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Author: Congressman Matt Gaetz

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Hot Takes with Matt Gaetz gives the listener a full access, behind-the-scenes look into the Swamp of Washington without the spin of Fake News. Congressman Gaetz brings you the news of the day without holding back any punches. No spin, no lies, all hard-hitting truths. Subscribe today to never miss Hot Takes with Matt Gaetz. NEW EPISODES EVERY WEEKDAY!
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It's quite rich for Democrats who loved up on Iran following President Obama's Nuclear Deal and delivery of cash to Iran to then turn around and act as if they're incensed that the Russians are engaged in malign activity. I call them out on today's episode, along with the systemic cancel culture in America and the Democrats' pathetic impeachment fever against Attorney General Bill Barr. 
Let's open the schools. Let's get the economy rolling. Let's all work together on it. Great sanitation, great testing, develop good doctrines, and get to the business of getting America back to some semblance of normal. I discuss how to reopen America, along with the Sacha Baron Cohen v. Roy Moore lawsuit, American businesses filing for bankruptcy, and more.
We need to be more resilient, more diligent, and just more aware of the fact that China is an enemy, and we shouldn't be aiding the enemy by using the US dollar to prop up their companies and their operations in the United States. I discuss the threat China poses along with President Trump's decision to pull out of the WHO, the imminent pardon of Roger Stone, and more.
American newspapers should not be driving their readers to an entity that seeks to dismantle law enforcement. Listen to how the fake news is promoting the radical left's "defund the police" movement, PLUS: Is George Washington canceled by the woke liberal mob? I break it all down. 
#BREAKING: CEOs of the major technology companies in the United States of America are coming before the House Judiciary Committee to testify in our ongoing bipartisan antitrust probe. Also - Marcellus Wiley rips Black Lives Matters’ radical anti-family agenda, PLUS: Kanye 2020? Or 2024? I break it all down.
Yesterday's NDAA markup pitted hawks against doves in the House Armed Services Committee, with many arguing for forever wars and few, myself included, seeking to end them. I break down the most critical moments, plus talk CHOP dismantling, Democrats working to impeach Barr, and more. 
Our history isn't always positive. It's complicated. It's multi-dimensional, but America's history has brought us to the place we are today. And I am just sick and tired of acting like that is something we have to hang our head in constant shame of. Listen as I break down why America is worth fighting for, in our own party and beyond.
Taking up the defense of America is a worthy and noble endeavor in these times. We’ve got a great country, and if we all love the country, then we won’t feel the need to hurt ourselves over politics. Listen to why we need to defend America against "activists" that want to "burn down the system." 
What we see from this Marxist movement in Black Lives Matter to totally overturn our country, to make us hate our country and replace it with something else, is very dangerous. Listen to why. 
Won't you be my neighbor? A woke neighborhood in Minneapolis vowed not to call police, and now they have a full-blown homeless camp in their backyard. PLUS: Nikki Haley appears to back big tech over free speech, Sean Hannity hosts a town hall with President Trump, and more. I discuss in today's episode!
Great societies learn from their history. They don't tear it down. I give my hot takes on tearing down monuments and more on today's episode, along with Flynn's vindication, the Left's attack on our borders, and Strzok's bombshell notes. 
I reject the notion of "white privilege" or "black privilege" or any other type of privilege.   We are all unified in one American privilege that we should be proud of and fight for with everything we have. I explain why in today's episode. 
I'm ready for John Bolton to come testify in Judiciary so we can show he's a bitter, sad little man. I discuss along with Google's apparent bias against police, the Biden crime family, and more! 
The true motives of #BlackLivesMatter, Trump administration calling on the FCC to reform Section 230, and Democrats are back on impeachment. All this and more on today's episode of Hot Takes with Matt Gaetz. 
AG Barr must do more to hold Big Tech accountable, The University of Florida succumbs to Cancel Culture, and a candid conversation about my son Nestor. You won't want to miss today's episode of Hot Takes with Matt Gaetz! 
Members of the Democratic caucus are raising money for an organization that wants to destroy the United States of America. Listen as I discuss how, recount the fieriest hits from Judiciary yesterday, and more. 
COVID toilet plumes (you read that right). Highlights from today's police reform Judiciary markup, and more!
Is Zoom China first? I discuss along with today's historic police reform executive order, PLUS breaking news on second amendment protections and a letter I'm sending to the ATF on arm braces. 
Gaetz breaks down the fallout from the officer-involved shooting in Atlanta, talks police reform, and gives his takes on the Twitter fight over the weekend with Ron Perlman.
Gaetz gives breaking news how he plans to address US Soccer repealing the rule requiring players to stand during the national anthem, breaks down the latest attacks on Tucker Carlson, and more. 
Comments (7)

Marcus Noble

I truly appreciate this awesome podcast feed. It is the bare knuckles truth, in your face. Very valuable, and needed.

Jul 11th

Marcus Noble

Right on Point Congressman! Tell it like it is, and let God sort om out.

Jun 25th

Tiffany barringer

love all episodes..Run for president in near future, you an Candace Owens will be a great team .

Jun 23rd

David Greenberg

Love the show!

Jun 12th

Tiffany barringer

great program love the summary of all the daily uptakes..

Jun 2nd

John Allen

fantastic podcast.

May 29th

Frank Gorenstein

Matt Gaetz, you are one of the best hopes we old "Boomer" conservatives have. Keep moving forward.

May 22nd
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