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How's your ePresence? with Mark Galvin

How's your ePresence? with Mark Galvin

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Welcome to “How’s Your ePresence?” hosted by Mark Galvin,
Founder and President of ePresence.  (  We talk about social media #news, #tips, and #hacks with fresh news and cool guests!

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Sheryl J. Moore is president and CEO of Moore Market Intelligence. She is also the founder and creator of several competitive intelligence tools, including Wink, Inc.’s AnnuitySpecs and LifeSpecs tools and Wink’s Sales & Market Report. In this episode, we discuss how and why you should leverage your social media- even if you work in a regulated space. There are ways to do this, and a lot of them ride on providing value to and connecting with your audience! Sheryl J. Moore: ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
Howie Zales, an award-winning videographer, discusses his journey in videography, sports media, and conducting live virtual events in the time of COVID-19. Howie Zales: ePresence:  Mark Galvin:  
Celeste Giordano is a business growth specialist, master sales strategist, and dynamic speaker with more than 43 years of experience in direct sales and managing high-performing teams. In this SPIRE special, we discuss what it means to build a legacy, prioritizing relationships over sales, and making the most of your network. Celeste Giordano: ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
Kathryn Smith is an eCommerce professional who aids small businesses and solopreneurs in their next steps. Here, she shares a few key things to consider when starting or scaling your eCommerce brand. Kathryn Smith: ePresence:  Mark Galvin:  
Gordon Van Wechel is a marketing professional dedicated to bringing big ad agency techniques to smaller organizations. He shares his top marketing tips as well as the single thing you can do to increase the efficacy of all other marketing techniques! Gordon Van Wechel: ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
Michelle Hougland is an #onlinereseller and marketing expert. Hear her story, how she made the switch to entrepreneurship, and some of her favorite marketing tips. Michelle Hougland:  ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
Social media expert, Mark Galvin, of ePresence, LLC. discusses the latest news and controversy surrounding Facebook and the recent Wall Street Journal series “The Facebook Files.” ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
John F. Dilworth is a poet, motivational speaker, and IT professional. In this SPIRE Special, we discuss his experience with and strategy on social media, how poetry has followed him through many phases of his life, and what motivational speaking means to him. John F. Dilworth: ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
Establishing strong SEO on a website is a very involved process. Rather than building a website, stepping away, and calling it done forever, you should continually check in, make adjustments, and update content. Working toward solid SEO for the entire life of the site- from conception well into the future- ensures the most bang for your buck. Ryan Williams: ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
Cybersecurity is critical for businesses to function smoothly. However, some SMBs do not know where to start or how to maximize their efforts. Hear top cyber tips from cybersecurity expert Alon Manstur. Alon Manstur  ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
Bronkar Lee can play 40 musical instruments. But what does that have to do with business? He says that the flexibility that comes with learning all of these instruments can be useful in so many scenarios. Bronkar Lee: ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
Organic business growth is a goal for many people. Sometimes, it can be difficult to decide what direction to go in. Caleb, however, has tons of tips.  His straightforward advice (informed by working with some pretty large organizations!!) is a great place to start. Caleb Roche:  ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
This episode of HYeP is presented in partnership with SPIRE Atlanta!   Our guest, Jeff Bartholomew, is the speaker at this week's SPIRE meeting and the Founder of Everest Business Coaching.   We will discuss leveraging how Jeff helps his clients succeed. Jeff will also be SPIRE's keynote speaker this Thursday at The Regent Cocktail Club Atlanta atop The American Cut Steakhouse.   Jeff Bartholomew:  ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
Paul Benigeri, Co Founder and CEO of Archive, joined us to discuss utilizing influencers and user generated content.  What are nano influencers? Are they better for your brand than major influencers? And how many ways can you utilize UGC? Paul explains the many approaches you can take to make the most of the content at your disposal. Paul Benigeri: ePresence:  Mark Galvin:  
Learn how to conceptualize content for, launch, and monetize your YouTube channel! YouTube is one of the best social media platforms to use when trying to get in front of new audiences. Because the platform provides opportunities for both user-led discovery and algorithm-suggested content, the opportunities are endless. Augie Johnston: ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
Marketing is the art of building lucrative relationships with people. Aleya Harris of Flourish Marketing sat down with us to discuss converting followers to dollars. We LOVE her Instagram tips, but her guidance will work anywhere!! Aleya Harris: ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
Knowing your audience allows you to meet expectations effectively and efficiently. Jeff works on the back end of websites to address clients' pain points and create workflows that simplify their processes. He is all about making your website do more for YOU. Jeff Smith:  ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
Drop in to our conversation with Bill Courtright, the Director of Solutions at mPowered IT. This will be a two-part show, covering both cybersecurity and ways to cultivate community and connections! Bill shares how IT spans beyond just tech support to impact employee morale and customer experience. We then discuss his experience with SPIRE, an Atlanta-based group for professionals focused on service, proximity, intention, reciprocity, and excellence. Bill Courtright ePresence:  Mark Galvin:
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