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Inspiring conversations with individuals from all walks of life about how they harness the power of storytelling for positive impact.

We explore how cultural narratives shape us and how we are shaping the cultural narrative through the power of storytelling and media to harness and build a supportive community of storytellers and change makers.
5 Episodes
In our fourth episode, trailblazing entrepreneur Arlan Hamilton explores the power of story to catalyze change and shift narratives in Silicon Valley with her venture capital firm Backstage Capital, helping minimize funding disparities in tech by investing in high-potential founders who are people of color, women, and/or LGBT. Howl’s Jacques Thelemaque guides the discussion where Arlan shares about pivotal moments, failures, and successes in her journey to transform the world of business.
In our fourth episode, Kiran Gandhi, AKA, “Madame Gandhi,” shares her journey with us as an independent musician and activist in today’s fourth wave feminist context and addresses the value of individuals being brave enough to share their stories and its potential impact.Through her art, public speaking, and activism, Gandhi’s commitment to women’s rights allows her to make music that matters and inspires others to own their voices, to not be afraid, and to be brave.
In our third episode, we speak with the Director of Community Affairs at AFROPUNK, Manushka Magloire about social narratives, carving out spaces for oneself, and building and mobilizing a community around passion points.Through her work with AFROPUNK and the AFROPUNK ARMY, Manushka is able to help provide a platform and space for black and brown people, marginalized communities, as well as for those who are differently abled to “push and agitate and disrupt, and ravel and rouse, and fuck shit up.”
In our second episode, we speak with Disability Lifestyle Influencer, Lauren "Lolo" Spencer from Sitting Pretty Lolo about storytelling, her YouTube Channel, her new film, and being a disability advocate.We interviewed the Give Me Liberty actress at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. Lolo's goal is to share an honest perspective of her experiences living with a disability. She is an inspiration to everyone, not just those with disabilities.Watch the YouTube episode on to Lolo’s Youtube Channel find out more about the movie and when it will be available to the public, visit:
In our first episode, we speak with Māori filmmaker Heperi Mita about his documentary Merata: How Mum Decolonised the Screen, with which he revives his mother’s spirit years after her death. Having an abundance of resources, Hepi Mita rummages through archival footage of his mother and interviews his older siblings to discover Merata’s story and to understand her journey as a Māori filmmaker, social activist, and mother. Merata Mita was the first indigenous female and Māori filmmaker to write and direct a feature film, Mauri (1988). This pursuit of discovery results in him stepping into her footstep and taking on her mission, both as a filmmaker and voice for indigenous people, to shine light on injustices and partake in creating a more just world.Watch the YouTube episode on find out more about the movie and when it will be available to the public, visit
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