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Laura Stieghorst is a recent college graduate and climate solutions researcher. She is the founder of Project BÁSICO a carbon capture initiative, which is funded by the Musk Foundation. Laura and her team will conduct valuable research to prove the safety of ocean alkalinity enhancement (OAE) for carbon capture. As the largest active carbon sink, the ocean is key to developing a multifunctional, safe, and scalable carbon removal solution.
Tony Cho joins House on Fire focusing on “smart growth” and urban planning. Cho is the founder and chairman of sustainable real estate brokerage firm Metro 1.
This episode of House on Fire will focus on the urgency for climate action. Not only is climate change hurting our planet, it's hurting our HEALTH and it's happening right before our eyes. Today we are joined by Dr. Cheryl Holder, a Miami based physician and professor at Florida International University. Dr.Holder will share the impacts climate change is having on her patients, the medical community, as well as focus on the inequities she has seen through her time serving the Miami community.
This episode of House on Fire will focus on the importance of science communication in the climate movement. Today we are joined by Dr. Katharine Anne Hayhoe, an atmospheric scientist and professor of political science at Texas Tech University. Who will share best practices for speaking up about climate to family and friends, and what she thinks the future will look like.
This episode of House On Fire will focus on Miami Dade County's first ever female Mayor, Daniella Levine Cava and the work she is doing to protect the future of Miami.
Florida has always been seen as the state where strangely comedic and outright dangerous antics take place. As usual, Florida has drawn national attention, but not for the outlandish headlines you might expect. In the past few weeks, the Florida Legislature has been looking at two controversial policies which would make it more difficult to protest, and legislation preempting energy regulations. For weeks, organizers in Florida have been mobilizing relentlessly against this policy that would criminalize protesting and preempt energy regulation to the state, but the Florida Legislature has been relatively successful with them. Florida House Representative Anna Eskamani has been one of the state’s loudest voices leading the fight for a fair Florida future. Listen to this episode as we discuss with Representative Eskamani the roots and consequences of these pieces of legislation, what they mean for everyday people in Florida, and what we can still do about it.Guest Description: Fighting for everyday families in swing-state Florida, Anna Eskamani is one of Florida’s most progressive leaders, championing Florida’s issues in environmental, climate, economic, social, and racial justice. At only 30 years old, Anna is the first Iranian-American elected to any public office in Florida. As Florida House Representative of District 47, Anna represents parts of Florida’s Orange County, where the City of Orlando is. In 2018, Anna flipped her legislative seat, and then in 2020, she won her re-election by an overwhelming majority. Recently, she’s been leading the charge for our right to protest and municipalities ability to transition to clean energy.
In this episode of House on Fire, we interview Nobel prize-winning scientist, Dr. Michael E. Mann about the decades of climate change disinformation that’s been fueled by interest groups, fossil fuel firms, political/public figures, etc. This idea sprouted in light of the energy justice crisis in Texas, a shining example of energy injustice, where extreme weather proved how unreliable and incompetent an independent, fossil-fuel-based grid is. With that, we’re seeing opponents of clean energy spread lies about what’s happening, leading to an uninformed conversation about climate change. But the burning question that we’ll be focusing on this episode is why did they lie? And in whose interest?Guest Name/Attributes: Dr. Michael E. Mann is one of the world’s most renowned climate scientists and communicators. He is known for significantly contributing to our current scientific understanding of human-made climate change by examining our planet’s temperature record over the past thousand years. Today, Dr. Mann is the Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at Penn State and is the director of the Penn State Earth System Science Center. Dr. Mann has authored over 200 publications, many op-eds and commentaries, and five books, including his newest one: The New Climate War: The Fight To Take Back Our Planet. His latest release explains how fossil fuel firms, right-wing politicians, media personalities, and oil-funded governments profit from our outdated dependence on fossil fuels through powerful sources of disinformation, denial, and delay. House on Fire is produced and edited by Michael Landsberg/ML3 Media. It is hosted by the All Points West podcast network.
In 2020, we lost lives to a deadly pandemic, climate catastrophes and police brutality. Amidst the chaos of it all, young leaders realized 2020 was no anomaly. It became clear that the system they once understood as “normal” was driving us toward extinction, so they began imagining and building worlds beyond it. On this episode of House on Fire, we’re joined by Varshini Prakash, the Executive Director of The Sunrise Movement, to imagine this better world and discuss what needs to be done to achieve it. From leading a divestment campaign on her college campus to spearheading the movement for a Green New Deal, Varshini embodies one of the most remarkable journeys in the climate movement. Guest: Varshini Prakash, Executive Director, The Sunrise Movement
The upcoming general election in the United States may just be the most important election of our lifetime. The due date to globally act on climate before we set off catastrophic tipping points is approaching. Everything about the health and safety of ourselves and our communities is at stake. Still, the United States sits back on the climate fight, in denial and inaction. But this November, we have the opportunity to change that. To do so, we need young people to show up to the polls like never before. What’s at stake? How is voting a form of climate action? What keeps young people from voting? How do we get them to the polls? How do we go beyond the ballot? We answer these questions and more in conversation with Saad Amer, CoFounder of Plus1Vote. House on Fire is produced by ML3 media at Unicorn Fire Studios with All Points West, with support from The CLEO Institute and technical direction from Mia Kirn & Michael Landsberg. Guest: Saad Amer, CoFounder, Plus1Vote
The role of parents in the climate movement should not go unnoticed. As members of our youth have become leaders of driving climate action in their communities, many families have begun to understand the urgency from their children’s eyes and changed the conversation at home. On this episode of House on Fire, we’re speaking to two parents in this fight: Bill Weir, CNN Chief Climate Correspondent, and Yoca Arditi-Rocha, Executive Director of The CLEO Institute. Listen as we discuss the role of parents as they understand and help stop the threat an unstable climate places on future generations. House On Fire is produced by Unicorn Fire Radio and All Points West, with support from the CLEO Institute and technical direction from Mia Kirn.
We know that the climate crisis will affect us all. But will it affect us all equally? The answer –simply enough– is no. In recent weeks, the world has witnessed an outpour of rage, sadness, and empowerment in response to the ongoing police brutality against the Black community. Recognizing that we cannot achieve Climate Justice without Racial Justice, we are joined by Executive Director of Minnesota, Sam Grant, and Intersectional Environmentalist, Leah Thomas, better known as GreenGirlLeah, to discuss the underlying systems of racist inequality that have contributed to the Climate Crisis. House On Fire is produced by Unicorn Fire Radio and All Points West, with support from the CLEO Institute and technical direction from Mia Kirn.
Whether it be by mobilizing populations in the name of public safety or yielding power to scientists for solutions, the outbreak of COVID-19 has seen governments around the world enacting urgent solutions to a global crisis. Responding to the Climate Crisis should be no different. Joined by Alex Harris, lead reporter on climate change for the Miami Herald, and Xavier Cortada, Professor in Practice of Art at the University of Miami with a focus on the climate emergency, this episode of House on Fire will focus on the parallels between the Climate Crisis and the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic. House On Fire is produced by Unicorn Fire Radio and All Points West, with support from the CLEO Institute and technical direction from Mia Kirn.
In this episode of House on Fire, we discuss the unifying role of all forms of art in social and political movements – particularly, the climate movement. For insight into the power of using art for climate activism, we speak to three creative drivers of what we call “artivism”: English musician, Nick Mulvey, founder of the Bridge Initiative, Kate Fleming, and climate-focused artist, Melanie Oliva. House On Fire is produced by Unicorn Fire Radio and All Points West, with support from the CLEO Institute and technical direction from Mia Kirn.
Known to many as The Magic City, Miami, Florida is also known as Ground Zero for the climate emergency. Joined by Miami’s most trusted meteorologist, John Morales, this episode of House on Fire covers the impacts the climate crisis will have on Miami, Florida. From rising seas and intensified hurricanes, to extreme heat and saltwater intrusion, an unstable climate actively threatens every aspect of our lives here at Ground Zero. House On Fire is produced by Unicorn Fire Radio and All Points West, with support from the CLEO Institute and technical direction from Mia Kirn.
This episode of House on Fire break downs the unapologetic youth climate movement that’s grown in the last 2 years. Joined by Sammy Gazda, Miami-based Climate Activist; and Isra Hirsi, environmental activist and co-founder of Youth Climate Strike, we dive into what the youth is asking for, why activism works, their individual experiences, and what’s next. House On Fire is produced by Unicorn Fire Radio and All Points West, with support from the CLEO Institute and technical direction from Mia Kirn.
In the first episode of House on Fire, we introduce the basics of the climate crisis and how the global youth climate movement has inspired unprecedented action on this emergency. We speak with Caroline Lewis, founder and senior climate advisor of The CLEO Institute, and Jamie Margolin, the 18-year-old co-founder of Zero Hour, one of the nation’s leading youth-led climate organizations. House On Fire is produced by Unicorn Fire Radio and All Points West, with support from the CLEO Institute and technical direction from Mia Kirn.
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