DiscoverHow Men Think with Brooks Laich & Gavin DeGraw
How Men Think with Brooks Laich & Gavin DeGraw
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How Men Think with Brooks Laich & Gavin DeGraw

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Have you ever wondered what your husband is really thinking? Why does your boyfriend do that?! It's no secret that men don't often share their inner thoughts, even with each other. This podcast will literally serve as HOW MEN THINK as NHL great Brooks Laich and award-winning musician, singer, songwriter Gavin DeGraw and their panel of experts, each of whom is in a different stage of their life, open up on their personal and often hysterical views on relationships, marriage, children, health, wellness, lifestyle, self-discovery and the world. We are opening the mind of the man for you and revealing HOW MEN THINK, an iHeartRadio Podcast.
6 Episodes
Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing


The guys continue the conversation about sex and intimacy. Sex and intimacy coach Lila Darville is in studio to challenge How Men Think.They must dig deep and get real when talking with a woman whose marriage is falling apart after ten years.
Brooks' wife, Julianne Hough, joins the guys to talk about intimacy, sex, and How Men Think. 
What's Eating You?

What's Eating You?


Ladies,  you post a photo of yourself on Instagram....the guys will tell you How Men Think and what really works and what doesn’t.Gavin reveals his perfect night out. (don’t only gets a little awkward.)The guys have a spicy debate about diet, nutrition, sports, and health for themselves and their kids
Secure with Our Insecurity

Secure with Our Insecurity


The guys waste zero time getting personal with sex, guilt, and when they're going to call you.Brooks and Gavin talk about commitment and the right time to have kids.And, the guys reveal unknown "bathroom habits" and  let you in on men and their secrets.  Is it TMI?
Man Code Decoded

Man Code Decoded


Brooks Laich and Gavin DeGraw introduce their panel of men ready to de-code man-code.  The guys are honest, vulnerable and tell it like it is.  No topics are off limits as they take you inside the mind of a man. Rik discovered something shocking on his teenager’s phone and the guys discuss how to handle it.All the men share what they’re each desperate to change about themselves and Ryan and Brooks get real about IVF. 
Comments (3)

Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings

Not half bad, but I have mixed feelings about this podcast. It does have some entertainment value, but it also embodies a multitude of negative stereotypes about men. Laughing about laying around watching porn, their wives yelling at them because they don't even bother to wash their hair, one of the guys doesn't even use freaking deodorant, another his wife said he smelled bad, none of them seem to be particularly intelligent (guy didn't know what "epitome" meant...), and dropping pretty lame jokes. I hope women don't listen to this and believe this is really how men think. Also, seems like an odd choice for a podcast called "How Men Think" to have women account for half the hosts?

Jul 9th

Kashayla Mcvay

I love this so much I couldn't stop laughing, and now kinda know why guys dont like body hair thanks gavin

Jun 25th

Shelby Catherine Burwinkel

Overall great podcast! Interesting topics discussed with a good mix of personalities. I enjoyed the humor. A few easy things to improve: 1. Better sound quality- the very begining was particularly bad quality and the rest was tolerable but mediocre. 2. Too much small talk in the begining. It took 12 mintues to get to the beginning of the show. It was such boring meaningless introductory chatter that i almost stopped listening. Im glad I stuck through it. If you want to open with small talk, please consider minimizing it to 3-4 minutes, including introducing and advertising yourselfs. 3. This goes along with number two, but edit, edit, edit. There were some comments and jokes that were redundant or unnecessary. 4. I enjoyed the female input. I understand this is what men think, but i would enjoy more female voice to balance some of your thoughts.

Jun 17th
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