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How's your ePresence? with Mark Galvin

How's your ePresence? with Mark Galvin

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Welcome to “How’s Your ePresence?” hosted by Mark Galvin,
Founder and President of ePresence.  (  We talk about social media #news, #tips, and #hacks with fresh news and cool guests!

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Organic business growth is a goal for many people. Sometimes, it can be difficult to decide what direction to go in. Caleb, however, has tons of tips.  His straightforward advice (informed by working with some pretty large organizations!!) is a great place to start. Caleb Roche:  ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
This episode of HYeP is presented in partnership with SPIRE Atlanta!   Our guest, Jeff Bartholomew, is the speaker at this week's SPIRE meeting and the Founder of Everest Business Coaching.   We will discuss leveraging how Jeff helps his clients succeed. Jeff will also be SPIRE's keynote speaker this Thursday at The Regent Cocktail Club Atlanta atop The American Cut Steakhouse.   Jeff Bartholomew:  ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
Paul Benigeri, Co Founder and CEO of Archive, joined us to discuss utilizing influencers and user generated content.  What are nano influencers? Are they better for your brand than major influencers? And how many ways can you utilize UGC? Paul explains the many approaches you can take to make the most of the content at your disposal. Paul Benigeri: ePresence:  Mark Galvin:  
Learn how to conceptualize content for, launch, and monetize your YouTube channel! YouTube is one of the best social media platforms to use when trying to get in front of new audiences. Because the platform provides opportunities for both user-led discovery and algorithm-suggested content, the opportunities are endless. Augie Johnston: ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
Marketing is the art of building lucrative relationships with people. Aleya Harris of Flourish Marketing sat down with us to discuss converting followers to dollars. We LOVE her Instagram tips, but her guidance will work anywhere!! Aleya Harris: ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
Knowing your audience allows you to meet expectations effectively and efficiently. Jeff works on the back end of websites to address clients' pain points and create workflows that simplify their processes. He is all about making your website do more for YOU. Jeff Smith:  ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
Drop in to our conversation with Bill Courtright, the Director of Solutions at mPowered IT. This will be a two-part show, covering both cybersecurity and ways to cultivate community and connections! Bill shares how IT spans beyond just tech support to impact employee morale and customer experience. We then discuss his experience with SPIRE, an Atlanta-based group for professionals focused on service, proximity, intention, reciprocity, and excellence. Bill Courtright ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
This episode of HYeP is presented in partnership with SPIRE Atlanta! Our guest today, Ed, is the speaker at this week's SPIRE meeting and VP of McGriff Insurance. We will discuss leveraging social media to grow a financial service business, one golden rule of social media, lessons from 2020, and what Ed means my "My Race, My Pace." Ed will also be SPIRE's keynote speaker this Thursday at The Regent Club atop The American Cut Steakhouse. Ed Castner:  SPIRE:  ePresence:  Mark Galvin:  
You do not have to be a tech whiz to build your company website! Nathan talked to us about building a website in just two hours and the many benefits of taking this approach. Many business owners are inclined to hire a web designer; Nathan shares why this may not be the best idea. Nathan Bynum:   ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
During the pandemic, many businesses shifted to a digital model. Amani Roberts, a professional DJ, sat down with us to discuss how adapting to these new standards can serve your business well! He explains, things like podcasts and live streams create a level of intimacy that cannot be felt through other forms of content. Build those personal connections while making the most of this new emphasis on digital presence.
70% of SEO work can be done in house. Quality SEO results ultimately boil down to you providing quality content that a given search engine recognizes and likes.  Dr. Ty discusses how to do this 70% on your own and where to find  the best person to do the other 30%. Dr. Ty ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
  Google changed their algorithm in the summer of 2021... What does this mean for your SEO?  As it stands, the following areas were most heavily impacted by the update: Science Pets & Animals Real Estate Shopping Beauty & Fitness Autos & Vehicles Health Travel Online Communities Listen in for more details and specifics!   Dr. Ty ePresence:  Mark Galvin:  
We sat back down with Liam Carnahan (Inkwell Content) and Elsewine Rietveld (Presence Training) to dig deeper into things we missed in their individual shows. Drop in for a listen to learn even more about making the most of your SEO and creating video content without looking uncomfortable. Liam Carnahan:  Elsewine Rietveld: ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
Alyson Lex is a 13+ year veteran direct response copywriter. We dubbed her the landing page expert. In this episode, we walked through the steps of creating a landing page that will aid you in growing your business without being sleazy and where to start troubleshooting when your copy isn't working.
Many people are petrified by the prospect of showing up on camera. Developing your confidence will allow you to not only be not scared anymore, but you may actually become excited and inspired to be on camera!  Listen for Elsewine's top tips for making any video production great. Elsewine Rietveld:   ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
The journey to beginning proper advertising needs to SUC.  If your competitive analysis is not significant, unique, and credible, you are setting yourself up for failure.  Once you are honest with yourself about the details of your organization, you can begin to create an advertising and marketing campaign that will not only draw in but retain customers.  And remember- advertising brings people in, but marketing is constant! Tracy once called an appliance repairman who showed up in an unmarked van and no uniform... Is this good marketing?  Some key words from this episode are: Marketing Strategy Model, advertising, marketing, COX Media Group, digital marketing, radio, business  Tracy Roberts:  ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
How do I build a great email list?  We sit down with Jennie to discuss building your email list in a way that saves time, effort, and money.  The information she has shared will allow you to strive for a targeted audience that will truly engage with your messaging rather than focusing on vanity metrics that may harm your mission in the long run.  Some key words from this episode are: metrics, list building, email list, marketing, optimization, strategy, and personalization. Jennie Wright:  Facebook:  LinkedIn:  Instagram:  Website:   ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
Anyone reading your content is looking for a reason to stop... Liam not only brings your audience in but keeps them engaged. Because, believe it or not, no technical aspect of SEO is as important as quality content. When your content is entertaining, important, and educational, your SEO will #ROCK! Liam Carnahan:  ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
We had the pleasure of sitting down with Erin Goodier (Goodier Creative), Jennifer Pradhan (098 Productions and Design), and Jodi Krangle (Voiceovers and Vocals) to wrap up the month of April.   This show was AWESOME! Because these three women work in different (but complementary) industries, we were able to discuss the intersections between video, motion graphics, and audio content.   If you love this show, be sure to listen to the guest’s individual episodes as well!   Erin Goodier: Erin’s full interview: One of Erin’s industry favorites:   Jodi Krangle: Jodi’s full interview: One of Jodi’s industry favorites:   Jennifer Pradhan: Jennifer’s full interview:   ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
Jodi Krangle is a voice actor who understands the power of sound. While many businesses focus on visual branding, audio branding is just as important. For example, that Intel sound- you know the one. We talk about the many ways sound can impact customer experience. From brand recognition and emotional engagement to impacting the perceived taste and texture of food. Jodi Krangle: ePresence:  Mark Galvin: 
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