DiscoverHouse of African Feminisms: Feminist Practices and Knowledge
House of African Feminisms: Feminist Practices and Knowledge

House of African Feminisms: Feminist Practices and Knowledge

Author: House of African Feminisms

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This first podcast series produced by the House of African Feminisms will explore feminist practices and knowledge that have led to changes in African societies. What were/are the tools and mechanisms used? What informs those practices? What knowledge and changes the practices bring about? For more information, visit our website
5 Episodes
An introduction to the podcast series „Feminist Knowledge and Practices“ produced by the „House of African Feminisms“ in cooperation with different female contributors from the African continent.
In this first episode of the House of African Feminisms podcast, Edwige Dro chats with Ivorian feminist, Désirée Dénéo, General Secretary of La Ligue – The Ivorian League of Ivorian Feminists. Did you know that it was only in 1983 that Ivorian women could get a bank account in their name, and even then, only a savings account, and that, with their husbands’ permission? And what about the everyday sexism so entrenched in Ivorian society? Listen to the podcast, in French, or read the transcript in English on our website:
In this episode entitled, My ovaries, my decision, Withney Sabino, founder of Mañas, the first Mozambican social and feminist magazine, chats with Graça Samo, the International Secretary of The World´s Women March. A free-flowing conversation around body autonomy and how even a piece of clothing, the capulana, was a symbol of power. We won’t tell you more but will leave you to listen. The conversation is held in Portuguese, but you can read the full transcript in English on our website:
This episode is about belief systems, spirituality, and feminism. Dr. Serawit Bekele discusses from her own studies womens place in African Spirituality introducing concepts such as Halagga and Tumsa identifying that feminism or atleast feminist practices have existed in indigenous cultures and are not a Western phenomenon. The podcast is recorded in Amharic but an English transcript is available on our website:
Francoise and Nana have an informal conversation as friends about how they came to feminism and how they discovered African Feminist Literature. They discuss their favourite African Feminist writers and books and delve into what they consider feminist writing.
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