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How to Scale a Video Business with Den Lennie
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How to Scale a Video Business with Den Lennie

Author: Den Lennie

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Does it ever feel like you’re fighting a constant battle to generate enquiries, make more sales and run your video business without constant stress?Twice weekly Den gives you the tools you need to double your profits, with higher-quality clients and make the shift from overwhelmed to overjoyed. For the first time in a long time, you can feel comfortable and confident in the future of your video production business. Discover more at
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Today, Den reveals all his best marketing techniques, tricks, and strategies for potentially attracting a horde of new clients and whipping up a flurry of new business.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:8 damn good reasons why you should visit Den's homepage right quick! And no, this is not so you can read all about Den's accomplishments or look at Den's handsome mug. No. (There is something on Den's website's homepage that can potentially help freelance videographers attract a horde of new clients and new business - fast! Best part? Right now... he's not charging one red cent for it. - 1:10)The “7-word secret” to building and scaling a business. - 2:10The "two rabbits" marketing strategy that should be avoided at all costs. (If you're struggling to bring in new business right now, then you might very well be committing this marketing blunder explained at 3:10)The "Everyone and Nobody" marketing maxim probably 1 in 1000 business owners don't fully understand. - 3:45Do most of your prospective clients haggle or balk when you mention your fees? Then you might be making this big mistake mentioned at 4:30A proven (but counterintuitive) marketing strategy almost all business owners stubbornly refuse to use. - 7:0013 questions you must know about your prospective and current clients if you truly want to build a highly profitable video production business. (Full disclosure: Den doesn't reveal these 13 questions but he does tell you where you can access them. - 7:45The single biggest reason why most marketing messages fail miserably. (You could get tens of thousands of would-be clients to see your marketing message, but if you're making this error in your marketing, then it won't be worth a hill of beans. - 8:50)The "RO-RP-RT" direct response marketing maxim that if applied correctly can ignite a riot of new business. - 10:30What to do if you're eager to grow your video business but you feel like you've hit a plateau. - 13:00Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Have you ever felt alone in your business? We’ve all been there, but now you can be in an awesome group and accelerate your business. Listen up and let me tell you about the VBA!Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Today, Den gives one of his most valuable and practical business lessons to date. If you're looking to grow your video business, then you're in for a real treat. *Note-taking is advisable.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:Den slaps down the popular - and annoying – “One Thing" question many business folks ask about business growth. - 1:05A dead giveaway for knowing an online course is probably "all foam and no beer". - 1:40The one thing almost all video business entrepreneurs are guilty of when it comes to growing their business. - 3:00President Kennedy's brilliant Man on The Moon "planning strategy" applied to growing a small business.A mini crash course in how to develop a business growth plan. (Hear Den do some surprising simple number crunching and strategizing that can be applied to any business at 6:00The "Once Every 90 Days" habit that ONLY successful business owners ever develop. - 9:00Why most business owners who have a "strategic business plan" might as well NOT have one. - 11:30Why Benjamin Franklin's famous "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" quote should be taken as gospel, especially concerning business growth. - 13:00Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Make each prospect needs your opportunity to sell and make a profit.  You have to have systems, processes, and you have to be disciplined to create consistency in your business. Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Today, Den chats to a man who's cracked the code to making mucho dinero selling stock images. This man's name is Chuck Fishbein. Chuck runs a successful video and photography business called Duck you, but his real genius lies in his ability to make passive income from sites such as Getty Images and Shutterstock. And, in this interview, Chuck willingly spills the beans on what it takes to make a bundle of money selling stock images.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:An amusing tale of how Chuck unwittingly hoodwinked his clients into think he was a genius photographer even though he was a complete hack at the time. - 2:00Q. What do the artists U2 and Garth Brooks have in common? A. They both worked with Chuck in the early 80s. - 3:00A little-talked-about “trait” that almost all high-performance athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs possess that makes their body of work stand head and shoulders above their competition. - 6:00A juicy tip for filmmakers who are thinking of making some extra bucks with stock images. - 9:30The ONLY two types of stock images you should bother creating. FACT: All other stock images that don't fit into one or both of these two categories aren't worth a damn! - 12:30Quite possibly the best ever advice on how to become successful at what you do. Listen up at 14:15 folks.A Getty Images "marketing trick" that can bring hordes of eager-to-buy prospects to your uploaded Getty images. - 15:00The unglamorous (and extremely banal) side to selling images on sites like Getty Images and Shutterstock. This might be as boring as doing your taxes on a Friday night, but make no mistake, this insider information can make or break your stock photos’ success - 21:00A clever “trick” for turning tedious and deathly dull tasks into fun activities you actually look forward to doing. If you're bit of a procrastinator, this could be the solution. - 21:103 cameras NEVER to use when uploading images to sites like Getty Images or Shutterstock. (And, two cameras that you should use. - 22:40)A mindset “tweak” for shooting images that can make your stock images far more likely to be bought and used for a documentary or film. -23:30Chuck's honest-to-God opinion on shooting in 4K. - 28:40A “moonlight over Manhattan” image will sell better than a generic windmill or boardwalk image, right? Wrong! (Hear what Chuck has to say about this at 32:10)*How to sell stock images without getting your arse sued off. - 33:50The "almost-too-good-to-be-true" story behind how Chuck's business name "DuckYou" came into existence. - 35:00Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Do you know how to quote your projects and make a good profit? This is very important especially if you want to step up your game and create predictability in your business.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Today, Den gets down-n-dirty and talks about one of business's most unsexy, unglamorous, and sometimes deadly dull topics. But make no mistake, this is the one topic that if embraced, can truly move the needle in your business. Prepare to get some dirt under your nails with this episode.But first...Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:An eye-opening revelation into why so many freelancers struggle in business. (And... how to avoid being one of them. - 1:20)A 3-second mind "tweak" can potentially open the flood gates for your business's growth and profitability. - 2:25Den's disturbingly good "Pounding The Treadmill of Mediocrity" admonition. - 2:45How "specificity" can potentially boost your productivity, ratch up your focus, and goose your business's profits. - 2:405 hard-hitting business questions most freelancers avoid answering or flat-out can't answer. (Not knowing the answer to these 5 vital questions will keep you forever chasing your tail and fighting over the scraps left by bigger and stronger competitors. - 3:00)The #1 reason why many freelancers, when it comes to running their business, are more inept, disorganized, and inefficient than the Three Stooges repairing a leaky faucet. - 7:45The “P&M” secret to getting absolute clarity for your business. - 8:50The best-kept secret in the video production industry. (If more video freelancers knew about this, there would be a whole lot more successful video freelancers. Period. - 10:30)A BIG (but easily fixed) mistake many freelance videographers make on their website that damages their credibility. - 12:00How doing LESS work can make you more profit. - 13:05Hard-nosed insider advice on how to smash through financial ceilings. 13:35Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Do you create space for yourself? It is very important to take some time out and enjoy the present because it’s really is a gift.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Today, Den reveals the 8 best battle-tested ways ever invented for accelerating the growth of your video business.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:The single most important metric at the end of the business day. - 2:30The curious reason why Den was about as nervous as a gypsy with a mortgage when buying his first “new” car even though he had enough money. - 5:45A “10-letter word” you should avoid using in your marketing material. Sadly, many video production businesses like to use this 10-letter word in their advertising thinking it will help, but it only ever backfires. (If you do not want to attract low quality clients, then whatever you do, avoid using this 10-letter word! - 6:50)The REAL reason prospective clients don't agree to your fees. Sure, sometimes they can't afford your fees, but more times than not, there's another reason why they say no. Hear this common reason why at 7:10How to make mistakes like a pro. That's right, there is a correct way to make mistakes. Think about it. Nobody can ever avoid making them, but you can learn to minimize the damage. - 7:50A dead giveaway you're dealing with an adult who has the maturity of child. (If you're dealing with an grown-arse man or woman and they do what's mentioned at 9:20, then you should run for the hills. At the very least, don't ever do business with them.)Why trying to improve your business without improving what's between your ears is an exercise in futility. - 11:10An almost spooky effective way to predict if you will fail or succeed in whatever venture or goal you're trying to achieve without having to waste your money on a palm reader or staring into a crystal ball. - 13:00The "Beware of Day Rates" lesson. - 14:00A horrible (but popular) way to determine how much you should charge for your video services. - 19:00Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Learning something new is always constant, especially if you are growing your business. It might take longer than you expected, but small progress is still progress! Consistency is key.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Today, Den reveals the secret to success in business. Hey, did you just scoff? I get it. But please suspend your judgment until you hear at least the first two minutes of this episode, okay? There really is a secret to success, but it ain’t glamorous, sexy or exciting, but… it does work.Plus, there are sales and marketing tips aplenty.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:How to "plod" your way to great success using the “Gradatim Ferociter” method. - 0:40Laughably stupid Facebook ads (more like Farcebook ads) that promise unicorns but deliver donkeys. Cunning marketers love to use these types of ads to fill up their online courses and sell their wares. (Why are these ads so prevalent on FB? Well, as the saying goes, there's a sucker born every minute, and a lot of them are clicking on these ads! - 1:00)The "rubbernecking business owner" phenomena. (And... how it's costing business owners their time, focus, and confidence. - 2:00)The foolish - and completely nonsensical - excuse we make to ourselves that stop us from taking the action we know we should take. (Ever put off doing something you know would help your business? If so, there's a good chance you are using this excuse. - 5:10)A surprisingly simple productivity hack to avoid those "pissing in the wind" days at work. - 6:40Why obsessing over the differences between B2B and B2C marketing is silly. - 7:00A mini crash course on online marketing for video freelancers. Starts at 9:10How many times does a prospect need to be exposed to your marketing message before they even think about contacting you? I bet your guess will be way off the mark with this one. Find out at 9:40The secret to writing irresistible headlines for eBooks, articles, and subject lines. - 11:30A cracking good business book that will sharpen your marketing fangs to a gleaming sharp edge. - 14:20An admittedly "uncomfortable" (and counterintuitive) marketing approach that, when done correctly, can bring you a horde of new customers clamouring at your door, eager to do business with you. - 15:00The secret power behind "The One Thing" maxim. - 16:00Why you should fall in love with sales.  Sadly, most business owners would rather get a root canal than sell. (And that's why they'll never effortlessly and consistently make sweet, tender sales. - 16:30)Why most business owners are not really business owners. - 18:40When relying on yourself is a BAD idea. - 21:30Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Are you sharing the right information with your market?  Show off what you can offer by doing the thing that you are best at!Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Today, Den reveals some insider secrets for turning ice-cold prospects into white-hot, eager-to-buy prospects who see you as an authority and expert to be trusted instead of just another business owner peddling their wares.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:What to do if you hate outbound marketing. (Doing this will take some time, but if you can pull this off, you won't need to do any outbound marketing! - 1:15)An almost unknown adman every business owner should study. Many people in the direct response industry call this curious and reclusive man "The Most Persuasive Man of The 20th Century." This adman once wrote a television advert that sold to one in every 14 American TV owners. He made $50 million dollars from a textbook on natural health. Here's how studying this man can help you market your business... - 2:55A hardly ever-talked-about (and very profitable) skill every freelance videographer should develop. Developing this skill can even turn freelance videographers who would rather gargle battery acid than sell, into wickedly good salespeople. (And no... this skill is not sales. What is this skill? Listen up at 3:10)How “super creative” freelance video guys lose business by unwittingly spooking their prospective corporate clients.  - 5:40The "CA" marketing principle almost every business owner is clueless about. (This is the BIG reason why the average business owner's marketing is about as useless as a glass hammer. - 6:18)3 types of business owners you should NEVER market your video production service to. These 3 business owners might be cashed up, be great people, and even need your services, but they will end up being a complete waste of your time and dime. Here's why... - 6:302 types of business owners you should market your video production service to. - 7:00The unspeakably good "downloadable" asset. This is the BIG secret (used by the most successful online marketers on the planet) for getting a horde of prospects chasing you down instead of you chasing them! - 8:40How to “hack” your way to becoming an authority in your industry. Do what Den reveals at 11:15 and prospects won't treat you like an ordinary video guy, but instead... they will revere you, respect you, and see you as an expert and an industry leader.A caveman simple email marketing strategy that when done correctly, can bring in a ton of new business. - 15:40How to get Google and YouTube to send you the perfect prospects for your video business. - 16:10The "mere exposure" marketing phenomena that can when applied to your business can flood your business with new clients and new business. Sadly, probably 98% of business owners are too scared to tap into this extraordinary marketing phenomenon. - 16:45A special type of "book" that can generate your business leads all day every day! - 19:00A clever way to ethically bribe your website visitors into doing business with you. - 25:30The single biggest reason why business owners fail miserably at email marketing. The good news? It's easy and quick to fix. (Here's how... 26:30)Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Do you know what success looks like to you? You have to know how you want your life to look like. It’s not about overworking yourself out because there’s always a smarter way to do things. Listen up and be inspired!Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Today, Den talks about ways in which you can hack yourself and your daily habits so you can make maximum money in minimum time.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:Den's two eye-opening observations of his best performing Video Accelerator members. -1:20The "pant shitting" topic that almost always stops flakes, tire kickers, and time-wasters in their tracks. (If you ever feel like a prospective client is wasting your time, just bring up this topic and watch them scamper off like a cockroach seeking a place to hide. -  1:50)Why only drooling idiots ask "What's the key to success?" - 2:15A startling statistic taken from Den's mastermind group that'll make you want to join right quick. You may not believe your ears when Den first gives this statistic at 3:00The “two-word” secret for cranking up your focus, ratcheting up your creative juices, and unleashing a flood of creativity to solve big business (and life) problems you may have right now. (Not to be too negative, but know this: this is not a sexy or glamorous secret, but make no mistake, it works like crazy for those who are not afraid of a bit of discomfort and put this into action. - 4:40)A little-known business book you'd be silly not to read. - 6:50Why the only thing that should dirty a business owner's hands is money! - 9:20A dead giveaway that a freelance video guy is clueless about how to scale a business. (HINT: it's something they say when the topic of marketing comes up. Den said that if he got a nickel for every time he heard a freelancer say this he would put all those nickels in a sock and beat the next person who said it. - 10:10)The little-talked-about marketing "lag". - 11:05What a "trust-building" funnel is, and why you should have one if you haven't already. - 18:00Why you should actively seek to get rid of clients! - 19:20Are you chasing rabbits or elephants? Hear this client-getting lesson at 20:00The “CA” secret to accelerating your business growth and maximizing your business’s profits in minimum time. (This one is more mental than practical and can take a bit of discipline, but I'm sure you won't mind when you start seeing the results!  - 21:00)Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Are you trying to do too many things at the same time? Having a clear idea of where to focus is really important for your business growth and success.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Today, Den reveals 21 hard-won lessons from 12-years in business.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:Den's honest-to-God thoughts about vision boards. - 3:00A certain character trait EVERY highly successful business owner or entrepreneur has in spades. (Without this critical trait, well... your chances of success are about as slim as Kate Moss on a juice-only diet. - 4:45)Quite possible the ultimate motivation for any freelancer/business owner or entrepreneur who feels like giving up. (Next time you feel like throwing in the towel, just think of what's mentioned at 5:14 and this proverbial "stick" will give you that pep in your step to keep on keepin' on.)A little-known reading "hack" that will allow even folks who are slow readers to quickly consume content as much 2, 3, or even 5 times faster than you do now. - 6:15Perhaps the single most important tip Den shares in this entire episode. But don't get too excited, now. It's incredibly dull and unsexy. That said, if you embrace it and heed the advice, you'll set yourself up for great success. - 7:20Den's clever phone “trick” for never having to listen to people's long-winded voice messages or any voice messages, for that matter. (But… doesn't he miss out on important business matters? Nope. Here' why... 8:20)A BIG risk almost every freelancer takes that can be avoided. - 14:30The very first hire you should make for your freelance business. Forget everything else until you have this key person in place. - 18:50What's best: renting or buying equipment? Well, it depends. Hear Den's advice at 21:30A tempting business option to take that nearly always ends in tears, and that’s putting it mildly. - 23:00Hard-nosed insider advice on forming a business partnership. - 23:10Are you considering forming a business partnership with a friend? Then you should listen carefully at 24:00Why Den recently knocked back a lucrative gig from Sony. -27:00Why ideas (even great ideas) are totally overrated. - 29:00The secret to becoming a force of nature in business. This is the big secret behind every truly successful business person. (If you can make what's mentioned at 29:30 a habit in your daily business life, then you will start to appear superhuman to others while they struggle to keep up, and... wonder what your secret is.)Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Do you take your time to completely stop and think? Create a thinking time in your day and it will really help you set up your goals, focus your energy and solve problems. Listen up to this episode and start making smart decisions.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Today, Den interviews his pal Ryan Koral from Detroit Michigan. Ryan owns a successful video production company called Tell Studios and runs one of the most popular video podcasts on the planet. Den and Ryan talk all things video production and give up some of their most hard-won and battle-tested secrets to growing bigger and more profitable video business.But first...Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:Ryan stomps all over Den's intro leaving Den to pick up all the pieces. - 0:07Hear about Ryan's attitude towards business that's about as rare a rocking horse shit. - 4:45How to create win/win/win deals. That's right, there is a certain way to do business that goes one step further than your usual win/win deals. (But you must be willing to put your ego aside. Full details at 6:00)Why "collaboration" often gives "competition" a good ol' fashioned beatdown, especially in the business world. - 8:30Ryan's "Be okay with some prospects thinking you're not okay" lesson. Hear this liberating message at 9:35How to deliver your video production service with open hands and a big heart instead of a clenched fist and black heart. Easier said than done? Of course, but hearing what Ryan shares at 12:00 will certainly help.The life-changing decision Ryan made after his second child was born and while living in a bungalow the size of a London telephone booth. - 16:10A grizzly (and unnerving) thought that almost all freelance videographers have but are too scared to deal with. Yup, instead of facing it head-on, they just push it down into the basements of their soul and pretend it's not there. - 17:05Wanna know what would be every videographers' wet dream? It's landing a client like this... - 18:553 dead giveaways that a client will end up being a complete pain in the arse. - 22:10How some videographers are no different from a sugar daddy when choosing what clients they work with. - 26:00How embracing the word "NO" can save your business and your peace of mind. - 29:00Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Do you say “No” to projects? Getting very clear on who you are and what you do and being comfortable saying “No” to opportunities can step up your game in the business and make you really successful. Chill out and listen to this episode! Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
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