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I’ve Got a Secret! with Robin McGraw

Author: Robin Mcgraw

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Robin’s got a secret- actually LOTS of secrets- and she's ready to share them all with YOU! Grab your girlfriends and tune in to feel empowered and informed to live your happiest and healthiest life. Consider this your weekly girl time! Robin leads discussions and interviews with the world’s most powerful and talented women and men, while offering her own experience from being a best-selling author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, fashion and beauty icon, television personality, and matriarch of her family. With every show, Robin and her friends will be swapping secrets with thought-leaders, political pioneers, innovators, and heroes. From beauty, fashion, and entertaining to motherhood, health, and career... no topic is off limits! By listening to this podcast, you become a member of her Secret Squad of women learning, growing- and MOST importantly- laughing and having fun together. Warning: this podcast may change your life!
31 Episodes
Cindy Eckert sold her revolutionary company for 1 BILLION DOLLARS! How did she do it?! You won't BELIEVE this incredible story! Robin interviews Cindy on how she developed the first FDA-approved drug for low sexual desire in women. This product flipped the way that the industry approached women's sexual health- and continues to change it today! Cindy's mission is simple: she wants women and men to have equal consideration in the bedroom. Robin dives into the nuances of Cindy's business, what drove her to keep going in the face of rejection, and how she was able to smash the glass ceiling (or the "pink ceiling," as Cindy calls it)! This conversation is highly inspirational, motivating, and- as always- FUN! Stay for the end to play a hilarious game with Robin and Cindy. More info at
Coronavirus: What are the facts? Robin introduces an important and educational conversation (originally aired on Phil in the Blanks) between Dr. Phil and leading medical and health professionals. This podcast is a deep dive into the complexities of the pandemic. Stay safe, stay educated, and stay healthy!
Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt stops by to share her intimate relationship with the subject of forgiveness. Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end of it, forgiveness can be a tricky thing. It’s a topic that affects ALL of us! Robin and Katherine dive into the sensitive nuances of forgiveness, and how you can forgive and let go even when it feels impossible. Robin shares deeply personal stories about her journey to appreciating forgiveness, and how her relationship with it has changed over her life. Can you forgive but still be angry? Is there a difference between apologizing and asking for forgiveness? Does forgiveness mean you’re betraying your pain? Robin and Katherine discuss it all. Stick around for some of Robin’s very FAVORITE quotes about forgiveness that will 100% change your outlook on life.
Volleyball icon and model Gabby Reece joins Robin for the third installment of her "The Secret to Turning Your Dreams Into a Reality” series! Listen to how Gabby built her fitness empire, how she makes her marriage to big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton work, and how she took her high-school volleyball career to pro! Robin facilitates a conversation with Gabby that goes below the surface, tackling motherhood challenges, femininity, personal roadblocks, and how difficult it can be to live life for yourself while in the public eye. Of course, a podcast with Gabby would not be complete without some health and fitness tips along the way! Play a “This or That: Fitness Edition” game at the end where Gabby reveals fitness secrets that will change your life! More info at
Learn how to use manifestation and visualization as a tool to realize your goals! Robin and Sabrina Soto, best-known for her design work on HGTV and TLC shows such as Trading Spaces and Get It Sold, share their experiences and success with using manifestation as a part of their daily routines. Learn about visualization, gratitude journals, vision boards, and taking YOUR life into YOUR OWN HANDS! Sabrina shares how she went from a stay-at-home mom to an HGTV Designer by putting in hard work and manifesting her goals. Robin shares her secrets on dealing with stress, and dishes on how she turns negatives into positives (it really works!). Stay until the end for a personal, vulnerable round of the We’re Not Really Strangers card game. Get your fix of warm, fuzzy feelings with this incredibly positive and motivating episode! More info:
What is “sustainable fashion?” Robin sits down with the "King of Vintage" himself, Cameron Silver, to discuss! Cameron and Robin talk all things vintage, consignment, and thrifting… and what the heck the difference is among the three! Learn how to get the most bang for your buck out of your wardrobe, while sparing the environment along the way. Learn the best secrets on how to repeat your favorite wardrobe staples, how to find total gems while second-hand shopping, and how to transform your favorite clothing through tailoring! You don’t need a new outfit every time you get dressed; it’s CHIC to REPEAT! Stay until the end to play a fun get-to-know-you game with Robin and Cameron (which article of clothing do they BOTH agree they wouldn’t be caught DEAD wearing?!). You’ll look at vintage TOTALLY differently after listening to this episode!
In the second installment of "The Secret to Turning Your Dreams Into a Reality,” Robin chats with Founder and Creative Director of Oh Joy!, Joy Cho.  Oh Joy! started as a personal blog, and has now grown into a HUGE name for home décor, kids, and furniture collections- partnering with Target, Band-Aid, and so many more! She is the most followed account on Pinterest, and has been named one of Time Magazine’s 30 Most Influential People on the Internet… TWICE! Joy takes us on her journey through growing a business, growing a family, and finding how to create a work/life balance that works for her. Her inspirational story is full of tips and tricks based on what she’s learned along the way! Finish the episode with a word-association game that will get your creative juices flowing! More info at
Jacquelin Napal and Kat Emery are the dynamic duo behind the ultra-cool ART ANGELS gallery in Los Angeles and Miami, a go-to favorite for the chic and elite. Listen to how these women got started and claimed a coveted top-spot in the exclusive Art industry. Robin dishes about her very favorite art pieces in both her home and studio, and how she goes about picking the perfect pieces. Jacquelin and Kat talk about how exactly they work with top clients to secure unique, personal artwork, and explain how contractors and art galleries go hand-in-hand! Whether you are a seasoned collector or your only art is your kid’s homework, you’ll love to hear about this interesting world dissected by two of the best art experts around. The game at the end is TOO GOOD TO MISS! What’s Andy Warhol’s favorite drink? What car did Georgia O’Keefe drive? Robin is putting the Art Angels to the test!
In this inspiring new series, Robin gets into the minds of some of the most interesting and successful business women and men who have made their WILD, CRAZY dreams come true! The first episode of the series is an interview with Alli Webb, the genius founder of DRYBAR! Drybar is of course the iconic business that started the blow-dry bar craze, with over 150 locations worldwide as well as a product line sold in Nordstrom, Sephora, and Ulta. Alli gives the Secret Squad a blueprint of her wild journey as an entrepreneur, and how she built this revolutionary business as a stay-at-home-mom! Alli dives into the challenges of being a working mom, scaling a business from zero, and working with family. What’s Alli’s #1 secret for growing a successful business? You’ll have to listen to find out… and it’s NOT what you think! Stay until the end for a game of “This or That: Hair Edition!” to pick up some hair-styling tips. This episode will motivate you to follow YOUR dreams!
DANCE! It has incredible benefits for fitness, self-expression, and stress release. Whether you’re a dancing queen or have two left feet, you LOVE hearing about the journey of two of the most-respected dance professionals in the game. Mikey Minden is a highly sought-after choreographer and artistic director, and is the man behind the iconic Pussycat Dolls! Montana Tucker is a social-media sensation, regularly posting viral dance videos to her 2.4 million Instagram followers. The two join Robin to discuss fame, hard work, and the unmatched power of believing in yourself. Montana shares her inspirational story about overcoming bullying in school, and Mikey shares his struggles of coming up in the industry as a kid. Robin pulls some dancing tips, career advice, and juicy celebrity gossip from the two! Stay for our zesty Drink of the Day (you'll want to make this at your next dinner party) and a hilarious competition game at the end! This episode will make you want to get on the dance floor! More information at
How do you make your style truly your OWN? Robin talks to A-list stylist Tiffani Chynel and nail-artist-to-the-stars Nicole King about how to translate your likes, dislikes, and curiosities into killer style. Learn how to define and express your own brand of fashion, while also incorporating fun trends and risks! Tiffani spills secrets about dressing and evolving the style of her clients John Legend, Jennifer Lopez, Rosario Dawson, and many more. Chelsea adds the final touches and talks everything NAILS! Become an expert at creating your signature nail shape, style, and color after listening to this episode. Listen to Robin describe her style evolution, and how she’s developed a sense of style that works for HER! Stay until the end to play a MOOD BOOSTER game: which style item makes you feel most confident in different situations? More info at
How can you make your home look and feel like your OWN? Robin cracks the code with celebrity interior designer Kari Whitman and DIY-expert Courtney Sixx (aka How2girl)! Learn how to translate your personality into a tangible living space that you feel proud of and comfortable in. Kari discusses the design tips and tricks she’s picked up from designing spaces for a-listers, businesses, and even the White House! Courtney talks all things florals: how to make your own arrangements, how to shop for flowers, and where to do it! Robin gives behind-the-scenes insight into how she decorates her office and her home, and you won’t believe the FUN risks she takes (her grandson’s room has a London bus bed frame?!). What’s the best way to find inspiration? How do you work with a budget? What are the hard-and-fast rules to making a space feel complete? The ladies discuss all of this and more! As always, stay until the end for a fun game!
Hair! Whether it be head hair, eyebrows or facial hair… HAIR totally defines your look! Celebrity hair stylist, Lee Rittiner, and Hair Restoration Specialist, Dr. Marc Dauer, chat with Robin about how one can reinvent themselves through hair transformation. Lee finally spills the secret to getting the correct haircut for your face shape (it’s easier than you would think!), and how to make your hair look more long and voluminous without extensions! Dr. Dauer goes into depth about the EYEBROW TRANSPLANT he performed on Robin, and Robin spills how she REALLY felt about it! Dr. Dauer also walks us through how a hair transplant really works, and who is a good candidate for one! What are the “rules” to hair styling as you age? How often should you be washing your hair? All of these answers and so much more. Listen until the end for a fun game about Celebrity Hair Icons!
For the first episode of the new year, Robin aptly spills the secret to a FRESH START! She pairs esteemed life coach, Cheryl Hunter, and professional closet-organizer to the stars, Lisa Adams, to share tips on how to do some house cleaning in your life… both literally and metaphorically! Lisa shares simple tricks about getting rid of clutter around your home. Cheryl shares simple tricks about getting rid of clutter in your MIND! When these tips are put together, YOU can achieve a clear mind and a stress-free lifestyle! Robin leads a tear-jerking conversation about Cheryl's experience being abducted as a teenager (and living to tell the tale!). It is a truly inspirational episode that will motivate you to clean up your literal and metaphorical clutter RIGHT NOW! Stay until the end to hear the women reflect on 2019 (the HIGHS and the LOWS!) and discuss their resolutions entering the new year (you WON’T believe Robin’s!). Start your year off right and listen to this episode!
Merry Christmas, Secret Squad! In this special BONUS episode of I’ve Got a Secret, Robin answers YOUR questions about her holiday traditions. What's Robin’s favorite dish to cook? Is Dr. Phil tough to buy presents for?! Robin also releases a never-before-heard conversation with Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Jenna Parris about their favorite holiday memories! It’s a sweet, bite-sized episode that goes great with your Christmas morning hot cocoa. Fa la la!
Parenting is the best job in the world… but it sure does come with it’s struggles sometimes! On this episode, Robin sits down with JAMIE-LYNN SIGLER and JENNA PARRIS from the famed "Mama Said” podcast to discuss the good, the bad, and the REAL of parenting. NOBODY is perfect! The women get personal about their mothering triumphs, fails, and completely laughable moments (what was Robin’s very first thought when she gave birth to her first son?)! Jamie-Lynn opens up about parenting with her multiple sclerosis diagnosis. As always, expect a delicious Drink of the Day that you can try at home, and play a hilarious game alongside the ladies! Parents: take this hour for YOURSELF! Consider Robin, Jamie-Lynn, and Jenna your parenting support group! More info at
How often do you give back to causes that you care about? The holidays are a wonderful time to reflect on our blessings, and to also GIVE BACK to those less fortunate. Robin has a heartwarming discussion with two philanthropic superstars: Chef Cat Cora of Food Network fame / Founder of Chefs for Humanity, and Caitlin Crosby of The Giving Keys. The perfect listen for the holiday season! The three women discuss their respective organizations (Robin opens up about her domestic abuse and sexual assault foundation, When Georgia Smiled) and what inspired them to create such meaningful charitable impacts. Learn about approachable ways to donate your time and how you can start your OWN foundation! Stick around for the end to play a game with the women that will challenge your donation knowledge! You will leave this episode feeling motivated to make a impact on the world. Change starts with YOU! More info:
Skincare is a priority… but do you treat it as one?! Robin sits down with Hollywood’s #1 celebrity skincare authority, Dr. Jason Diamond, to discuss how YOU can best care for your beautiful skin! Dr. Diamond offers a ton of never-before-heard advice along the way (you won’t BELIEVE what he uses on a-listers in his famed “instal-facials”)! Learn about the skincare basics, as well as advanced treatments that YOU can do to look like a V.I.P.P.: A VERY IMPORTANT PODCAST PERSON! Robin opens up about her folliculitis journey, her experience with Accutane and also her relationship with aging skin. PLUS: Dr. Jason Diamond busts some MAJOR skincare myths (does Preparation H really work on your dark circles?). This episode can make you look 10-years younger! More info:
What is Numerology?! It is the idea that everything in your life- your name, your birthday, your address, your business name, etc- has a special numerical value associated with it. These numbers can uncover information about your past, your present, and even your future! Robin sits down with Numerology expert Glynis McCants to learn more about the practice, and discovers how useful it can be when starting a business, getting married, starting a family, and so much more! What does it means when you keep seeing the same number over and over?? What “11:11” REALLY mean?! Find out that and so much more on this episode. Glynis reads the “numbers” of both Robin and celebrity restaurateur / Numerology fan Craig Susser, and predicts juicy information about both of their futures! PLUS: Glynis makes predictions about the upcoming 2020 Year, including things to watch out for! Make sure to get out a notepad and pen for this fun episode! More information:
Fashion, fashion, FASHION! Our most-requested topic is FINALLY HERE! Robin dives into her much-anticipated style secrets with the perfect guest: Carson Kressley, the ORIGINAL fashion expert on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Robin and Carson have a hilarious conversation about the do's, the dont's, and the "WHO CARES?!" of fashion! Learn how to dress based on age, body type, budget, season, and trend. Whether you are a fashionista, or desperately in need of advice on where to start, Robin and Carson have you covered with style tips and secrets they have learned throughout the years. Stay until the end to play a fashion-edition of "Hot or Not" and "This or That!" You won't believe WHICH trend Carson and Robin totally DISAGREE on! More information at
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Elizabeth Thielen

my oldest son died in march of 2019. I'm having a really hard time getting past the grief I'm feeling. It comes on at no particular time or place. I just hits me whenever I least expect it. How can I get past this grief to carry on with my life. I've tried volunteering and that helped but it's a short lived relief.

Jan 16th

SC Malatia

Hi Robin, I was listening to your husband's Podcast where you were the guest. I'm listening to you now because I heard you on his Podcast. I would like you to talk about bio identical hormones. I've been taking them for a while and I wonder if you still are taking Bio identical hormones. Thank you

Jan 5th

lisa aisthorpe


Dec 29th

Rebecca Pedigo

Absolutely loving this! amazing information and insight into some great topics!

Oct 30th

Lisa Leduc

I just started listening to your podcast. I live what you're about. You're simply amazing.

Oct 17th
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keri mlcm

Hi Robin! I've been listening to your podcast and I love it! you are the epitome of a lady and such an inspiration to women everywhere! and I love when you and dr. Phil do the walk off after the show. thanks for sharing all your wonderful wisdom. Lots of love from Canada... Love Keri

Oct 5th

Nicole Eldred

love this so glad your doing this!!!!!

Sep 29th

Shannon Hinton

I love you Robin. I just watched the 3000th show and then downloaded podcast to watch.

Sep 26th

Elizabeth Edwards

I loved this so much Robin! can't wait for more episodes. I am a South African living in England and your Texas accent is just charming. Thank you for sharing your secrets x

Sep 23rd

Sharon Hermens

love you, Robin !

Sep 18th
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