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Humans Who Make Games with Adam Conover
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Humans Who Make Games with Adam Conover

Author: IGN | Starburns Audio

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An intimate conversation with the creators of some of the world's most remarkable games, hosted by comedian and life-long gamer Adam Conover. This season I will talk with the developers of Spelunky, Binding Of Isaac, and many more about what it’s like to make video games for a living, how they come up with their ideas, and their first memory of the medium.
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Matt Holmes

really enjoy your show and the creators that you cover on it. so cool to hear the backstories of these developers and how some of todays awesome games were conceived and made. also huge fan of adam ruins

Feb 12th

Antonio Pranjic

Awesome Show. A perspective that didn't get enough coverage until recently and something the Video Game Community has really needed.

Jan 28th
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