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Author: Jon Taylor, Phil Gamache

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Future-proofing the humans behind the tech. Follow Jon and Phil on their mission to help marketers level up and have successful careers in the constantly evolving world of martech.
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Here are 6 things we think every marketing student or recent grad should STOP doing.
When it comes to building a personal brand, how can one balance publicity and privacy? Can you be credible while concealed, or is being out in the open something you simply must embrace until you’ve established a presence?
What does your “starter pack” for digital marketers” look like? Our take on the Reddit meme includes last minute change button, marketo loading bars, fire extinguishers, manager in your title, and more.
Gone are the days where enterprises are the only people who can solve multi touch B2B attribution– tools like DreamData are solving this for startups and SMBs.
Try to send your welcome emails on behalf of coworkers who live in the same shoes as your target users. If you’re in B2B, chances are you’re using your own product, at least a coworker is. Let them write the welcome email for new users.
Ottawa native Julie Beynon is head of Analytics at Clearbit and she shares why analytics and data warehousing no longer needs to be intimidating for marketers.
Every Mops/CRM needs lifecycle in some form or another to function optimally. You cannot make lifecycle work long term if you don't partner with sales, not dictate to them, not train them, not get 'buy-in', you've got to partner with them.
You need a good MQL model so that marketing leads make it to sales and get followed up. There are a lot of ways to define MQLs and pass them over. It’s very common to have a lead scoring model, and it’s the best way to get to build a scalable, highly automated lifecycle. But let’s actually examine the journey that gets us to a scoring model and benefit from critically thinking about why it’s the best model.
It’s hard to even know where to start. Even after you get everyone to agree on a model and stages, you need to figure out how to deploy this thing. We're going to give specific advice on the types of properties you need to deploy a basic lifecycle. Your mileage may vary depending on your tool or your business model, but the general principles hold true.
It is so easy to go down rabbit holes when revamping or deploying a lifecycle model. Be very careful not to overthink your lifecycle by creating too many microstages, or by over automating elements of the customer journey or sales process.
Set yourself up for long term success with a solid Lifecycle program. Not only does it help you exert control and mastery over your reporting, it provides a framework for having tough discussions between sales & marketing.
Do you still need to do a degree out of highschool to have a successful and happy career in marketing? What are some of the best side projects students can take on to help get them jobs early on? How do you manage interns and fresh marketers? University Professor Jonathan Simon shares his insights.
MOPs is an amazing career, and the number 1 skill you need is curiosity. Nick got his start owning a Marketo instance and rapidly acquired the skills required to be a MOPs leader in one of Canada’s hottest startups. Learn how he got his start from a strong foundation in-house and how he's now moved consulting side. Note: The audio on Nick's end isn't the greatest. During the interview, we didn't notice but post-production realized it wasn't the best.
The perfect way to convert visitors is by using dynamic areas to show different content to different visitors.
It’s totally absurd, but for perspective I often imagine my ancestors living 20,000 years hauling home some berries or a wild boar. They literally risked their lives to gather food. Now your ability to provide for yourself and your family consists of clicking buttons on the Internet.
There's a lot lost when we think of marketers and engineers as separate things and not the organization as a whole. The right thing to do is engage with the engineers that power your marketing tech stack. And meet them where they are. Open source martech can help with that.
The most engaged email program you'll ever build is a 5-day email course, and the best part is you won't have to write any new content.
Lauren Sanborn is a force of nature. She’s a world class marketing ops professional who’s accomplished amazing things. She’s currently Director of Revenue Operations at CallRail. In this episode, Lauren dives deep into the intersection of sales and marketing, what both professions need to know about the other, how to get both talking in the same language and how do you foster great communication as a RevOps leader.
We need to seek more opportunities to get away from our screens and skillfully practice our craft. Handwriting is the perfect way to become a better digital marketer.
Don't let your tools control you; use your tools with care, deliberate intent, and purpose. It seems counterintuitive but by having a computer sign in sheet, you can improve your productivity and break cycles of unproductive distracted web surfing.
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