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Hymn and the Gym

Author: Riley and Kyle

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In each episode we tackle different aspects of self-improvement. One of us is a Ministry student and Musician, and the other is a P.E. teacher and an online Fitness Coach. Together, Riley and Kyle are, the Hymn and the Gym.
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Toilets and TP

Toilets and TP


In this episode, Kyle and Riley delve into the history and facts behind toilets and toilet paper. What did people do before modern plumbing? Who invented toilet paper? What did we use before toilet paper? The guys don't hold back and search for answers to all of these "dirty" questions. Support the show (
In this episode Riley and Kyle catch up after a long podcasting hiatus. Their chat delves into what they each think about COVID19 quarantining, social distancing and the pandemonium that surrounds it all.Support the show ( the show (
In this episode, Riley and Kyle set straight some misrepresentations and misconceptions about Christianity and about fitness coaches.Support us on Patreon! the show (
In this episode, Riley shares his most underrated Olympic event and Kyle shares his most us on patreon! the show (
New Year New You? Really?

New Year New You? Really?


In this episode we talk about new year's resolutions and why we don't like them. We also talk about making lifestyle changes, and how to make them work. support us on patreon! us or message us on instagram @hymn_and_the_gymSupport the show (
In this episode we tell you a bit about ourselves, what we do and how we got where we are. We hope you enjoyed the episode, we certainly did. Support us on patreon at check us out on instagram @hymn_and_the_gymSupport the show (
Welcome to Hymn and the Gym! The self improvement podcast that tackles issues that are either physical, mental, spiritual, nutritional, or whatever else comes our way!Support the show (
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