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Hungry Girl: Chew The Right Thing!

Author: Lisa Lillien

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Lisa Lillien, a.k.a. Hungry Girl, is obsessed with food––how wonderful it is, and how much of it she can eat and still fit into her pants! Through bestselling cookbooks, a daily email with 1 million+ subscribers, a magazine, and more, her Hungry Girl empire delivers healthy recipes that are easy & delicious, tips & tricks, smart food finds, and real-world survival strategies. And now she’s reaching fellow food lovers like never before! Each food-themed episode is packed with personal stories, taste tests of better-for-you finds, foodie pop culture & news, Q&A with fans, fun food facts, and special surprises.
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Get ready, because the Hungry Girl gang is going to Trader Joe’s! In this episode, Lisa, Mikey, and Jamie are taste-testing 13 products from the popular neighborhood grocery store! We scoured the aisles and found products from cold brew andmeats to salsas and sweets! Lolly even gets to have some fun taste-testing a new dog treat. (The gang may or may not have tried it too!) So alert your taste buds, because almost all these products are homeruns, and you’ll definitely want to have our foodcast ( page handy the next time you head out to Trader Joe’s!
We’re jumping for JOY on this week’s episode as Lisa goes One on One with the TODAY show’s very own nutrition expert Joy Bauer! Lisa and Joy chat it up about her new books and her most embarrassing TV moments, and she tells us the three things you should ALWAYS be eating! Plus, we find out Joy’s number-one idol! Here’s a hint: He calls New Jersey home. We really hope you enJOY this week’s episode of CHEW THE RIGHT THING!
It’s the CALORIE-SAVING EPISODE you’ve been waiting for!!! This week, Lisa shares tips and tricks for unexpected ways to save and burn 100 calories, plus creative 100-calorie couples that will change the way you snack forever! So lace up those shoes and grab your headphones, because you could BURN 100 calories just from walking while listening to this episode of CHEW THE RIGHT THING!
It’s heating up out there, and we have just what you need to cool yourself right back down! In this episode, Lisa and the gang are taste testing healthy summer food finds so you don’t have to! Everything from salad kits and ice cream, to fruit bars and SO MUCH MORE! Plus the bite-sized treat that will have you running to the freezer aisle! So what are you waiting for? Push play now!!!
Look who’s peeking around the corner…. SUMMER! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our Summer Survival Tips podcast edition! In this episode, Lisa shares her advice on what to do before the BBQ, during the BBQ, and after! She’s also got the top 7 BBQ food hacks, and one of them involves a brand-new product that’s like liquid gold! Plus, we resurrect our guessing game with a rousing round of CHEW OR FALSE! It’s (almost) summertime, and the livin’ is easy on this episode of CHEW THE RIGHT THING!
53: The Starbucks Episode

53: The Starbucks Episode


Hot drinks… iced ones... frozen frapps, pastries, protein bowls, and so much more! Starbucks has so many yummy-sounding choices, but is there anything there that’s healthy?? We’re happy you asked, because in this episode, Lisa has your one-stop guide on what to order at Starbucks! From drinks to breakfast, lunch, and even dinner, this episode has it all! Plus, the gang tries the brand-new Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refreshers! So sit back and grab a cup of coffee, we’re going on a food and drink tour of Seattle’s greatest export on Chew The Right Thing! [](
Are you always HUNGRY, but don’t know what to do? Then this episode is for you! Lisa has strategies for making you feel full! Tips to use before and after you eat, tricks for ways to bulk up meals and snacks, and so much more!! Plus, the 5 things Lisa always has on hand in case she needs a quick bite! If you’re always hungry, you have to stop what you’re doing right now and push play! [](
51: The Costco Haul Episode

51: The Costco Haul Episode


Empty out the trunk — Hungry Girl is going to Costco! In this episode, Lisa and the gang CHEW & TELL over a dozen tasty and healthy food finds from the famous big box store! Everything from fajitas, burgers, sausages, dips, soups, frozen sandwiches, protein bars and SO MUCH MORE! Plus a chocolatey treat that’s only 20 calories per piece and is to die for! Make some room in your fridge, freezer and pantry, your next stop (after you listen to this podcast) is Costco!!! [](
Today’s the day to start a new habit… actually, 8 of them! In this episode, Lisa shares 8 things you can do to help you lose weight and/or keep it off! Tips and hacks about drinking water, snacking, and SO much more! Plus, something to try after meals that'll be a total game changer!! So get ready, these might not be habits yet, but hopefully soon, they’ll be part of your daily routine! [](
He’s back! Our good friend Dr. Robert J. Davis, a.k.a. “The Healthy Skeptic,” is here to blast more myths! Questions about intermittent fasting, vegetarian diets, vitamins, cold remedies… All these questions and more will be answered in this episode of **Chew the Right Thing!** TUNE IN NOW!
Comments (7)

Julie Thomson

great podcast, thank you!!

Apr 7th

Erica Nicole

Julie Thomson this pod cast is deep check it out

Apr 8th

Christy Bond

Love your podcast..keep them coming😀 i was listening to the podcast and when you were saying alexa mine went nuts too lol😂😂

Feb 20th

Kathy Saldivar

Another salad dressing must-try is O'dang Tzatziki Salad Dressing sold at Walmart. You get 2 Tbl for 1 WW Freestyle point!

Oct 8th

Amy Lewis

I've been a Hungry Girl fan for years. I started listening to the podcast for motivation to get back on track with my weight loss plan. It worked!! I have learned about so many new food items and ideas for quick meals, swaps, and fun new treats (CLIO where have you been all my life??) Plus, each episode is more like a personable, down to earth conversation with friends. Thank you for all you do Hungry Girl!!

Aug 29th

Ashley Fishbein

love love love! Lisa feels like a friend and Jamie and Mike are so fun. love all the food hacks and feeling like I'm right there gabbing with the gang!! xoxo

Aug 29th

Rita Mishkin

it was the Persian army who first put cheese on pizza.

May 31st
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