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This Edureka live session will provide you with detailed and comprehensive knowledge about the top 10 skills to become a Full Stack Developer. This AudioClip is intended for the aspiring full stack developers to know what skills will get them hired.
This video will provide you with the Top 10 Skills required to become a successful data analyst. There are both Technical as well as non-technical skills in this video. Statistics Programming Languages Advance Microsoft Excel Data Warehousing and BI Data Cleaning and Visualization Big Data Ecosystem Bonus Analytical Problem Solving Effective Communication Creative and Critical Thinking Industry Knowledge
This edureka AudioClip on "How to become a Test Automation Engineer" will provide you with detailed and comprehensive knowledge on how to become a successful Test Automation Engineer. It will guide you through the path one should take with the appropriate skills and the roles and responsibilities of Test Automation Engineer. This video will cover the following topics: Who is a Test Automation Engineer? What Does a Test Automation Engineer Do? RoadMap to Become an STA Engineer Job Roles Roles and Responsibilities Skills of a Test Automation Engineer Companies #edureka #edurekasoftwaretesting #automationengineer #selenium #automationtesting #howtobecomeatestautomationengineer
This edureka live session on "how to become a cloud engineer" would answer all your questions like who is a cloud engineer, what are his roles and responsibilities and what approach should you take in become one. #Cloud #AWS #Cloud_Engineer
This edureka AudioClip on "How to become a Big Data Engineer" is a complete career guide for aspiring Big Data Engineers. It includes the following topics: Who is a Big Data Engineer? What does a Big Data Engineer do? Big Data Engineer Responsibilities Big Data Engineer Skills Big Data Engineering Learning Path
This AudioClip on "How to become a Data Scientist" includes all the skills required for becoming a modern day Data Scientist. This will answer the below questions: 1. Why should you go for data science? 2. What is the road map to becoming a data scientist? 3. What are the tools and techniques required to become a data scientist? 4. What are the roles of a data scientist? Subscribe to our channel to get video updates. #HowToBecomeADataScientist #DataScience #DataScienceCertificationTraining
This edureka AudioClip on "How to become a DevOps Engineer" is a complete carer guide for the aspiring DevOps Engineer. It includes the following topics: 1. Who is a DevOps Engineer? 2. DevOps Market Trends 3. DevOps Engineer Salary, Job Description, and Skills 4. DevOps Engineer Roles and Responsibilities
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