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Author: Joe Casabona

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Get insight from small business owners and developers on how they built their products, from idea to execution. You will learn real processes for launching, and evolving your business over time.
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I’m so excited to be talking to Angel Marie,  the Creator Educator over at ConvertKit this week. And we’re talking about one of my favorite topics: building your list. I’ve become a huge proponent of this over the last couple of years, and the contributing factors have been this podcast, my move into products, and... Get the Show Notes The post Build Your List Using ConvertKit with Angel Marie appeared first on How I Built It.
Ben Collins’ story is an interesting one! He went from forensic accountant to creating and selling online courses about Google Sheets – talk about niching down! But we talk about more than that. We also talk about location independence, and what it’s like moving from an office to working from home, with a family. Lots... Get the Show Notes The post Becoming Location Independent with Ben Collins appeared first on How I Built It.
Shannon Shaffer is the founder of Purple Finch Studios, a small agency she runs in Pennsylvania, and today we’re talking about the systems and automation she put in place to make her and her team more efficient. But more than just her team benefits – her clients get a much more delightful and clear on-boarding... Get the Show Notes The post Using Systems to Run a More Efficient Business with Shannon Shaffer appeared first on How I Built It.
Should You Start a Podcast?

Should You Start a Podcast?


As tools for podcasting have evolved, the question of, “Can I start a podcast” has changed to, “should I start a podcast?” And importantly, will it help you grow your business? We’re going to talk about all of that and more in today’s episode. We’ll go over why podcasting is getting easier, some of the... Get the Show Notes The post Should You Start a Podcast? appeared first on How I Built It.
Today I’m talking to my good friend Matt Medeiros. We both share a passion for podcasting and content creation in general. On top of talking about getting involved in local businesses, and legacy, we dig deep on putting content out into the world. First you learned about content strategy from Jessica Lawlor. Now you’ll learn... Get the Show Notes The post Growing Your Business Through Podcasting with Matt Medeiros appeared first on How I Built It.
If you’ve been freelancing or running a small business for any amount of time, you’ve learned a few things you probably wish you knew from the start. In this episode, I’ve asked a few of my freelancing friends (as well as Twitter), “What’s one thing you wish you knew when you started freelancing?” There’s lots... Get the Show Notes The post Advice Roundup: Things You Wish You Knew Before You Start Your Business appeared first on How I Built It.
Jessica Lawlor is a content manager and strategist. Your content plan is integral to your small business, as I’ve learned over the past couple of year. I’m being a lot more intentional this year, and in this episode, Jessica talks about how you can too. We chat about content calendars, answering important questions regarding your... Get the Show Notes The post Get More Clients Using Content, with Jessica Lawlor appeared first on How I Built It.
This year, 2020, the show is going to focus heavily on Freelancers and small business owners. And to kick things off, I’m talking to long time freelancer and educator Jason Resnick. He’s the founder of the Feast community and Live in the Feast podcast, and today he’s going to tell you how to set yourself... Get the Show Notes The post Preventing the Famine with Jason Resnick appeared first on How I Built It.
I’m ending this season of How I Built It by geeking out about audio stuff with my guest, Ryan White. He’s the US Product Specialist for Rode Microphones – a company that makes great gear, and who has an increasingly bigger presence in the podcasting space. We talk gear, room acoustics, and more. AND you... Get the Show Notes The post Getting the Right Audio Gear with Ryan White appeared first on How I Built It.
I was excited to reconnect with my friend Colin Devroe on this episode. We met through the WordPress community in Scranton and I just the co-working space he and his business part Kyle created. In this conversation, we get back to basics, and talk blogging. With the ever changing landscape of the web and social... Get the Show Notes The post Getting Back to Basics and Blogging with Colin Devroe appeared first on How I Built It.
The 2019 Gift Guide!

The 2019 Gift Guide!


The 2019 holiday season is here! Many of you are business owners, remote workers, and freelancers – so I thought I’d put together a bonus episode based on my 2 popular gift guides. Here are some great gifts for podcasters, and people who work from home! Show Notes Enter the 1 Million Downloads Celebration Giveaway!... Get the Show Notes The post The 2019 Gift Guide! appeared first on How I Built It.
This interview is a little different than most. See, Svetlana Kouznetsova is an accessibility consultant who’s also deaf. Our interview was conducted completely using Google Docs. The voice you’ll hear on this episode is Erin,  my wife, who graciously agreed to do Svetlana’s side of the conversation. Svetlana’s story is an interesting one. We talk... Get the Show Notes The post Improving Accessibility for your Events with Svetlana Kouznetsova appeared first on How I Built It.
Nathan Beckord is the CEO of Founder Suite, a group of tools to help those seeking venture capital, as well as tools for venture capitalists. We talked all about how he built this after spending a decade helping startups raise their own VC. We also cover how to seek VC funding, and if business plans... Get the Show Notes The post Exploring VC Funding with Nathan Beckord appeared first on How I Built It.
Jaclyn Schiff made her way onto the show because she’s authentic. She reached out recommending another guest, in a real way. Then, throughout the course of the conversation, we decided she’d also be a good guest for the show! She’s a master of making the most of your content. We talk all about repurposing –... Get the Show Notes The post Repurposing Your Content with Jaclyn Schiff appeared first on How I Built It.
Tevya Washburn reached out to me over the summer and asked if I might be interested in having him on the show – it turns out his timing was great. See Tevya created a WordPress plugin to help gather and display social proof, and I had just finished read a book that talks about the... Get the Show Notes The post Using Social Proof to Improve Your Sales with Tevya Washburn appeared first on How I Built It.
Greg Koberger is easily one of the most interesting guys I talked to this year. Not only do we talk about team building with escape rooms – a super cool concept, by the way – but we touch on mental health, the startup culture, venture capital, and lots more. Greg is a pretty open book... Get the Show Notes The post Using Escape Rooms for Team Building with Greg Koberger appeared first on How I Built It.
Micah Rowland isn’t your everyday builder. He doesn’t build homes, cabinets, or even software. As COO of Fountain, Micah builds people, teams, and processes. He offers a wealth of advice on building and scaling teams, and the importance of documentation. But what we talk about isn’t just applicable to building teams – it’s applicable to... Get the Show Notes The post Onboarding Employees with Micah Rowland appeared first on How I Built It.
Brian is a computer scientist, entrepreneur, and angel investor. Due to his firm belief that data recovery shouldn’t be a prohibitively expensive service, Brian founded Gillware, where he and his team specialize in cyber risk assessments, data recovery, and incident response. Today we spoke about his journey in business growth, as well as how to... Get the Show Notes The post Stop Losing Your Data with Brian Gill appeared first on How I Built It.
I had the pleasure of speaking to Tim Campos, former CIO of Facebook and founder of Woven – a calendar that actually accounts for your life and your free time. We talk about his experience at Facebook and how it lead him to the idea of creating Woven, stats on how people spending their time... Get the Show Notes The post A Better Way to Spend Your Calendar Time with Woven and Tim Campos appeared first on How I Built It.
Recently Pat Flynn talked about the “new, hot marketing tool” that isn’t new but is often forgotten: email. Well today’s guest, Ajay Goel, has built a business around the fact that there are lots of people who haven’t forgotten it, and for the scores of people who are remembering its importance. Ajay buil GMass, a... Get the Show Notes The post Developing a Mailing List Tool on top of GMail with Ajay Goel appeared first on How I Built It.
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