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Do you find yourself burdened with friends? Trapped in a joyous relationship? Or perhaps you're utterly clueless on how to dive into a life of absolute discontent? Welcome to Dr. Cala Sana's guide, "How to become a total failure".As a Maestro of Misfortune, he and his team promise to deliver foolproof advice on how to navigate a life that's completely dismal, painfully solitary, and absolutely meaningless.In an ocean of well-intentioned courses and tips all aiming to unlock happiness, our 10-part mini-series emerges as an oasis of both amusement and unexpected usefulness.It's a known fact that beneficial advice often falls on deaf ears. However, if you choose to turn a blind eye to our guidance, you might accidentally find yourself tripping over happiness.
Having established in our lively introduction that you're fully armed with the secret sauce to mastering this program - a dash of guilt - we're now ready to plunge headfirst into the tantalizing world of self-inflicted emotional acrobatics.Buckle up, because in this episode, we're peeling back the curtain on five deliciously effective tactics from our top ten hall of fame for nurturing a luxuriously negative mindset.
In this rollercoaster ride of an episode, we're tossing you another handful of the juiciest examples of negative thinking. You might already be prancing around with a couple of these dark arts under your belt, but hey, we all have those days when our creativity needs a little tickling, right? Especially when it comes to unfurling the full technicolor spectrum of gloom-ridden behaviors.
After feeding your mind with the top ten chartbusters of negative thinking patterns in the first couple of episodes, today we're steering the ship towards the intriguing allure of clinging to the past.You know the old saying, "Time heals all wounds"? Well, don't let that dampen your spirits, because in this whirlwind of an episode, you'll unravel the secrets of shielding yourself from such unwarranted healing.By doing so, you can unlock an ever-gushing fountain of self-pity, and here's the cherry on top - you can blissfully dodge dealing with the nuisances of the present.
04 Curse the present!

04 Curse the present!


Having navigated the choppy waters of negative thinking in the first couple of episodes and handed you the map to glorifying the past in the third, we now shine a spotlight on the virtues of scorning the present in today's episode.American author Dan Greenburg had already started brainstorming back in 1966 about ingenious ways to artistically wreck one's life. When it came to the present, he cherry-picked four enviable attributes that, despite their vintage, haven't lost an ounce of their relevance: Wealth, fame, talent, and beauty. If you're blessed with more than one of these prized possessions, consider yourself on the starting block of a perfect misery marathon!
Over the past four episodes, we've equipped you with a robust toolbox filled with the joys of intentional pessimism, the art of self-tormenting fixation on the past, and the delight of cursing the present.Today, we roll up our sleeves and dive into the practical part, where you'll master the art of harnessing and unleashing the fears you've so skillfully brewed within yourself.Let's face it, the appeal of estranging yourself from an ever-growing crowd is as clear as crystal: the more people you skillfully push away, the more robustly you can marinate in a cocktail of self-induced despair.
Congratulations are in order! You've officially hit the halfway mark in our workshop.In the last gripping episode, you took the plunge and began to meticulously craft an image of yourself steeped in rejection. This self-portrait might be smeared with guilty hues or perhaps drenched in frustration about money or your physical appearance.And the beauty of it? It's an always-on strategy, applicable whether you're penniless or swimming in riches, a head-turner or simply an ordinary Joe. Let's dip our toes into a few illustrative examples, shall we?
In the recent pair of episodes, you've gained expertise in morphing into an enigma to others, and in elevating money and appearances as the pinnacle of importance. Today, we're on a quest to investigate how you can kindle that chilling sensation of isolation within yourself.All it takes to marinade in the feeling of exclusion is to believe that your coworkers are covertly snickering at you. As a result, it's only logical to cultivate a healthy dose of mistrust towards them and to morph into a veritable Sherlock Holmes hunting for the tiniest signs of ridicule. Once this mindset is in place, it's only a matter of time before the hushed whispers of others will start to echo in your ears.
Until now, we've enlightened you with the fundamentals of rejection, demonstrated how to craft challenging predicaments for yourself, and imparted strategies to dodge any semblance of success. In today's episode, we're set to unveil how you can harness the robust energy of rejection to sever ties with your job and bid farewell to your beloved ones, ultimately achieving an enviable level of solitude.
Assuming you've been an earnest participant so far, you might have successfully offloaded your job and bid adieu to your dear ones. Now the grand finale awaits! It's high time to disconcert your remaining companions, so you can bask in the glory of your isolation and luxuriate in a pool of self-pity.
10 Alone at last!

10 Alone at last!


Congratulations! Having mastered the craft of self-instigated fear and manufacturing rejection from others, courtesy of this course, you've successfully ascended to your summit: the pinnacle of personal misery. Your guilt has been served its just desserts.You've orchestrated an exodus of everyone familiar from your life. Free from the trivialities of work, familial bonds, and friendships, you now have an open 24-hour window to moan about life's wickedness and how everyone you once knew has backstabbed you — fulfilling the prophecy you had envisioned.
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Susanne Köster

This 10- part podcast is definitely different from all those many counselling books and workshops which want to lead the way to a better, positive life by giving well-meant advice. After having gone through the ten parts of the series I can only agree with the psycho- social coach, Dr. Cala Sana that we have heard and been presented with these views and perceptions in always the same way. He takes a very different and more entertaining approach by confronting the listener with all his/her problems, doubts and fears: being at the foot of a "mountain" of negative feelings, self-reproaches and guilt and not knowing how to get out of it. The coach names the various problematic areas bluntly and connects them directly to the corresponding negative ways of behaviour so that the message becomes clear very soon. Many vivid and interesting examples combined with adequate sounds and tunes make the listener realize how strongly his/her self-boycott and negative way of thinking drag him/her down.

Mar 21st
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