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Author: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

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If you’re fascinated by the idea of humans traveling through space and curious about how that all works, you’ve come to the right place. This is the official podcast of the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.
106 Episodes
Recycling Water and Air

Recycling Water and Air


Laura Shaw, the International Space Station Program Lead for Exploration Life Support Systems, discusses the systems on the station that create a livable and comfortable space for astronauts and cosmonauts. Shaw describes how improving these systems will be critical for exploring the Moon and Mars. HWHAP Episode 105.
In Case of Emergency

In Case of Emergency


Jason Hutt, Orion Crew Systems Integrations Lead, explains how the crew is prepared to respond effectively in the unlikely event of an emergency on board the Orion spacecraft at any stage of flight. HWHAP Episode 104.
Mike Read, International Space Station Commercial Space Utilization Manager, discusses NASA's new directive that further opens up the station for commercialization and space tourism with the goal of developing a robust economy in low-Earth orbit.​ HWHAP Episode 103.
The Next First Steps

The Next First Steps


Today's leaders of the human spaceflight programs at NASA discuss how Apollo 11 influenced their lives and careers and share their thoughts on the value of putting the "human" in human spaceflight. HWHAP Episode 102.
NASA historian Jennifer Ross-Nazzal shares some of the lesser-known stories of the Apollo 11 mission 50 years after the historic landing of humans on the Moon. Alumni from NASA's Apollo program share memories from their unique roles in those missions. HWHAP Episode 101.
Apollo 11 to Now

Apollo 11 to Now


For the 100th episode, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine discusses the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing as NASA continues to move forward towards an exciting future with a sustainable lunar presence. HWHAP Episode 100.
The Best of Year Two

The Best of Year Two


Houston, we have a birthday! Episode 99 is a special episode to celebrate two years of Houston We Have a Podcast. Host Gary Jordan sits down with audio engineer Alex Perryman, co-host Pat Ryan, and co-host Dan Huot to talk about their favorite moments from this past year of episodes. HWHAP Episode 99.
NASA Astronaut Andrew Morgan shares his journey just before his first spaceflight. Morgan talks about his education, his time as a flight surgeon in the military, and his experience parachuting out of planes. He and his wife Stacey share how they are preparing their family for Morgan's nine month extended stay in space. HWHAP Episode 98.



Lynn Buquo and Steve Rader discuss how NASA is using crowdsourcing as a way to support research and development efforts by tapping into the expertise of global communities to create innovative, efficient and optimal solutions for real world challenges. HWHAP Episode 97.
Sandra Tetley and Adam Graves discuss the journey of restoring the historic Apollo Mission Control Center to look and feel exactly as it did in July 1969 during the moments before, during, and after the moon landing. Ben Feist then focuses on the cleanup of the audio tapes for the restoration project. HWHAP Episode 96.
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Drain Doctor Cheshire


Jul 28th


Great thanks

Jul 23rd


holy fuck this guest is awful. love the show but gotta stop this one 10 minutes in.

Jun 9th

Jonathan Bergeron

What happened to the previous announcer?

Apr 24th


Very cool Nasa. Greetings from Austria!

Feb 28th

Besim Kelmendi

Wer früher

Feb 10th

Simon Tait


Dec 21st

Chaitanya Naraharisetti

Absolutely amazing

Dec 18th

Paul Markert

by far my favorite podcast to date. you do a great job with the interviews and provide insight into a culture many of us can only dream of. and...that intro is awesome! don't change it ever!

Dec 12th

Marko Fabrizio Huayamares Neyra


Dec 9th

Nishant Sharma

loved your podcast

Nov 27th

dick power

quite an interesting discussion.

Nov 17th

Brad Lee Gotte

Such an awesome podcast! THANK YOU for making this available.

Oct 31st

Brandon McDevitt

Out of this world! Haha...

Aug 4th

Toni Burot

Could be a better name for a podcast? I just listen a programas for the first time and I love it. Thanks for your job, congratulations.

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Nov 13th

Chuck Lou

l love it.

Oct 18th

Mu Fark

Chuck Lou thanks Chuck

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