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How to Scale a Video Business with Den Lennie
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How to Scale a Video Business with Den Lennie

Author: Den Lennie

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Does it ever feel like you’re fighting a constant battle to generate enquiries, make more sales and run your video business without constant stress?Twice weekly Den gives you the tools you need to double your profits, with higher-quality clients and make the shift from overwhelmed to overjoyed. For the first time in a long time, you can feel comfortable and confident in the future of your video production business. Discover more at
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Today, Den reveals some insider secrets for turning ice-cold prospects into white-hot, eager-to-buy prospects who see you as an authority and expert to be trusted instead of just another business owner peddling their wares.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:What to do if you hate outbound marketing. (Doing this will take some time, but if you can pull this off, you won't need to do any outbound marketing! - 1:15)An almost unknown adman every business owner should study. Many people in the direct response industry call this curious and reclusive man "The Most Persuasive Man of The 20th Century." This adman once wrote a television advert that sold to one in every 14 American TV owners. He made $50 million dollars from a textbook on natural health. Here's how studying this man can help you market your business... - 2:55A hardly ever-talked-about (and very profitable) skill every freelance videographer should develop. Developing this skill can even turn freelance videographers who would rather gargle battery acid than sell, into wickedly good salespeople. (And no... this skill is not sales. What is this skill? Listen up at 3:10)How “super creative” freelance video guys lose business by unwittingly spooking their prospective corporate clients.  - 5:40The "CA" marketing principle almost every business owner is clueless about. (This is the BIG reason why the average business owner's marketing is about as useless as a glass hammer. - 6:18)3 types of business owners you should NEVER market your video production service to. These 3 business owners might be cashed up, be great people, and even need your services, but they will end up being a complete waste of your time and dime. Here's why... - 6:302 types of business owners you should market your video production service to. - 7:00The unspeakably good "downloadable" asset. This is the BIG secret (used by the most successful online marketers on the planet) for getting a horde of prospects chasing you down instead of you chasing them! - 8:40How to “hack” your way to becoming an authority in your industry. Do what Den reveals at 11:15 and prospects won't treat you like an ordinary video guy, but instead... they will revere you, respect you, and see you as an expert and an industry leader.A caveman simple email marketing strategy that when done correctly, can bring in a ton of new business. - 15:40How to get Google and YouTube to send you the perfect prospects for your video business. - 16:10The "mere exposure" marketing phenomena that can when applied to your business can flood your business with new clients and new business. Sadly, probably 98% of business owners are too scared to tap into this extraordinary marketing phenomenon. - 16:45A special type of "book" that can generate your business leads all day every day! - 19:00A clever way to ethically bribe your website visitors into doing business with you. - 25:30The single biggest reason why business owners fail miserably at email marketing. The good news? It's easy and quick to fix. (Here's how... 26:30)Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Do you know what success looks like to you? You have to know how you want your life to look like. It’s not about overworking yourself out because there’s always a smarter way to do things. Listen up and be inspired!Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Today, Den talks about ways in which you can hack yourself and your daily habits so you can make maximum money in minimum time.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:Den's two eye-opening observations of his best performing Video Accelerator members. -1:20The "pant shitting" topic that almost always stops flakes, tire kickers, and time-wasters in their tracks. (If you ever feel like a prospective client is wasting your time, just bring up this topic and watch them scamper off like a cockroach seeking a place to hide. -  1:50)Why only drooling idiots ask "What's the key to success?" - 2:15A startling statistic taken from Den's mastermind group that'll make you want to join right quick. You may not believe your ears when Den first gives this statistic at 3:00The “two-word” secret for cranking up your focus, ratcheting up your creative juices, and unleashing a flood of creativity to solve big business (and life) problems you may have right now. (Not to be too negative, but know this: this is not a sexy or glamorous secret, but make no mistake, it works like crazy for those who are not afraid of a bit of discomfort and put this into action. - 4:40)A little-known business book you'd be silly not to read. - 6:50Why the only thing that should dirty a business owner's hands is money! - 9:20A dead giveaway that a freelance video guy is clueless about how to scale a business. (HINT: it's something they say when the topic of marketing comes up. Den said that if he got a nickel for every time he heard a freelancer say this he would put all those nickels in a sock and beat the next person who said it. - 10:10)The little-talked-about marketing "lag". - 11:05What a "trust-building" funnel is, and why you should have one if you haven't already. - 18:00Why you should actively seek to get rid of clients! - 19:20Are you chasing rabbits or elephants? Hear this client-getting lesson at 20:00The “CA” secret to accelerating your business growth and maximizing your business’s profits in minimum time. (This one is more mental than practical and can take a bit of discipline, but I'm sure you won't mind when you start seeing the results!  - 21:00)Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Are you trying to do too many things at the same time? Having a clear idea of where to focus is really important for your business growth and success.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Today, Den reveals 21 hard-won lessons from 12-years in business.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:Den's honest-to-God thoughts about vision boards. - 3:00A certain character trait EVERY highly successful business owner or entrepreneur has in spades. (Without this critical trait, well... your chances of success are about as slim as Kate Moss on a juice-only diet. - 4:45)Quite possible the ultimate motivation for any freelancer/business owner or entrepreneur who feels like giving up. (Next time you feel like throwing in the towel, just think of what's mentioned at 5:14 and this proverbial "stick" will give you that pep in your step to keep on keepin' on.)A little-known reading "hack" that will allow even folks who are slow readers to quickly consume content as much 2, 3, or even 5 times faster than you do now. - 6:15Perhaps the single most important tip Den shares in this entire episode. But don't get too excited, now. It's incredibly dull and unsexy. That said, if you embrace it and heed the advice, you'll set yourself up for great success. - 7:20Den's clever phone “trick” for never having to listen to people's long-winded voice messages or any voice messages, for that matter. (But… doesn't he miss out on important business matters? Nope. Here' why... 8:20)A BIG risk almost every freelancer takes that can be avoided. - 14:30The very first hire you should make for your freelance business. Forget everything else until you have this key person in place. - 18:50What's best: renting or buying equipment? Well, it depends. Hear Den's advice at 21:30A tempting business option to take that nearly always ends in tears, and that’s putting it mildly. - 23:00Hard-nosed insider advice on forming a business partnership. - 23:10Are you considering forming a business partnership with a friend? Then you should listen carefully at 24:00Why Den recently knocked back a lucrative gig from Sony. -27:00Why ideas (even great ideas) are totally overrated. - 29:00The secret to becoming a force of nature in business. This is the big secret behind every truly successful business person. (If you can make what's mentioned at 29:30 a habit in your daily business life, then you will start to appear superhuman to others while they struggle to keep up, and... wonder what your secret is.)Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Do you take your time to completely stop and think? Create a thinking time in your day and it will really help you set up your goals, focus your energy and solve problems. Listen up to this episode and start making smart decisions.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Today, Den interviews his pal Ryan Koral from Detroit Michigan. Ryan owns a successful video production company called Tell Studios and runs one of the most popular video podcasts on the planet. Den and Ryan talk all things video production and give up some of their most hard-won and battle-tested secrets to growing bigger and more profitable video business.But first...Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:Ryan stomps all over Den's intro leaving Den to pick up all the pieces. - 0:07Hear about Ryan's attitude towards business that's about as rare a rocking horse shit. - 4:45How to create win/win/win deals. That's right, there is a certain way to do business that goes one step further than your usual win/win deals. (But you must be willing to put your ego aside. Full details at 6:00)Why "collaboration" often gives "competition" a good ol' fashioned beatdown, especially in the business world. - 8:30Ryan's "Be okay with some prospects thinking you're not okay" lesson. Hear this liberating message at 9:35How to deliver your video production service with open hands and a big heart instead of a clenched fist and black heart. Easier said than done? Of course, but hearing what Ryan shares at 12:00 will certainly help.The life-changing decision Ryan made after his second child was born and while living in a bungalow the size of a London telephone booth. - 16:10A grizzly (and unnerving) thought that almost all freelance videographers have but are too scared to deal with. Yup, instead of facing it head-on, they just push it down into the basements of their soul and pretend it's not there. - 17:05Wanna know what would be every videographers' wet dream? It's landing a client like this... - 18:553 dead giveaways that a client will end up being a complete pain in the arse. - 22:10How some videographers are no different from a sugar daddy when choosing what clients they work with. - 26:00How embracing the word "NO" can save your business and your peace of mind. - 29:00Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Do you say “No” to projects? Getting very clear on who you are and what you do and being comfortable saying “No” to opportunities can step up your game in the business and make you really successful. Chill out and listen to this episode! Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Today, Den delivers a masterclass on marketing. If you're a videographer looking to get a horde of new clients rushing to your door, then you'll wanna lean in close and take notes when you listen to this scorchingly hot episode.But first...Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:The “9-letter word” that sends shivers down the spine of filmmakers. - 2:20The three “Rs” of marketing. Get these 3 “Rs” lined up correctly, and you're laughing all the way to the bank. - 2:40A head-smackingly stupid mindset and approach to marketing that will leave you about as frustrated as an Amish electrician. (Sadly, many videographers have this exact mindset towards marketing. Hear this at 3:00)Quite possible the best definition of marketing you will ever hear. - 4:05Is marketing getting harder or easier? Hear Den's opinion at 5:15The amusing tale of a pimple-faced videographer who didn't know his arse from his elbow. (This young whippersnapper was asked to film a video testimonial for his company and the person being interview was none other than Den Lennie. Funny stuff.- 7:40)Why the film industry needs to start a Gear Junkies Anonymous. - 10:15The single most important question you must know that answer to before you even think about marketing your video business. - 12:00A common marketing blooper that will undermine ALL your marketing efforts. - 13:00Why videographers who niche down are often better marketers than videographers who don't. Here's why... - 14:25Damn good reasons why you should run a niche business. - 16:40Is writing an eBook for your marketing still a good idea in 2021 or is it a complete waste of time? Hear Den's solid, educated answer at 18:00The single most underrated marketing channel in 2021. - 19:30The "Parthenon Marketing" methodology that can potentially bring you a steady stream of new business even when the economy goes tits up. - 20:00Why the world's best marketers rarely ever think, and... what they do instead. - 21:30The "8 out of 10" marketing statistic you won't want to hear. An ingenious thing bestselling author Tim Ferriss did to come up with his "4-Hour Work Week" book title. Best part? You can copy his book title trick if you have access to social media. (Who doesn't ?) - 23:00What ST is, and... why it's key to your marketing success. - 24:20Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Did you know that the faster you follow up, the more you can build the relationship and more likely to close the deal? Yes! Customers want to get services to companies that are responsive. Listen to this episode for growth strategies. Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Today, Den delivers unto thee 17 viciously effective strategies to attract more clients, win more business, and leverage the assets that you already have.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:Hands down the best way to dramatically boost your video business's profits. (Full discloser: Although this is the best way to increase profits, it's certainly not the easiest. That said, it's not rocket science either. Get the full scoop at 00:50)Is keeping all your business's profits to yourself a good thing? Hear Den's opinion at 1:05The "15-minutes a day trap" that not only keeps most freelancers strapped for time and money, but also keeps their businesses from growing. -2:10A curious “30-day exercise” (don't worry, this only involves sitting down with a pen a paper) that will open your eyes to new opportunities to grow your business, increase profits, and save you time to boot! - 2:40Why you're already sitting on a potential goldmine of new business. - 3:2017 “assets” you can tap into right now to attract new clients and grow your video production business. (You are probably using at least 5 of these assets already, but if you're really ambitious and use all seventeen...heck, you can be kicking some serious arse. Full details at 6:20A sneaky way to use "education" to pick up new clients.  - 7:00How to get your competition to happily send business your way.  - 8:00One of the most overlooked assets to grow your business that's sitting right under your nose. -9:00A stupid simple way to get more work rolling in that you're probably overlooking. - 9:50The "reactivation" secret for boosting your business's profits that's overlooked by almost every small business owner. - 12:00A powerful source of new business that you're probably ignoring. - 12:50A special type of media most small business owners ignore because they think it's too difficult or too expensive. (Well, they're wrong on both counts. - 13:00)An almost never-talked-about way to get new clients that if done correctly, can bring a horde of clients rushing to your doorstep. -17:00How to use an ordinary map to dramatically grow your business's profits.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Do you have a clear set of priorities for your business this year? Because if you have set your goal and focus your energy on one area at a time you’ll have faster progress!Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Today, Den delivers shockingly good advice on how to scale a video production business and explains how even the most creative freelancers can make juicy profits for their business without even lifting a camera. But first...Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:The quickest, easiest, and the most effective first step to scaling your video production business. - 1:00How to take on multiple clients simultaneously without feeling like a one-legged duck in a crocodile-infested creek. - 2:10Little-talked about reasons why some clients hire a video production company. (If you think all clients only care about your ability to come up with the creative, think again. Hear Den talk about this at 4:45)A special type of database freelance videographers can start building that can help them scale up their business quickly. - 6:10 A neat little negotiation “trick” when hiring other freelancers. - 8:10More hard-nosed insider advice on how to hire freelancers and strike up good deals that are win-win. (Fact: many freelancers get hung up on their hourly rates so when hiring these type of freelancers it can get difficult... unless.... you know Den's negotiation tip that reveals at 9:25Are you brilliant with the creative but hate the logistics of running a video production business? Then you might want to consider doing what Den mentions at 10:20How the most successful video production company owners on the planet are like famous orchestra conductor Igor Stravinsky. - 14:50How keeping your hands on a video camera can limit your business's profits. - 15:20Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Is doing less actually more productive? If you have a streamlined workflow, you’ll get results and you’ll have more time focusing and building your goals.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Today, Den talks about strategic goals, revenue goals, and financial goals, and... how to efficiently and effectively track and measure your business's key metrics so you can save more time and make more dime.Good stuff, indeed.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:When working online, do you find yourself getting about as distracted as a baby at a topless bar? (Many creatives do. Here are some battle-tested and proven ways to keep yourself more focused, thus becoming more efficient and productive. Starts at 1:20)3 questions every freelancer should be able to answer as easily as "What's your name?" (If you sputter and stammer at these 3 simple (but critical) business questions, then that might explain why you get a little distracted or why your business is not taking off the way you know it could. Listen up at 2:30 to see if you can answer these 3 critical business questions.)A surprisingly simple (and very accurate) reason why most small business owners don't hit their financial goals. (This probably explains why their sales and marketing are not dialed in also. - 4:30)What an "app audit" is, and how it can save you cash, time, and... boost your focus. - 6:00FACT: the speed of wireless communications is multiplying faster than a Catholic rabbit, and with that comes an overabundance of apps, gadgets, and technology. (Is there any way to slow this down? Nope. But you can still stay calm and avoid the overwhelm by applying "minimalism" to technology. Hear Den talk about this at 8:00)A marketing "fallacy" that makes the average business owner's marketing dam near useless. - 9:40A hypercritical piece to the marketing puzzle most video business owners always seem to ignore. - 10:20How adding value creates freedom. - 11:00A "no muss, no fuss" way to kill off overwhelm. Starts at 13:00The hidden benefits of tracking and measuring your business's metrics. - 15:00A neat little app that can help you get your time back. (If you feel like there's never enough time in the day to get things done, then you'll love this app. - 16:20)Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
If you create your own vision for the future, you will create the abundance that will give you the steps to help you get the results. Have you tried creating your own vision board? Try it and you’ll be amazed at how you are achieving all your goals.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Today, Den delivers his semi-famous "5-step method" for writing an eBook in under 5-hours. If you think writing an eBook is hard, then you've never heard Den's "caveman simple" 5-step method.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:Hands down the best reason for any business owner to write a book or eBook. - 1:00Den gives business owners who know they should write an eBook but keep procrastinating a world-class scolding. Hear Den at his unapologetic best at 2:50A shocking statistic that proves people would rather blow torch their nipples off than sit down and read a book. That said, this statistic should be ignored if you're about to write a book. Here's why... - 3:30Den's caveman simple "5-step method" for writing an eBook in under 5-hours. Class commences at 4:00 A little-known copywriting "hack" that makes coming up with book titles and chapters a cinch. - 4:25The "20-minute trick" that kills off writer's block and gets ideas flowing like lies from a politician's lip. - 5:30An absurdly good example of a sub-headline that you can use as a headline template. - 8:00A "no muss, no fuss" way to write your book's intro. Fact: often the hardest part of writing a book is the intro. Well, problem solved. Listen up at 9:00A book on advertising every video business owner should read at least 3 times. It's that good. - 11:40A clever (and simple) thing to do at the end of every chapter of your eBook that can help sometimes result in new business coming in the door. Full details at 13:00Book cover tips and tricks aplenty at 14:00How to use your eBook to build an email database full of fruitful prospects ripe for the picking! If done correctly, this strategy could end up being the most profitable piece of marketing you ever do. - 14:00What a lead magnet is, and... different ways to do them. - 17:00How to see this entire process in action. Once you do what Den advises at 17:40, you'll see how this all comes together. What the "Mere-Exposure Effect" is, and... how to ethically exploit this phenomenon to drive hordes of prospective clients to your business's doors. - 19:00An erroneous notion most business owners have about marketing and follow-up that renders all their marketing useless as a knitted condom. - 19:20Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Video Strategy is becoming an essential service for smart video business owners. Not only can you charge upfront but it provides a platform to create more content and help clients distribute too.Connect with Ben Amos on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Today, Den reveals how to get MORE clients by marketing to FEWER people. Plus, marketing and business tips aplenty. But first...Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:The REAL reason why about 20% of small businesses fail within the first year. - 2:10Advice for new video business owners you'd be a darn fool not to take. - 2:45Proof that new video equipment is like “crack cocaine” for freelance filmmakers. - 3:00Why “patience” is the small business owner's superpower. - 3:40An emasculating thing most men have to do when they want a holiday. - 4:00Quite possibly the best advice you'll ever hear for entering a business partnership. This can help save you from a world of pain. - 6:00The 5-letter word that strikes fear into the hearts of video business owners. Because this 5-letter word scares them, it keeps their business from ever reaching its potential. - 7:20Den's awfully good "the MORE excuse you make, the LESS money you make" spiel. - 8:00The single most important thing to focus on if your business is currently making less than 7-figures. (In fact, this should always be your #1 focus. - 8:30A simple “litmus test” for identifying a moron. (It's very simple. Just listen to what someone says after they witness a successful person getting a good break or making a good business deal. If they say what's mentioned at 9:20... you'll know that person is a certified moron.)A clever “12-word phrase” to use when asked: “How much are your services?” (Not only do prospective clients appreciate this answer, but it puts them in the right frame of mind. -12:45)Clever ways to avoid looking like a bag of shit when your work schedule has you traveling more than a restless gypsy. (Not only will these ways keep you looking fresh, but they will also ratchet up your productivity, to boot!- 14:30)The case for writing a book. - 17:00A surprisingly simple way to boost your status in your industry. - 17:40The "caveman simple" 6-step formula for writing a book in record time. (This delightfully simple 6-point game plan will work even if you have trouble writing a shopping list. - 18:00)An unusual way to write a book using only your tongue. - 19:00Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Are you being held back by your old story? Rewrite a new story and read it every day to optimize yourself and your business.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
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