   Show Notes: 00:21 - Henley Grace is here on the podcast to chat with you! 04:00 - Jamie shares an update from her 6 weeks postpartum appointment and shares the current information on her being HPV positive. 07:58 - Doug and Jamie share that if you would like to talk about your story in an anonymous way, comment on Instagram! 08:13 - Jamie shares that it is important that we share our stories because otherwise no one will feel comfortable enough to get treatment! 10:24 - Jamie shares that she found out that she has a cyst on her vaginal wall that doesn’t hurt so she is leaving it there for now! 16:53 - It’s time to welcome on Deena and Kristin to the show! 17:00 - Jamie asks the toddler experts their advice on transitioning a toddler from a crib to a toddler bed. 19:33 - Doug asks what signs do you look for or are there any tips for preparing your toddler’s mind for the switch? 24:02 - Doug shares that no one could have prepared for teaching kids at home during quarantine. He asks what are recommendations as to how many activities parents should be doing at home with their toddlers? Are there too many activities? 27:02 - Doug asks, what are some ways to respond to a child that will only say no?  30:50 - Jamie shares how thankful she is for their Instagram page which gives daily nuggets of wisdom. 31:33 - Jamie asks what is the right parental reaction to when a child doesn’t respond to the this or that option? 33:22 - Doug gets vulnerable and shares about a parenting struggle he recently had with Henley. 35:57 - Next week on the podcast we answer WILD questions about us! It’s gonna be a fun one!   Wear your masks, people! Let’s kick this pandemic! Thank you to our sponsors: The Daily Smile Podcast - Anyone looking for a pick-me-up or stories that will remind you of how good people can be, subscribe to The Daily Smile hosted by Nikki Boyer on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or the Wondery app. It’s guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face! Native Deodorant - Make the switch to Native today by going to or use promo code hmcp at checkout to get 20% off your 1st order! Big, Little Feelings Instagram - Big Little Feelings website - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
You guys had so many awesome questions and we didn’t get to nearly all of them last week so we are back again this week to answer more!! We’re wide open books over here!    Show Notes:   04:05 - Q1 - Will you be doing a homebirth for your future pregnancies? 09:44 - Q2 - What’s going on with your sex life?   13:52 - Q3 - Jamie, what is your last name? Is it Otis or Hehner? 16:21 - Q4 - Do you stay in touch with your MAFS fam?  16:50 - Q5 - Is Hendrix tongue tied? 18:09 - Q6 - Jamie, why do you call Henley, Gracie?  20:13 - Q7 - Are you letting your family hold or touch the kids yet? 22:44 - Q8 - Update on Jamie’s biopsy? 23:10 - Q9 - How is Henley’s potty training going? 25:26 - Q10 & Q11 - Jamie, when did you realize that the experts were correct and you were in love with Doug?  28:50 - Q12 - Why did you change Hendrix’s name from Hayes to Hendrix?  32:43 - Next week we have two ladies from the Instagram account, Big Little Feelings! They are literally Jamie’s toddler Bible!!! They will be sharing different parenting tips, especially navigating toddler life!   Wash your hands and wear your masks! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
You guys have lots of questions for us and we are answering all the things! We are excited for you to get to know us more :) And Hendrix is podcasting with us this week!   AND! You guys had so many awesome questions that we didn’t get to them all, so there will definitely be a part 2 in the very near future!   Show Notes: 03:20 - Jamie shares that Hendrix is officially 1 month old! He weighs 12 lbs and 6.5 oz! Big Boy! 05:53 - Jamie talks about how Doug sleeps like a dead person!  07:29 - Q1 - How did you deal with anxiety in early pregnancy? 10:24 - Q2 - Do you want more kids? If so, WHEN will you start trying? How old will Hendrix be when you start trying again? 12:01 - Q3 - Is there an update on the Florida house/moving down there? 13:21 - Q4 - How do you keep the romance alive and have things changed in that department going from 1 kid to 2? 14:54 - Q5 - Any tips for having a homebirth? Things you’d do differently or advice you have? 24:06 - Q6 - When will you start having sex again and what is is like having mismatched libidos? Any advice on having sex after having a kid? 27:09 - Q7 - How has Henley been now that she is a big sissy? Is she reacting well to the change? 30:22 - Q8 - Has a second baby strengthened your marriage? 32:12 - Q9 - Have you been to South Africa? What are other places you want to travel to? 34:08 - Q10 - How do you feel about MAFS now? Do you feel some people are just doing it for fame?   More to come! Stay well, you guys!   And thank you to our sponsors: Nutrafol - You can grow thicker, healthier hair by going to and use promo code HMCP to get 20% OFF - this is their best offer available ANYWHERE! Plus free shipping on EVERY order! Warby Parker - Go to and try Warby Parker’s free Home Try-On program! Order 5 pairs of glasses to try at home for free for 5 days – there’s no obligation to buy! Ships free and includes a pre-paid return shipping label. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This week on the podcast we have 19 year old boss BABE and YouTube sensation, Yasmyn Switzer! She is a teen momma of 2 and SO inspiring! She comes on the show to talk to us about her story and how she has overcome SO MUCH in life!   But first, Doug and Jamie give an update on how parenting two is going, and they surprise FaceTime Doug’s brother, Matt and his wife, Carrie, to talk about food allergies!   Show Notes:   01:18 - Henley is in a sleep regression - hopefully it will go away soon! :\ 02:35 - Jamie shares that Hendrix is such a good sleeper! 03:29 - Doug recommends watching Couples Cam - there are 9 couples that were married at first sight and Couples Cam follows them around!  05:17 - Doug asks Jamie how she is feeling since struggling with the 4th trimester. 06:01 - Doug tells Jamie that her right breast is his favorite! 06:49 - Doug and Jamie share that they think it is possible that Hendrix has a tongue tie. 10:22 - Doug shares that his mom said that when introducing eggs, you should separate the egg white and the egg yolk - we gotta get this figured out!  14:37 - Doug and Jamie surprise FaceTime his brother to ask him about separating the egg yolk and egg white! He shares that you also aren’t supposed to use butter when introducing foods either! 22:59 - Welcome to the podcast, Yasmyn! 23:22 - Yasmyn shares her background and how she ended up going through her pregnancy alone, aside from the support of her aunt. 24:29 - Jamie asks Yasmyn if she is helping to take care of her two younger sisters. Jamie shares that they have similar backstories with helping take care of siblings. 26:32 - Doug asks her how people took the news of being pregnant at such a young age. 27:38 - Doug asks if she considered adoption at all. 28:43 - Jamie asks Yasmyn to share about what happened with her first baby’s dad. 30:44 - Jamie asks Yasmyn what is one of the toughest things she has had to overcome, like what are some of the challenges of being a teen mom? 32:13 - Jamie commends Yasmyn for working so hard on her YouTube channel! 32:25 - Doug asks at what point she realized she might be able to make a career out of YouTube. 35:16 - Doug and Jamie ask Yasmyn if she has had any backlash over parenting choices. 36:13 - Doug asks Yasmyn if her second pregnancy was planned or not. 37:49 - Jamie asks Yasmyn what is her proudest accomplishment and what gives her the strong drive and work ethic? 39:33 - Doug asks if Yasmyn’s relationship with her mother has changed at all? Jamie shares how proud she is of Yasmyn for giving so much grace towards her mother. 42:16 - Yasmyn shares how she and Logan met. 45:07 - Yasmyn shares that she had an all-natural birth for both pregnancies! 45:45 - Jamie shares that she is Yasmyn’s biggest fan - she is SO proud of her! 46:24 - Yasmyn shares her goals for her future. 48:24 - Yasmyn shares how many kids she would like to have! 51:32 - Next week we have toddler experts Kristin and Deena from Big Little Feelings on Instagram to chat all things toddler tips!     Chat soon!   And thank you to our sponsor: ExpressVPN - Go to to get the first 3 months of ExpressVPN for FREE!   Yasmyn Switzer’s Instagram: @yasmynswitzer Yasmyn’s YouTube:   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We’re going to sound incredibly ignorant to some of you - but we strongly believe in being fully transparent and honest. We have been ignorant. We have had rose colored glasses on - or maybe just no glasses on because we weren’t SEEING what we were hearing. Racism. The black communty has been screaming it still exists. We never really knew what side to believe so we just moved on with life.  UNTIL WE WATCHED THE VIDEO OF GEORGE FLOYD.  We have a lot to learn about racism in our country, and we WANT to do better. We want to educate ourselves as much as we can for the sake of our family, friends, and community as well as for our kiddos.  On the podcast today, we are ​honored​ to have with us two AMAZING ladies, Melissa DePino and Michele Saahene. They met in 2018 in a Philadelphia Starbucks after having witnessed and stood up to racism. Together they started From Privilege to Progress, a national movement to desegregate the public conversation about race. They lead the way for anti-racism by learning, speaking, and amplifying the voice of people of color on social media. Welcome, Melissa and Michele!  Show Notes:    02:34 - Jamie says thank you to frans for all of their support through this 4th trimester! 06:53 - Jamie shares that she has been trying to spend time educating herself in order that they can teach their kids how to speak out against racism. 08:10 - Jamie shares that she was searching online for how to speak out against racism and she came upon a Forbes article and liked the article so much she wanted to have the ladies on the podcast! 10:27 - Michele shares how she and Melissa first met at Starbucks and how they joined together against racism after witnessing racial discrimination against two black guys who would not buy coffee. 16:46 - Michele talks about confronting the Starbucks barista. 22:48 - Melissa shares that it is important to talk about the moment that you find out you are white - for Jamie and Doug it was when they saw the video of George Floyd; at that point now that their lens gets cleansed, now is the time to relearn everything you knew and try to understand others. 24:14 - We have to look within ourselves and make changes but also work towards systemic change. The ladies share that policing was based on white supremacy. They were originally slave patrol. That is still going on today!  25:24 - In order to understand, we have to LISTEN. 27:58 - Michele and Melissa talk about what we can do to stand up against racism. Even just interrupting conversations and ask people to reflect on what they are saying.  30:27 - Michele shares that she didn’t learn anything about her people growing up - education is the #1 thing to do to understand about the black communities! 32:58 - Jamie encourages listeners to start trying to make a stand! You can be a part of the change by checking yourself when you are with others.  34:20 - Jamie shares that she doesn’t believe all white people are bad, all cops are bad, all black people are bad, she just believes there can be a bad apple in the bunch and it takes the rest to help filter that bad apple out! 37:03 - Next week on the podcast, YouTube star and teen momma, Yasmyn Switzer!    Be the change! Educate yourselves so you can be GOOD apples! We love you guys!    From Privilege to Progress Instagram: @privtoprog Website: ​ Forbes Article: n/#29dca4057c53 13th on Netflix - ​ Scene on Radio - Seen White - ​  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Fair warning - this is a really raw and vulnerable episode! The 4th trimester has been ROUGH to say the least. But we WILL make it through - together!  Show Notes:   01:07 - Jamie shares that it really is hard having a baby during the pandemic! 03:41 - Jamie shares that parenting a second child is still difficult and it feels like a whole new world! 04:55 - Doug and Jamie talk about how they are trying really hard to make sure that their kids don’t feel like they have to compete for their love and attention. 05:55 - Jamie shares her struggles with feeling like she is letting Henley down by not being able to help her at times. She shares that she thinks she is dealing with postpartum blues. 10:00 - Jamie shares that she and Doug are struggling with parenting two kids and they are wanting to try to do couple’s counseling. 13:38 - Jamie shares that she doesn’t like who she is right now and how she is struggling through the 4th trimester. 15:15 - Jamie shares that she is working hard at getting better. She also shares that one positive of this time is that she doesn’t care about her body image postpartum.  18:00 - Doug shares that the pandemic takes a toll and assures Jamie that his family does understand that they cannot hold the babies even though Jamie is struggling with it. 19:45 - Doug and Jamie talk about how they watched a documentary and are beginning the vegan lifestyle to get healthier - they are loving spinach right now! 21:40 - Doug shares that he and Jamie will conquer the postpartum blues together! 22:19 - Jamie shares that she doesn’t want anyone to think she is perfect and great all of the time because that’s not the real world! She doesn’t want to make anyone feel bad about themselves! 23:40 - Next week we will be doing a Q&A to answer any and all questions you have! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Baby Hendrix is here!!! This episode is all about our home birth, and we get into ALL the details about what happened that day! He came SO fast!!! We’re recording from our bedroom on this episode because Jamie is still taking it easy, so you will hear baby Hendrix and Gracie some in the background! We’re definitely learning to adjust with 2 kiddos :)     Show Notes:   02:00 - Jamie shares that next week’s episode will be all about the 4th trimester - PSA it might get a little intimate! 03:10 - Doug shares that even with all the crazy it was SUCH a great day!!! 03:20 - Jamie shares that all the masks were sent out if you requested one! 04:54 - Doug and Jamie share about Hendrix’s birth story. 05:58 - Jamie shares that they thought for sure he would come early but he actually came 1 day AFTER her due date! 07:34 - Jamie shares that she was ready for Baby Hendrix to come out because he was a big boy!  08:20 - Doug shares that before labor, he felt like they were totally prepared and that he felt in his gut everything would be great! 09:20 - Doug commends Jamie for mentally preparing for this labor! He tells Jamie she is amazing :) Jamie shares what all she did to prepare for the labor. 11:30 - Doug and Jamie shared that she was constantly thinking “I can endure anything for 1 minute!” 12:03 - Jamie learned through Ina Gaskin’s book that positive affirmations are SO important. She also learned and kept in her mind the idea that any pain she was going through, Hendrix was also going through and she needed to stay strong and one with her son!  13:23 - Jamie shares that she doesn’t believe that you can have an orgasm after birth even though some women swear that you can! 13:48 - Jamie shares that Doug had given her a back massager for Mother’s Day and she asked him to rub her feet while she used the back massager on her back. Doug thinks the joy of the massager and the footrub was what put her in labor! 15:38 - Jamie shares that her biggest fear was that the baby would have shoulder dystocia (where the baby gets stuck inside) - this can be very dangerous even in the hospital! 16:50 - By 10 am Jamie realized that the contractions were getting more intense and she was SO excited! She started timing the contractions at precisely 12:19 pm. 18:17 - Zoe, our assistant, has been quarantining with Doug and Jamie and they both give her a big shoutout for all of her help that day! 20:21 - Jamie shares that she did a Baby Mama dance on TikTok that she hasn’t shared yet! 21:44 - Jamie shares that they also had 2 previous assistants (who are like sisters to her) come over to help that day, too! 22:29 - Jamie shares how sorry she is to frans that she didn’t get to go livestream on Instagram for the birth. She really wished she could have and hopes that frans can understand and forgive her! She is so sad that she let some people down ;( 27:23 - Jamie says a huge THANK YOU to those of you who said such kind words and were so supportive after she wasn’t able to go live on Instagram for the birth. 28:30 - Doug shares that even though they didn’t get to go live, they did film everything for Couples Cam and for YouTube. Couples Cam starts on May 20! Not sure when the intimate details on YouTube will be up - stay tuned! 33:07 - Jamie shares that one of the ways to ease her pain during labor was to squeeze combs and to squeeze Doug’s fingernail and thumb. She finally got in the tub and HIGHLY recommends using water during natural labor! 35:07 - Jamie shares that the midwife made her get out of the tub because it was too hot and that was so hard to do! Jamie gets really vulnerable and shares that she has never felt like she needed Doug more than during this labor - she shares just how much she feels like their relationship grew and they bonded as a couple! 37:38 - Jamie finally got back in the tub and it was go time! She felt like she needed to push and she could feel the bag bulging! 38:27 - Jamie shares that after a few pushes... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
America’s most eligible and favorite bachelor is BACK! Derek Sherman is on again to answer ALL of your questions! A lot of you wanted to know if he is single and ready to mingle...listen to find out! :)   Before Derek comes on, Doug shares the *hopefully last* pregnancy update and raves about how absolutely incredible Jamie is as a mother, entrepreneur, wife, and so many things! He also shares how potty training Henley is going!     Show Notes:   00:36 - Doug shares they have 1 week (or less) left til baby Hayes will be here! 01:43 - Doug says that he doesn’t think anyone has a stronger work ethic than Jamie! 03:56 - Doug shares that he is extremely proud of his wife and her strength and positivity during this difficult time. 08:22 - Doug shares that everyone who reached out to them about their home and birthing center birth stories made a huge difference to them and helped them see the positive side! 09:36 - Henley has started potty-training! They’re trying the commando way - diaper on for naps and bedtime only! She’s doing so well! She loves doing her pee-pee dance! 11:49 - Doug and Jamie are going to be on Couple’s Cam and their homebirth will be videoed! 13:31 - Doug shares that the hardest part of this time is not being able to hug family!  21:41 - Welcome back, Derek! 22:46 - What did Derek learn about himself through MAFS? 24:09 - How was he so patient? 25:08 - Boxers or briefs?  25:37 - What is his ideal girl? 26:22 - Did you think that Katie was a B-I-T-C-H? 27:46 - What did Derek think of Katie getting jealous of his college date? 29:43 - Would Derek be interested in either Taylor or Mindy? 30:30 - What did Derek think about the cast of his season?  32:14 - How does it make him feel knowing that he has so many people’s support and love through this? 33:47 - Did Derek think he was ready for marriage? 34:18 - What are the top 5 things on Derek’s bucket list? 35:04 - Did Katie cheating on Derek affect his view of marriage? 36:00 - Would he do MAFS again? 37:03 - Doug gives props to Derek for how he has handled everything and for not letting his situation get him down. 40:06 - Next week on the podcast...there might just be a baby Hayes! :)    Stay clean, wash your hands, wash your face, wash your butt, and ya! Don’t get sick!  Talk to you next week!   Derek’s Instagram: @drockingsherm   And thank you to our sponsor: Skylight - Get $10 off your purchase of a Skylight Frame when you go to and enter the code COOL!    See for privacy and opt-out information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We are so excited to welcome a GUY onto our podcast! It’s been a while! Welcome, Derek to Hot Marriage, Cool Parents! Derek was a cast member of Season 10 of MAFS. He’s a fan favorite, an avid dreamer, hopeless romantic, an all around awesome guy! He shares his experience on MAFS and what he is up to now!   Oh, and he’s America’s most ELIGIBLE bachelor!   Before Derek comes on, Doug tells everyone about their last minute plans for their home birth and his excitement! Doug shares their progress on finding a baby name and wait for it…..they are so excited for baby….HAYES!    Show Notes:   04:15 - Doug shares that this episode is a two-part episode with Derek - the second part will be all of our fran’s questions! 04:58 - Doug shares the baby name they have chosen - Hayes Douglas! 06:00 - Doug shares a special connection they learned between the name Hendrix (his top choice for baby boy names) and their angel baby’s name Johnathan.  06:42 - Doug shares the funny story behind naming Henley - Jamie had no idea what Doug’s last name was the morning after they got married!  09:00 - Doug shares that over the weekend they had another visit with the midwife and she brought the tub over - they got to hear Hayes’s heartbeat too! 17:36 - Jamie asks Derek what made him want to sign up for MAFS? 18:48 - Derek shares how he broke the news that he was going to marry a stranger to his family! 20:51 - Jamie asks Derek what his thoughts were when he saw Katie on their wedding day. 21:49 - Doug asks Derek if he felt like experts followed what he was wanting in a spouse? 23:05 - Jamie tells Derek that to viewers they seemed happy on the honeymoon - she asks Derek to walk listeners through what happened off camera? 26:26 - Derek talks about a time during the honeymoon when Katie asked him to join her in the shower. 26:50 - Doug asks if they consummated the marriage on the wedding night? 28:03 - Jamie asks Derek to share what he thinks went wrong after the honeymoon? 29:59 - Jamie asks Derek what it felt like to have Katie not appreciate his dreams. 34:54 - Doug asks Derek if he still has a relationship with Katie’s father? 36:23 - Jamie asks Derek if he ever felt like he could have fallen in love with Katie at some point? 37:43 - Derek shares what kept him holding on all the way to the end - that things would change. 40:00 - Derek shares what all happened during the reunion and previous conversations he had with Katie; especially one where they agreed he would not share about her affair.  42:52 - Derek shares that he finds out that she was having an affair not long after their honeymoon! 44:02 - Doug asks Derek why they stayed together on decision day? They wanted to try it without the cameras. 46:12 - Jamie asks Derek if Zach and Katie got drinks before or after he and Katie split up? 47:00 - Doug asks Derek what it was like being witness to some of Brandon’s lashouts? 48:30 - Derek shares what he is up to right now and he IS single, ladies! He also shares some of his bucketlist with us! 52:50 - Doug gives props to Derek for giving their relationship every possible chance that he could! 54:05 - Next week tune in for Derek’s Q&A Session!   Stay safe, wash your hands, don’t cough, all that! :) Talk to you next week!  See for privacy and opt-out information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Put your hands up in the air and welcome MAFS Alum from Season 10, Mindy Shiben! She is here to chat ALL things MAFS and tell us what’s new!   Mindy Shiben aka America’s Sweetheart joins us today. She is hands down one of the most caring, genuine, and mature cast members from MAFS. She’s a super talented figure skating coach and honestly an all around catch.    Before Mindy comes on, we share pregnancy updates (including getting tested for COVID-19!) and Jamie gets real about some struggles she is dealing with during this difficult time. Doug and Jamie also give a MAFS reunion recap.      DISCLAIMER....This interview was recorded in advance. Information on Covid-19 is changing by the day. That being said, if you have any questions or concerns please do your own research or consult   Show Notes:   03:25 - Jamie is officially 37 weeks pregnant! YAY! Full term!  03:42 - Jamie shares about how she had to get tested for COVID-19. 04:10 - Jamie shares that she had to consult doctors due to taking Prozac during pregnancy as the midwife was concerned that it could affect baby boy Hehner during labor. 12:13 - Jamie shares that she is very overwhelmed with this pregnancy. 12:48 - Doug shares that there are going to be some things during this pregnancy that are out of their control due to COVID-19.  14:07 - Doug shares that Jamie is superwoman to him :) Jamie feels bad that she is unable to currently help in the hospital. 15:25 - Jamie asked her sister to make 50 masks - let us know if you are in need of one -! We want to give them all away! 16:20 - Doug shares that they have gotten all of the supplies they need for the homebirth! 17:28 - Doug shares that he feels like at home there is going to be a large amount of relief doing the homebirth instead of the hospital birth. 18:32 - Bombshell! Katie and Zach went out for drinks!  19:45 - Doug shares that he thinks Derek gave his all week after week, and its sad that he has a broken heart! 20:31 - Doug shares that he believes that everyone who goes on MAFS will benefit in ways they didn’t know they would! It brings a brighter future! 26:08 - Welcome, Mindy, to Hot Marriage Cool Parents!!! 26:23 - What made Mindy want to be married at first sight? 27:17 - How did Mindy break it to her parents that she was going to marry a stranger? And how have her parents handled it since then? 29:28 - Doug asks Mindy what her thoughts were on her wedding day? 31:39 - Mindy talks about when things changed with Zach. 34:31 - Doug asks Mindy if she saw things in Zach that did line up with what she was wanting. 35:15 - Did they have sex during the experiment? 36:22 - What happened with Mindy’s previous best friend who then started talking to Zach in private? 39:23 - Doug and Jamie commend Mindy for the way she handled herself maturely with everything that happened with Zach. 40:00 - Jamie praises Mindy for being so strong during the reunion! 41:25 - What were Mindy’s thoughts going into the reunion? Would she be willing to give Zach another chance? 45:00 - What’s going on with Mindy now? 46:38 - Mindy shares that she has been getting into virtual dating - kind of the opposite of MAFS! :) 48:35 - Mindy shares that she had a phone call with Zach during recording that made her have some hope. 49:21 - Mindy shares that she feels like she has gotten stronger from the experience and would do it again! 54:26 - Derek is on the podcast next week!   Mindy’s Instagram: @mindyshiben And thank you to our sponsor: Skylight - Get $10 off your purchase of a Skylight Frame when you go to and enter the code COOL! Talkspace - Get $100 off your first month on Talkspace. To match with your perfect therapist, go to or download the app! Make sure to use the code JAMIE.       See Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Today we are super excited to welcome to our show the beautiful SUPER-Mom and Boss Babe, Bekah Martinez!    Bekah Martinez was on the Bachelor and after she was on the Bachelor, she started dating Gray and got pregnant within a couple months (their first couple dates!).  We are excited to talk to her about her birthing center birth story as well as her future plans for a home-birth with her current pregnancy!   Before Bekah comes on, we share with you guys the initial phone call Doug and Jamie had with a home-birth midwife - who they have since hired!      DISCLAIMER....This interview was recorded in advance. Information on Covid-19 is changing by the day. That being said, if you have any questions or concerns please do your own research or consult   Show Notes:   0:27 - Jamie shares that she was having contractions! Thankfully they stopped! 1:15 - Doug shares that their midwife will not deliver before 37 weeks. Jamie thinks baby boy will be early. 7:45 - Doug and Jamie have a big announcement! They are going to star on Couple’s Cam! This is a new show on Lifetime catching up with all the couples who are still together from Married at First Sight! They also share that they are going to be filming the birth of their baby boy! 8:10 - Doug and Jamie share that Jessica from this season’s MAFS is a nurse and has been moved to the COVID Unit! She’s working quite a bit and Jamie and Doug give another shoutout to all the amazing frontline workers! 8:25 - Doug and Jamie give a recap on the MAFS finale! 2 couples stayed together - Derek and Katie and Austin and Jessica. 11:23 - 32:48 - Phone Call With Midwife (she gave us permission to share the call ;)) 34:44 - Jamie wants to know if listeners think that taking placenta capsules helps with the baby blues? 37:11 - Welcome to the show, Bekah! 38:24 - Jamie asks Bekah if she feels like she fell in love with Arie on the Bachelor. 42:39 - Bekah shares how she met Gray while the Bachelor was airing, and 3 months into their relationship she got pregnant. 45:15 - Doug commends Bekah and Gray for doing couple’s counseling. 46:35 - Bekah shares that she had a gut instinct that Gray would be a great father even though they hardly knew each other - and her gut was right! 49:35 - Doug shares that he and Jamie were at a rough point in their relationship while pregnant with Henley, but that having Henley brought them closer together. 51:00 - Jamie asks Bekah what made her want to have a birthing center birth and how the experience was for her. Bekah shares that she had been interested in pregnancy and birth before getting pregnant and had already sought out more natural options and wanted to be in an environment where her knowledge about her own body was trusted. 54:30 - Bekah shares how Gray reacted when she told him that she was pregnant. His first reaction was that he had a really big smile on his face! But then wanted to have a conversation about how it would all work out.  55:14 - Bekah shares that she felt like a birth center would be a good middle ground option between a home-birth and a hospital birth. She found her birth center by looking on Yelp! 59:22 - Bekah shares her plans for a home birth this time around. 61:18 - Doug asks Bekah if she did an unmedicated birth at the birth center. She didn’t have any options for traditional pain management. She shares that the #1 reason for transfer to a hospital during birth center births tends to be maternal exhaustion.  62:40 - Bekah recommends the book Ina May’s Guide to Natural Childbirth.   63:26 - Bekah shares that she looked at birth with the idea of the pain of childbirth being the pain of progress. It’s your body doing what it is supposed to be doing. She talks about how she would call the contractions moments, since things go back to normal in between contractions. 66:24 - Bekah shares that it is important to know what you want and how you want things to go, but le... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
It’s the Doug and Jamie show today! We are super excited to share with listeners our decision on having a HOME BIRTH! We have done tons of research and are ready to share the facts with you!    No matter what decision our awesome listeners make in their birth plans, we want you to know that we support you ALL! We just wanted to share the facts we’ve learned in case anyone else is weighing the options during this crazy time! As always, make sure you are talking with your doctors and with other professionals when weighing all of the options :)   DISCLAIMER....This interview was recorded in advance. Information on Covid-19 is changing by the day. That being said, if you have any questions or concerns please do your own research or consult   Show Notes:   2:40 - We have exciting news! We are going for it …. we’re gonna have a homebirth! 4:15 - Jamie shares that as a nurse she has never had a home birth transferred to her where the mother or baby was doing poorly. 4:50 - Hospitals don’t have enough PPE (personal protective equipment) and they don’t have enough staff - they are being overworked!  5:22 - Jamie shares that she wants to be selfless and have the birth at home to help out the difficulty in the hospitals right now with the coronavirus. 5:40 - Doug wants listeners to know - he is 100% on board with the homebirth! 6:09 - Jamie wants listeners to understand that the point of the podcast is just to share research and share her experience as a labor and delivery nurse - this isn’t intended to sway anyone. 8:15 - Jamie explains the details of a homebirth. 9:25 - Jamie shares that when doctors augment labor (do something to expedite labor) such as pitocin or breaking a woman’s water - you can come into contact with a “risk” in the hospital and that can eventually cause a C-Section to have to happen. 10:20 - Jamie shares what a birthing center is in comparison to a home birth or hospital birth. 11:14 - Midwives from birthing centers will be with you during your birth, even if you have to be transferred to the hospital. The majority of them have privileges and rights to practice at hospitals. 11:33 - Birthing centers and midwives with home births take an all natural approach. Home Births are the MOST natural.  12:14 - The biggest pro right now of a homebirth is that right now you are going to avoid catching germs that are lingering around at the hospital. 12:55 - Home births have very intermittent monitoring so you can get up and move around during labor! Big pro! 13:40 - A midwife who does home births comes with medications to stop hemorrhaging, she comes with medications for your baby, she comes with oxygen - she means business! These midwives are trained medical professionals! 15:00 - A big pro about home birth is that your partner is able to be with you! 16:15 - Being able to deliver in water with a home birth is a huge pro!  16:30 - No one is telling you you need to speed up your labor in a home birth or at a birthing center! It’s not a rush - you are the only person that the midwife is taking care of!  17:55 - All of the follow-up visits from homebirth happen in your own home! 19:08 - Jamie shares that she definitely wants to try to have either her or Doug catch the baby! 20:20 - With a home birth or birthing center birth, you are guaranteed to have your midwife during the birth. 20:57 - You get as many coaches as you want during labor and can even have your children be a part of your labor experience! Jamie shares that she is worried about the pain part of it scaring Henley. 21:44 - Jamie shares cons of a homebirth: -if an emergency happens, they are 20 minutes away from the hospital -there is no medicinal pain relief -a lot of insurances do not cover a home birth or a birthing center (sad!) -you have to submit your own social security and birth certificate info -you don’t have help with your newborn 22:58 - Jamie shares that she is excited about her upcoming home bir... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We are living in such strange times right now and there is a lot of uncertainty with having a baby during this time! We are excited to welcome on to today’s episode an amazing nurse friend of Jamie’s who is here to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of what is happening in the labor and delivery unit because of the corona-virus!   Before their guest comes on, Jamie and Doug chat about her pregnancy symptoms, how baby boy is growing so much,    Later in the episode, they speak with Sara Maher, RN at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in NY - the epicenter of the corona-virus! Sara shares her heart about why it is important that everyone stays home. She emphasizes that to have a support person with you during labor and delivery is currently putting many many people at risk. Jamie urges listeners to consider signing a petition giving the hospitals back the right to deny support persons based on the spread of COVID-19.    DISCLAIMER....This interview was recorded in advance. Information on Covid-19 is changing by the day. That being said, if you have any questions or concerns please do your own research or consult   Bio on our guest:   We are so excited to welcome Sara Maher to the podcast! Not only is Sara an accomplished nurse, but she also is a close friend to Jamie and mentored her when Jamie worked at New York Presbyterian Columbia Hospital in Washington Heights - the #5 hospital in the entire nation! It’s ranked #1 in NYC and not only does it offer excellent care that’s been nationally recognized for years, but it also trains amazing, excellent nurses, doctors, and healthcare staff. Sara has worked there since 2011 and she has been an RN since 2005. She sure has a lot of credentials after her name, too! We wanted to invite her on as a friend, but also as an expert behind the scenes since she has directly treated patients with the Coronavirus! She’s literally in the labor rooms working side by side with patients who either have the virus or have been exposed to it, or who are just laboring and delivering a child during this really scary time!   Show Notes:   3:38 - Doug shares how excited he was to feel the baby moving all over! He loves it when baby kicks, because it’s like the baby is saying hello! :) 5:19 - Jamie and Doug share that they still have much to do for baby’s room before he arrives! Doug shares about anxiety surrounding how they will sleep since Gracie is currently dealing with sleep regression. 9:25 - Jamie talks about how they had to cancel her Baby Sprinkle because of uncertainty with the virus. 9:46 - Jamie takes a moment to thank all of the amazing frans for getting so many nice things for when Henley Grace was born! 10:40 - Jamie shares that they are trying to be careful on how much diapers and wipes that they buy for baby boy, because she wants listeners to understand that others really need the supplies and we should utilize delivery services if we are able. 11:21 - Jamie talks about her awful time with hemorrhoids during both pregnancies and how the doctor said not to do anything about them until she is finished having babies! 12:46 - Doug and Jamie talk about how Big Doug had a hemorrhoid burst at Walt Disney World!!! 14:48 - Jamie and Doug really recommend listeners to try one episode of Netflix’s new Tiger King! It’s a show that you will be laughing - but for all the wrong reasons! They also recommend Love is Blind on Netflix. 16:47 - Doug shares that though Tiger King is a funny show, he does not endorse animals in captivity. 18:04 - Doug and Jamie have the idea that listeners send in their favorite binge-worthy TV shows! 22:23 - Welcome to the podcast, Sara Maher! 23:38 - Sara shares that they have been testing all of their patients for the corona-virus. 24:24 - Jamie shares that she saw on the news that there might be a test that’s available that the results would come back much sooner! Sara shares that at first the tests would take 12 hours,... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
There is so much information out there re: the corona virus so Jamie and Doug went straight to the source and brought a guest on who is working behind the scenes with other scientists to help fight infectious diseases. Before their guest comes on, Jamie and Doug chat about being back in NJ a week early because of Covid-19 and how Jamie feels more pregnant than ever. They talk about the measures they took to sanitize and hopefully avoid getting or spreading the virus while flying home from FL. Later in the episode, they speak with an infectious disease scientist, Alex Willis, who is on the front line working with other scientists trying to find a vaccine/cure to Covid-19. Alex gives gives us the simple facts on the virus and debunks some myths that are floating around on the internet. This is an extremely informative interview, and offers some valuable advice for all of us to follow, in order to help stop the spread. DISCLAIMER....This interview was recorded in advance. Information on Covid-19 is changing by the day. That being said, if you have any questions or concerns please do your own research and/or email Alex directly at Bio on our guest: This week we have Alex Willis, a young female scientist and infection researcher from the UK, on the podcast. She went to Imperial College in London, and studied new ways to treat bacterial infections (including other ‘good' bacteria!). She’s now in Canada and looking at some mysterious parasites under the microscope! She is passionate about making science available for everyone, so she is here today to answer all our questions about this new virus! Show Notes: 1:37 - This epidemic is really serious - it could become the most lifechanging event since WW2 according to some scientists 2:00 - This is the worst pandemic since the Spanish Flu about 100 years ago which killed 50 million people 4:00 - What really is self-isolating? What is social-distancing? 6:08 - Jamie shares why she is terrified to take the flight home to NJ 6:40 - What are symptoms people should be looking for who think they might have COVID-19? 8:10 - How does COVID-19 affect a pregnant woman? 9:08 - We all need a careful balance between self-isolating and self-isolating calmly. 9:25 - Jamie challenges listeners to avoid WIC-approved items at stores, because those are what people who are less fortunate are able to get for free and need to support and take care of their families; especially with school being out and their children not getting their lunches at school 10:38 - Be self-LESS! 11:02 - COVID-19 lasts different amounts of time on all surfaces. Plastic - 3 days; Cardboard - 1 day; Steel - 2 days 11:27 - Avoid using public playgrounds 12:39 - Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds! This is the most important way to prevent the spread of the illness! 13:05 - Experts say that soap and water is MUCH better than hand sanitizer - hand sanitizer should be used for last resort situations. Anything that will clean your dishes will clean your hands. 14:50 - Alex shares her thoughts on why kids are not as affected by COVID-19. 15:27 - As an RN, Jamie HIGHLY suggests taking vitamins! 15:47 - Should people fly or drive to another state? 18:13 - Know what number to call BEFORE you get sick! 19:19 - Scientists are suggesting people to use TYLENOL and not Advil if you get a fever. (Check with your Healthcare Provider) 21:50 - Scientists have been working hard to get a vaccine out - first human patient has been given a vaccination! But it will be another 14 months until they know if it was successful. 22:35 - Nanny tested positive for the coronavirus! Oh no! She's barely symptomic... 24:12 - It can take 14 days for your symptoms to come on and you can be sick for up to 8 weeks! 24:52 - There is a hopeful long-term immunity for COVID-19 through vaccinations, just like the seasonal flu. 25:46 - What kills this virus?! SOAP AND WATER (pay attention to your fingern... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie and Doug speak with Christina Cimorelli, who started a singing group with her sisters, and quickly rose to fame through YouTube, and now with over 5 Million subscribers. Jamie and Doug ask what it is like starting a group with family, and the ups and downs of the music industry. Christina has been open about suffering a miscarriage, and offers a new perspective on dealing with a loss. Christina shares some extremely powerful coping techniques that she learned in therapy, and announces that she is pregnant again with her Rainbow Baby!  See for privacy and opt-out information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Doug catches up with Married At First Sight Season 7's Danielle Dodd, who had a "Near-Death" experience while giving birth to their daughter Olivia. Danielle was diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome, something that occurs in less than 1% of births in the USA! Hear how Danielle and her husband Bobby Dodd managed everything, and the aftermath of having their beautiful daughter Olivia. Danielle also gives her take on the current season of Married At First Sight, and her predictions on which couples she thinks will be staying together at the end of the experiment. Danielle and Doug do not hold back!!!! Doug also discusses what he and Jamie have planned for their last couple weeks in Florida, and how they have narrowed their House Hunting down to 2 homes. He also talks about the impact the coronavirus is having on travel, and whether they should head back to New Jersey early, just in case more travel restrictions are put in place within the USA. Doug also suggests an alternative to the handshake, and what should be used instead for greeting each other from now on....  See for privacy and opt-out information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie and Doug (Mostly Jamie) brings awareness to HPV, what it is, how to check for it, how to treat it, and the consequences if you do nothing. After that, Doug speaks with Terra Larock, and her Mindful Mamas App launching soon, to help mamas of all ages deal with Postpartum Depression. Terra is a mom of 2, and went through severe postpartum depression with her first child. Hear all about her story, the inspiration behind her Mindful Mamas App, and some extremely powerful techniques and practices to deal with stress, anxiety, and PPD!  See for privacy and opt-out information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Doug and Jamie cover traveling with the Coronavirus, and discuss who are the people that complain to the FCC about the Superbowl Half Time show this year. After that, Elisabeth & Jamie, stars of Season 9 Married at First Sight tells us all about life after MAFS. Here about their newlywed struggles, what compelled them to move across country to the West Coast. More importantly, they given us a lesson on what "BCS (Basic Caucasian Sex)" is, and whether they have babies in their near future....  See for privacy and opt-out information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie and Doug catch up on the latest Married at First Sight drama, and share their feeling on a few of the husbands from this season. After that they speak with world renowned "Baby Naming Expert - SJ Strum," to get some help naming their baby boy due in May. SJ gave Jamie & Doug some knowledge behind their names, and suggests 5 Boy Names beginning with "H." After their conversation, with SJ Strum, they may have finally found a name for baby number 2!!!  See for privacy and opt-out information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie shares a quick update on what is happening now that she is in the Third Trimester, and how this pregnancy differs from the fist with Henley Grace. Also, curious what Doug got Jamie for Valentines Day....? Hear all about what Jamie got for Valentines Day, and how Doug gave it to her. Jamie, Doug, and Henley are heading back to Los Angeles to film a Married at First Sight Special, so this episode is a quick update episode from Jamie!  See for privacy and opt-out information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Comments (21)

Yasmin Ayoub

Wooow Jamie, you are doing amazing! motherhood, Podcasts, Instagram! You need to give yourself a break! I really feel for you and I identify with a lot of the worries you have, I'm learning so much from you for when I get pregnant with how to manage emotions and fears. I love that Doug is so soo encouraging and supportive and that's his role you don't have to feel bad for him he is there rooting for you 👍🏾stay strong and ride the wave, you got this! 👏🏾X

Jun 1st

Erica Hanson Brown

Wow! I learned a lot about both of you this episode.

Feb 4th

Erica Hanson Brown

Did Douglas say vape??? Instead of smoking in the show he vapes now????

Dec 16th
Reply (1)

Kara Sander

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I had to leave 10 stars, I've been following Doug and Jamie since episode 1, season 1 of MAFS, I was rooting for you so hard, Jamie crying over being paired with Doug and Doug fell in love at first sight with Jamie. The moment Jamie fell in love with Doug caught on camera made me cry, I watched it over and over because I could feel it. I have followed every step,from the beginning, to sweet Johnathan, from one miscarriage to the next, to little miss Henley Grace, to the baby BOY, (My prediction) coming in may, I've cried, laughed and prayed for you. I absolutely adore you 3 and the love you have for each other, Jamie's raw emotion that you don't even try to hide is so inspiring. I follow you on every platform, and listen to your podcasts and watch your YouTube videos and I am so excited today is the day to find out the gender of your sweet baby!! I have to stay online all day so I know when you post it! you guys are so amazing, God bless you guys and keep doing what you do because you inspire people all over the world and don't even know it! much love to you and your beautiful family 💗💗💗💙💙💙

Nov 25th
Reply (1)

Karen Ceccofiglio

enjoy listen to your podcast. always very interesting

Nov 25th
Reply (1)

Kari Helal

I'm at work listening to your podcast via headphones, and the moonwalk backwards comment had me giggling to myself. love listening to you two.

Nov 20th
Reply (1)

Kari Helal

Jamie, you did so good here and totally relate with you...I feel I am very socially awkward and don't always know how to keep a conversation going.

Nov 19th

Krista R Hanner

I've never crapped on the bathroom floor but I have crapped myself numerous times since having gastric sleeve and experiencing dumping syndrome. I've cleaned myself in public bathrooms and thrown out my underwear there numerous times. I started carrying wet wipes and a spare pair of underwear in my purse, lol.

Oct 18th
Reply (1)

Hannah N'Jared Pepper

Doug and Jamie are so real, hilarious and down to earth. I have been following them since MAFS. I love how they compliment each others stregnths and weaknesses (not that you are weak but if one is weak in one area the other is strong). I love how Castbox has their episodes a day before they come out to everyone else. It definetely makes my Thursdays better and more enjoyable. I also love listening to them and following their lives. It makes me think that if I lived close to Jamie we would be Best Frieamily!!! @hotmarriagecoolparents @jamieotis

Apr 29th

Kaley Hazell

Hi Doug and Jamie! I love love love you both and have been following you both since MAFS. Your podcast is one of the few that I consistently listen to. I appreciate how open and honest you both are and how engaged you are with your frans. Love you both and keeping my fingers crossed for another baby Hehner. @jamieotis @DougHehner #rainbowbaby

Apr 18th

Michelle Ruby

AJ hates not being in control of the situation! And he knew that they were all going to be there that's what the dinner was all about. He really needs to control his outbursts or its gonna drive Stephanie away.

Mar 19th


Best thing my sister in law told me is that a parent never forgets any children they've had and it's okay to celebrate their motherhood and fatherhood on mother's or Father's day by recognizing those children they have and have lost. It won't "remind" them of anything they don't already know and think about.

Mar 12th

Stephanie Nicole Gregersen

just had my 2nd pregnancy and 1st ectopic pregnancy where I lost my baby and left fallopian tube

Jan 23rd

Jessica Danielle

I ❤ y'alls honesty, very down to earth. #momlife #wehaveallbeenthere #poopstation

Dec 30th

Libby N Mark Coker

CONGRATS to our growing FRANILY! So excited for y'all! ❤

Dec 26th

Kelli Baum


Dec 25th
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