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How To Plant A Healthy Church
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How To Plant A Healthy Church

Author: Multiply Vineyard

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Planting churches is all about participating with what God is already doing. He is at work in every neighborhood and community around us. We want to help you learn to see what God is doing and expand your imagination for how you might partner with him. Join us for conversations with church planters, pastors, and leaders on discernment, preparation, and innovation.
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On this week’s episode, our host Michael Gatlin sits down with Dr. Doug Erickson to discuss his book "Living the Future - The Kingdom of God and the Holy Spirit within the Vineyard Movement”. This wide ranging conversation looks at both the theology and the practice of the Vineyard movement taking a specific look at work of Vineyard founder, John Wimber.    From the book’s description:    "The Vineyard movement is an emerging Protestant tradition with a growing global influence. From its beginning in the 1970's, the Vineyard has grown rapidly, and has placed itself as a church movement that seeks to define a “middle way” between American Evangelicalism and Pentecostalism. This book explores a number of questions about the nature of the kingdom of God, the work of the Holy Spirit, and the theology and practice of the Vineyard Movement.”   Don’t miss this fascinating conversation!! 
Welcome to season two of the “How To Plant A Healthy Church Podcast” sponsored by Multiply Vineyard. On this week’s episode, our host Michael Gatlin sits down with long time pastor, conference speaker, and church planting guru, Steve Nicholson. Steve and his wife Cindy planted the Evanston Vineyard in the greater Chicago area close to 44 years ago. Steve’s deep experience in the practical theology of local church ministry is an invaluable resource. Lots of gold in this episode!!  Join us for this important conversation about how our theology shapes who we are and who we’re becoming both individually and as local churches communities. 
On this episode, Michael and our new co-host Liz Moore sit down with Dr. Caleb Maskell, leader the Society of Vineyard Scholars and the Worship Pastor at Blue Route Vineyard Community Church outside Philadelphia, PA. He has taught at Princeton Theological Seminary and Fordham University. Caleb is passionate about developing leaders and institutions that will help to produce a healthy, courageous, and hospitable future for the church in the 21st century.  Join us for this important conversation about the practice of theology being humble, hospitable, and curious as we seek to plant healthy churches.
As we kick off season two of the How To Plant A Healthy Church Podcast we are happy to introduce our new co-host, Liz Moore. Having recently served for eight years as New England Boarding Schools Field Staff for FOCUS, Liz has just completed her M.Div at Duke Divinity School. Liz is currently planting a Vineyard church in Princeton, New Jersey. Liz will be a great addition to our team this season as we explore the topic of “The Importance Of Good Theology”.  Don’t miss this episode!!
In this second part of our conversation with Robb Morgan, lead pastor of the Delaware City Vineyard in Delaware, OH, we continue the sports analogy focusing on the value of practice along with giving ourselves and our leaders the freedom to fail. Embracing this freedom will help us stay emotionally healthy as we grow into our leadership. And as it has been said, the only way we plant healthy churches is if we get healthy ourselves.   We think you're going to love this continuing conversation with Robb Morgan, church planter, part-time soccer coach and lead pastor of the Delaware City Vineyard  in Delaware, OH.
John Wimber founder of the Vineyard said "You teach what you know you reproduce who you are." Your church plant is going look like you, you can't run away from yourself. Putting ourselves in submitted places to be trained and invested in is essential for both our long personal health and the health of our churches. Being coached well has lasting benefits as we attempt to coach others. Robb Morgan's story comes at this topic from a number of angles from being a division I college athlete, to joining the original church planting team of the Mile High Vineyard under Jay Pathak's leadership, to planting their own church in central Ohio.  We think you're going to love this conversation with Robb Morgan, church planter, part-time soccer coach and lead pastor of the Delaware City Vineyard  in Delaware, OH. 
Church planting is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it meant for us to bear the burden alone. Every church planter needs safe people in their life to stay in the game. Who are those safe people around you? Have you ever wondered how to build the team of mentors you need in order to thrive? If so, you’ll love this conversation with John Aureli, church planter and lead pastor of the Mission Vineyard in San Antonio, TX.
The intellectual life of the world is going to be renewed through the renewal of young minds. And those minds are going to be renewed through the presence and activity of thriving Christian churches in college and university towns.   Do you love college students? Are you drawn to secular people in these increasingly non-religious cities and towns? If so, you’ll love this conversation with Matt Croasmun, Director of Research and Publication at the Yale Center for Faith & Culture and planting co-pastor of the Elm City Vineyard in New Haven, CT.
Planting and leading a church is an exercise in improvisation. On top of that pastoring your creative community is an additional challenge. Are you looking to cultivate greater creativity within your team? Are you looking for practical tools to lead your worship community? If so, you’ll love this wide ranging conversation with Casey Corum, longtime Vineyard songwriter and worship pastor and current Director of Production and A&R for Vineyard Worship. 
Clouds and dirt. This is a great episode exploring church planting from both the 30,000 foot level as well as looking at the practical, in-the-trenches daily life of  the local church. If you are currently planting a church or leading a church that wants to plant other churches  you’ll love this conversation with Daniel Yang, Director of the Send Institute and serial church planter.
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