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Author: Jess Rothschild

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Podcast dedicated to quick hits & deep cuts on Housewives, gay pop iconography & NYC culture. Host Jess Rothschild invites fellow culture vultures to go deep on topics including Real Housewives, The Real World, Madonna, Britney, Mariah, etc. Guests include Rosie O'Donnell, Rachel Dratch, Gina Gershon, Isaac Mizrahi, Kara DioGuardi, Margaret Cho, Judy Gold, Dave Holmes, Carson Kressley, Jackie Warner, Brian Moylan and cast members from Bravo and The Real World.
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Jess is joined by comedian Gina Yashere, star of three Netflix stand-up specials and the co-creator and star of the CBS sitcom “Bob Hearts Abishola.” Gina discusses her experience working as the first female Otis elevator engineer before pursuing comedy and shares how she was eventually discovered by Chuck Lorre (Roseanne, Cybill, Big Bang Theory) to co-create a show about a Nigerian family based on her life. Gina discusses why MTV's Downtown Julie Brown was her idol, her first trip to New York including all the "rapper hot spots" like Canal & Delancey Street before having her first gay experience in a Meatpacking nightclub. We also get her hot take on Bravo / The Housewives finally diversifying their RHONY & RHOBH casts.  Follow @jessxnyc, @hottakesdeepdives, @ginayashere * code hottakes * * code deepdives *
Jess is joined by television writer, producer and director Page Hurwitz, exec. producer of Emmy-nominated Netflix comedy specials starring Tiffany Haddish, Fortune Feimster and Michelle Buteau. Hurwitz discusses discovering and casting those women (plus Amy Schumer) on Last Comic Standing. Hurwitz also chats about her experience as the EP and showrunner for Rosie O’Donnell’s Oprah OWN talk show and shares her thoughts on why the show ultimately did not live up to expectations. Finally, we go deep on reality television production (she EP’d Tabatha Takes Over) and the role it played in the 2016 election.  PS: Don't miss the last 10 minutes where Page reveals she is working on a documentary about an insane trip Jess was part of with Kate McKinnon, Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard.  Follow @jessxnyc & @hottakesdeepdives
Jess is joined by Tabatha Coffey, the Australian hairstylist, salon owner and badass star of Shear Genius and Tabatha Takes Over. Tabatha reminisces about her audition for the Shear Genius hairstyling competition show, which she lost, but scored her own spin-off. We chat about the early days of Bravo which made stars out of entrepreneurs (Rachel Zoe, Jeff Lewis, Jackie Warner) and how the network has changed over the years. She chats about the infancy of social media via Reddit threads and chat rooms and her reputation of being a “b*tch.” Tabatha also goes dee about her upbringing in Australia where she was thrown into the gay and trans scene from a very early age through nightclubs owned by her parents. Follow @tabathacoffey, @jessxnyc, @hottakesdeepdives
Jess is joined by contrarian king Jacques Peterson (live from Sydney, Australia) to finally let loose on our Big Shot with Bethenny journeys. We discuss behind the scenes of casting & production, the winner and which network would have made more sense. We also touch on Ellen DeGeneres and The View before moving on to RHOBH & RHONY.  [ 2:30 - Big Shot w/ Bethenny ] [ 32:25 - Ellen & The View ] [ 38:30 - RHOBH premiere ] [ 46:25 - RHONY ] [ 51:45 - Bravo internet culture ]  Follow @jessxnyc, @hottakesdeepdives, @unpopularjp
Jess is joined by the man who has written more words about the Housewives than anyone — Vulture’s Brian Moylan — now publishing a book on how the sausage gets made (to quote Bethenny). We break the sh*t down, including: the “call to end all calls” that happened after RHONY’s Cartagena Boat Ride From Hell, why Andy Cohen is the RuPaul of Housewives, the difference between each production company’s willingness to intervene in scenes, the idea of writing a sequel to Erika Jayne’s memoir, his review of The Big Shot w/ Bethenny, the glory days of Gawker, Bravo blacklisting Brian because of this very book and a lot more!  Follow @jessxnyc, @hottakesdeepdives, @brianjmoylan
Jess is joined by Sexy Unique Podcast’s Lara Marie Schoenhals (@larzmarie) to unpack our feelings re: the forthcoming Sex and the City revival titled “And Just Like That.” Lara Marie Schoenhals also hosts the podcast “Saving SATC 3,” in which she improvs a final installment of the franchise in each episode. Together, Jess and Lara share their SATC origin stories, process Kim Cattrall, compare to RHONY & brainstorm storylines for the new show and more!  Jess is later joined by friend of the show, Semajh Bludson (@semajwithanh). Jess (born 1982) and Semajh (born 1995) were raised by different pop cultural touchstones due to their generation gap and they are here to ~educate~ each other with their Top 5 recs (BoJack Horseman, Hedwig, Pose, etc). [ 0:10 - Lara Marie Schoenhals ] [ 41:00 - Semajh Bludson ] * code DEEPDIVES *
Jess is joined by Ben Rimalower, career theatre writer/director known to RHONY fans as Countess Luann’s long-suffering cabaret director. Ben shares stories of producing audiobooks for both Bethenny AND Teresa Giudice, filming RHONJ/RHONY, Halloween afterparties with Bethenny & Luann and his reaction to Bethenny’s “Life is Not a Cabaret” monologue. Ben also discusses his one man shows: “Patti Issues” (about his obsession with Patti LuPone) and “Bad With Money” (about his spending addiction). Follow @jessxnyc, @hottakesdeepdives, @benrimalower
Jess is joined by fashion designer, performer and quintessential New Yorker — Isaac Mizrahi! Jess and Isaac break the sh*t down, including: Isaac’s wild nights with Madonna and Sandra Bernhard, his talk show which featured Rosie O’Donnell getting that infamous haircut, how fashion shows and red carpets have changed, how he secured his West Village combination apartment without going broke, ‘90s dial-a-date phone sex lines, Housewives fashion, the Sex and the City revival, Drag Race + a hot take on Bethenny’s evolving face. * * code hottakesmd for 15% off Follow @jessxnyc, @hottakesdeepdives & @imisaacmizrahi
Jess is joined by American Idol judge and legendary songwriter Kara DioGuardi to reflect on her incredible contributions to pop music throughout the 2000s. We go deep on the stories behind writing iconic songs, including: Kylie Minogue's "Spinning Around," Pink’s “Sober,” Christina Aguilera’s “Ain’t No Other Man,” Kelly Clarkson’s “Walk Away,” Britney’s Blackout album, and co-writing the bulk of Ashlee Simpson and Lindsay Lohan’s albums. Kara also reflects on helping to secure Adam Lambert’s spot on American Idol, and her experience on Bravo’s songwriting competition show Platinum Hit. Follow @jessxnyc & @hottakesdeepdives
Jess welcomes the one true queen of Summer House — Lindsay Hubbard! We go deep on everything, including Summer House’s entry into the canon via Vanderpump Rules, a listening tour of the Hamptons, Lindsay’s family history, and whether she identifies more as a PR publicist guru vs. reality star these days. We also discuss Lindsay’s Sun/Moon/Rising signs, an off-camera crazy dating story, fans (including Jess) ‘shipping’ Lindsay & Carl Radke, the “psychic” who started the Luke/Linds rumor, and ponder if Hannah Berner is the true villain of Summer House. * * code hottakesmd for 15% off Follow @jessxnyc, @hottakesdeepdives, @lindshubbs
Jess is joined by friend of the show and our hometown hero in Beverly Hills, host of #NoFilter, Zack Peter! Together, Zack and Jess react to the freshly dropped Real Housewives of Beverly Hills trailer and compare our expectations to the upcoming RHONY season. We also discuss how Zack became an actual plot point on the season premiere of Summer House and we rank which recent Housewives arrest/investigation has been most exciting: Luann, the Girardis or Jen Shah. Follow @jessxnyc, @hottakesdeepdives, @justplainzack
Wow, NYC Prep, wow! We are joined by husband to the pod, Ryan Bailey, for Jess’ virgin viewing (and Ryan’s hundredth) of Bravo’s one-season wonder, NYC Prep. Together, we explore the psychological depths of our fave Manhattan wannabe socialites: PC, Sebastian, Jessie, Camille, Kelli & Taylor. We catch up with where are they now, why NYC Prep was canceled and declare this the very best of the one-season wonders! Jess and Ryan also give some hot takes on recent Bravo headlines, PLUS announce our next deep dive will be Britney & Kevin: Chaotic.  * * code hottakesmd for 15% off Follow @jessxnyc & @sobaditsgoodwithryanbailey
Jess welcomes Mohammed Bilal — the musician, poet and voice of reason on the groundbreaking third season of The Real World: San Francisco. Back in 1994, while Friends and Reality Bites were depicting Gen X as lazy slackers, The Real World: San Francisco cast its most racially diverse group of housemates who were trying to change the world (well, except Puck). Mohammed describes the cultural impact of Pedro Zamora, Pam Ling, Judd Winick and Rachel Campos, and chats about his friendship with Real World: New York’s Kevin Powell. Mohammed also discusses Pedro putting a face to HIV, successfully changing his MTV contract, his current work leading workshops on diversity and inclusion and a lot more! * * Follow @jessxnyc & @hottakesdeepdives
Jess welcomes back former LA prosecutor Emily D. Baker, Esq to understand the parallels between the Britney Spears and Tom Girardi conservatorships. We dig into: recent Britney court hearings & documents, risks of ending her conservatorship and a lot more. We then explore updates in the Tom Girardi / Erika Jayne forced bankruptcy/criminal investigation, specifically a close look at Tom Girardi’s recent Alzheimer’s + dementia diagnosis medical records. Finally, we dip our toe into why Bethenny & Jason Hoppy’s divorce has taken eight years to finalize.  [ 11:40 - Britney court documents ] [ 41:45 - Erika Jayne/Tom Girardi updates ] Follow @emilydbaker, @jessxnyc, @hottakesdeepdives
Jess is joined by fellow Long Islander ROSIE O’DONNELL for the kiki of our dreams. Rosie discusses the inception of The Rosie O’Donnell Show, the infamous episode where Whitney Houston no-showed, her experiences with Britney and reaction to the Framing Britney documentary, being in the studio as Madonna recorded “This Used to Be My Playground” for A League of Their Own, why Barbara Walters disappointed her on The View, Kathy Griffin and Roseanne not taking her advice, Woody Allen offering her a movie role despite her public disdain for him, her upcoming role on the The L Word re-boot and a lot more! Watch video of the Rosie interview @jessxnyc & hottakesdeepdives!
Jess is joined by iconic Survivor castaway Jerri Manthey, known for her three season arc (spanning 15 years) appearing on The Australian Outback (season 2), All Stars and Heroes vs. Villains. Dubbed “The Black Widow” due to her love-hate relationship with Colby Donaldson, Jerri goes deep about the publicity surrounding The Australian Outback which turned the cast into overnight celebrities (Letterman / Rosie appearances). Jerri discusses fellow season 2 castaway Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Survivor’s evolution + her picks for best (and most overrated) players. Finally, Jerri makes her pitch for Real Housewives of Napa Valley.  Follow @jerrimanthey, @jessxnyc, @hottakesdeepdives
Jess welcomes Housewives Empath Jamie Stein back to the pod, this time to dissect the unconscious fears and desires of the Summer House cast. Jamie goes deep on the personal journeys and interpersonal relationships of Carl Radke, Kyle Cooke, Lindsay Hubbard and Hannah Berner. We then transition to The Real World: New York and review the landmark reunion series. Jess previously interviewed Jamie about his career as an Associate Editor on four RW seasons, so we have a true RW aficionado on our hands. [ 7:00 - Carl & Lindsay ] [ 30:00 - Kyle, Hannah & Amanda ] [ 47:00 - Vanderpump Rules vs. Summer House ] [ 53:20 - The Real World Reunion ] * * Follow @jamiestein, @jessxnyc, @hottakesdeepdives
Jess is joined by friend of the show Kate Casey for some predictions on Housewives All Stars (aka Mash-Up) and what to watch this week (Real World New York) + (It's a Sin, HBOMax). Kate also shares a story about the Housewife interview she never aired and why she no longer cares to interview Bethenny or Andy Cohen. Finally, Kate explains why we should get into the new Clubhouse app. Follow @jessxnyc, @hottakesdeepdives, @katecasey
We finally get to bask in the glory of a deep dive on Logo’s gay bachelor show, Finding Prince Charming. We are joined by TWO of our fave suitors: Brandon Kneefel and Justin Roisom. We go behind the scenes of casting and production, Brandon and Justin’s reaction to the rentboy controversy surrounding their “prince” Robert Sepulveda, Jr., before we blow the lid off the damn thing half way through. We also discuss which Bravolebrity had a recent medium reading with Brandon + Justin gives his Bravo wish list.  Visit code hottakes12 Follow @jessxnyc & @hottakesdeepdives
Jess is joined by the one... the only... Gina Gershon!! Gina Gershon is a legitimate gay icon for her back-to-back iconic roles as Cristal Connors in Showgirls and Corky in Bound. We chat about everything --- Bound, Showgirls, NYC vs. LA in the 90s, high school w/ Lenny Kravitz, appearances on Curb Your Enthusiasm as the Hassidic dry cleaner + her impressions of Sarah Palin and Melania Trump. Follow @ginagershon, @jessxnyc, @hottakesdeepdives
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