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How to Photograph by Walid Azami

Author: Walid Azami

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Learn photography, the business of photography and how to make money from your craft. This station is hosted by Walid Azami who has photographed the likes of Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Usher, Ricky Martin, and brands​ like Volkswagen, HP computers, ​and Target. #Photography
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OK you're looking for ways to stand out to your clients but with very little effort, this is your podcast! It's about 23 minutes long and worth every minute. If you know another photographer please share it with them, we can all win!Read about it some moreWatch the video and learn more about itIf you are looking for a free marketing workshop online, please check this out. It's about an hour long and pack with so much information. Watch it, take notes and apply it! There's also a big bonus gift at the end (actually a few bonus gifts). Hi! If you’re looking to sign up for the free workshop online, click here.
Sign up for a free workshop by me! This workshop will teach you everything that's needed to find your ideal client. When you have this information, you'll be able to advertise and post the right way. Everything you talk about, advertise, photograph and more will change because you will have identified your bulls eye! This is a game changer and a free workshop from me. CLICK HEREIf you want to photography musicians and singers, there are things you have to get in order first. Recently, I was on a podcast called Music Producer's Treasure Box. I was asked what musicians should look for when hiring a photographer and I gave a list of things to look for. In total fairness to my photographers, here is how you can prepare for that musician looking for a photographer.Want to read more about how musicians hire photographers? Check this blog post out and learn more, get the graphics and even more info! 
Last weekend I was a surprise guest on Pat's stage at FlynnCon1 and here's the thing that I really admire about Pat Flynn. He pushes the idea of serving first, and then accepting the rewards of that later on. In this podcast I talk about what that means to photographers/videographers and how they can serve first. Give it a listen!Also if you're looking to find out how to make money and find your ideal client, click here for a free marketing webinar by me! Signup Here
If you're a photographer/videographer or any type of artist, you must charge for your work. There is a belief that we are less of an artist if we charge and that must stop! Listen to this short podcast about the importance of charging and why you need a mind-shift. Also if you're looking to find out how to make money and find your ideal client, click here for a free marketing webinar by me! Signup HereTo read the blog post about this podcast, click here. 
If you are looking to boost your portfolio and make more money from photography, this is the podcast for you! If you are looking to learn more, check out this Youtube video that has additional information which will help you. you are interested in starting your photography business and making money right away from photography, click here to get a unique promo rate for my photography mentorship. #Photography #PhotographyPodcast
Stop working for free if you want to build your photography business! This podcast will teach you when it's ok to work for free, when it's not and how to charge your clients. If you're interested in learning how to accelerate yourphotography business and start earning right away, click here. #PhotographyBusiness #PhotographyClients #MakemoneywithPhotography #PhotographyTips #Howtophotograph 
If you're a photographer wondering how to charge, when you should charge and how to raise prices then this is the podcast episode you've been waiting for! I'm going to teach you how to open up your heart to the money that you deserve, how to raise your value, how to build your portfolio and then of course how to grow your business in under 20 minutes! CLICK HERE If you like what I'm saying and want to build your business, consider signing up for my free goodies which include cheat sheets, webinars and more. photographers looking to start their business and stuck in a perpetual stall mode need to hear this. Much of what's happening is a state of mind and you can turn things around, if you see obstacles as opportunities. Use the same daily sheet that I do, sign up here and get it free right now! This is why I was able to work in this business. Sign up and get your free daily sheet, the same one I use. Make sure to follow on Instagram too,
If you want a strong business, start referring out. It will help you in ways you can't even imagine, and it's about building up your community.
Gratitude has been a big part of my career, and in some ways much bigger than the equipment that I use.  In this podcast I will discuss 3 personal ways that that it helped me succeed, and how you can use the same lessons to build your business. 
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