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I’ve Got a Secret! with Robin McGraw

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Robin’s got a secret- actually LOTS of secrets- and she's ready to share them all with YOU! Grab your girlfriends and tune in to feel empowered and informed to live your happiest and healthiest life. Consider this your weekly girl time! Robin leads discussions and interviews with the world’s most powerful and talented women and men, while offering her own experience from being a best-selling author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, fashion and beauty icon, television personality, and matriarch of her family. With every show, Robin and her friends will be swapping secrets with thought-leaders, political pioneers, innovators, and heroes. From beauty, fashion, and entertaining to motherhood, health, and career... no topic is off limits! By listening to this podcast, you become a member of her Secret Squad of women learning, growing- and MOST importantly- laughing and having fun together. Warning: this podcast may change your life! More information at

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Did you know that there is scientific evidence that says you should "go with your gut" more often? Intuition Coach and Consultant, Laura Day, has coached celebrities like Brad Pitt and Demi Moore on becoming masters of their intuition, and now she's giving the Secret Squad a crash course! Laura explains how our intuition statistically leads us to the correct answer more often than not, and explains why so many people feel uncomfortable following their gut. Robin and Laura discuss the difference between anxiety and intuition, and how you can start separating the two to make more sound decisions. Laura gives invaluable at-home exercises to strengthen your intuition and block out the noise that often hinders it. After this conversation, you'll start trusting yourself that much more!  Episode Resources: Laura's Website: Laura on IG: Play FREE, competitive Gin Rummy online with the GIN RUMMY STARS App! Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dance your heart out! Tiler Peck, Prima Ballerina at the New York City Ballet, chats about the passion, dedication, and resilience that it takes to become a professional ballerina. She talks about how she's able to get through her long weeks (you will NOT believe the schedule of a ballerina!), and how she rests and recovers. Tiler dives into the debilitating neck injury that almost ended her dancing career, and how she made a recovery that 6 doctors told her she'd never make. Robin and Tiler discuss finding purpose in life outside of your career, how to prioritize your mental wellbeing, and why you should always bet on yourself. Get a dancer's mindset after listening to this one! More info at Episode Resources: Tiler on IG: Tiler's NYC Ballet Profile: Katerina Ballerina: Play FREE Gin Rummy games at "Gin Rummy Stars" on the App Store! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Learn to lift, tighten, and shape... with NO NEEDLES! Karina Sulzer, Founder of Skin Gym and Skin Camp, sits with Robin to discuss how to massage, cup, and roll your way into youthful skin. Karina talks about how- in the same way that you take your body to the gym to work out and get toned- you can do the same for your facial muscles! She explains how regular facial massages stimulate blood flow, release tension, and aid with lymphatic drainage- all while working out the actual muscles. Her and Robin discuss at-home options including jade rollers, gua shas, cupping, and LED masks. Karina even says that many of her clients stopped using injectables after taking up a facial workout routine! Stay until the end for a fun "CAMP IGAS!" game where we gather around our fake campfire with s'mores. More info at Episode Resources:  Skin Gym: Skin Gym on IG: Skin Camp: Skin Camp on IG: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Melissa Rivers always brings the FUN! This episode will keep you laughing as Robin and Melissa catch up on family, fashion, and the little moments that you never see on tv! Melissa reveals her most CRINGE WORTHY red-carpet interviews, who she loves to see at awards shows, and who HER fashion icon is! Robin talks about her recent Girls Trip to Cabo (the Drink of the Day is what she was sipping on!), her 45th wedding anniversary, and the unbelievable tennis tournament she threw for Dr. Phil! This girl time is too good to miss. Stay until the end for a brand new game called "ICONS ONLY," where Robin and Melissa's favorite fashion moments battle head to head! They both chose the same outfit as their ALL-TIME favorite look... what was it?! More info at Episode Resources: Melissa on IG: Melissa's Website: Group Text Podcast: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In her 50's, she decided to start a business in an industry that she had no experience in... where only 1% of business owners are women! Karen Haines, Founder of Spa Girl Cocktails, comes to the studio to give the Secret Squad an important lesson on persistence, confidence, and passion. On a girls trip to Palm Springs, Karen thought of the idea for a high-proof, better-for-you vodka cocktail that was made by women for women; and thus Spa Girl Cocktails was born! Listen to Karen recount how she started completely from scratch: self-funding and Googling her way into owning an award-winning, majorly distributed spirits brand! Robin talks about her major secret: your life doesn't stall when your children grow up, and you can start a business at ANY age! Plus: Robin and Karen talk about entertaining, beautiful decor, and how to make a dinner party really special (Robin's tip for a warm welcome is a good one!). Stay until the end for a game where Robin and Karen guess popular songs based off of 2-second clips. Grab a cocktail and listen to this one with friends! More info at Episode Resources: Spa Girl Cocktails: Karen on IG: Spa Girl Cocktails on IG: Ripskirt is Robin's summer secret! Visit for a FREE sun scarf! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Country-music icon, Martina McBride, stops by to chat about her unbelievable 30-year career! Martina and Robin discuss Martina's unexpected start (it involves selling merchandise on a Garth Brooks tour), and how she's been able to earn longevity in such a challenging industry. Martina breaks down why one of her most popular songs was rejected from radio stations, the biggest "pinch me" moment of her career, and up and coming female artists that she admires. Martina and Robin talk at length about how country music has slowly turned into a male-dominated genre, and why that's so detrimental for listeners. Martina also discusses her family, passion for cooking, and ways she gives back...this woman is inspiring! Stay until the end for a game that will get you all jumbled up! More info at Episode Resources: Website: Martina on IG: Ripskirts are Robin's summer secret! Get a FREE sun scarf ($20 value!) with purchase of a skirt only at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The multi-hyphenated Brooke Burke stops by the studio to talk about living a fulfilled, well-rounded, and balanced life. Robin and Brooke talk about health, parenting, self-care, sex, and career... and how you don't need to balance every area of your life every single day. Brooke tells a shocking never-before-shared secret with the Secret Squad that opens up a vital conversation we all need to hear. Robin and Brooke sip on our Drink of the Day that you will NEED to try for yourself (coffee + tequila + lime???) and connect on setting healthy boundaries and finding time for just yourself. Live a life full of "YES" after living to this episode. There are just too many secrets shared to skip it! More info at Episode Resources: Brooke's website: Brooke's IG: Brooke Burke Body on the App Store: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
At 4 years old, Molly Burke was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that causes a gradual loss of vision. At 14 she lost most of her sight, and suffered through vicious bullying on top of dealing with this life-altering disorder. Her teachers even said she was faking it! (you won't believe what they said to her parents!) After years of feeling unheard and broken, Molly harnessed the power of perseverance. She took to public speaking and social media to spread awareness and inspiration about her condition, amassing millions of supportive followers! As one of Youtube's first disabled influencers, Molly recognizes the weight of her voice and uses her platform to educate and lift others up… while making people laugh along the way! She is spreading the word that we all have the power inside of us to overcome obstacles. Her message will truly lift you up and make you want to start living your life to its fullest. This story is one of perseverance, perspective, and inspiration. A must-listen!!! More info at Claim a FREE sun scarf at Go to and use code “secret100” to get $100 off at GREEN CHEF, including free shipping! Episode Resources: Molly's Website: Molly on Youtube: Molly on Instagram: Molly's Foundation GoFundMe: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
It's cool to be KIND, and this episode proves it. Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson, Founders of the international anti-bullying foundation Kind Campaign, stop by to talk about raising empathetic, empowered, and KIND children. Kind Campaign visits schools around the world to address girl-against-girl bullying, a heartbreaking issue that leaves a lifelong-impact on so many young women. Robin talks about her experiences as a mother, and how bullying has affected her family. Lauren and Molly give tips for being there when a child is being bullied, tips for parents who discover their child IS the bully, and inspiration to tackle your childhood trauma for an empowered life. Listen to how Kind Campaign is aiming to change female competition to female camaraderie, and how you can get involved. This episode is an important listen; we are ALL mentors to young people! More info at Episode Resources: Kind Campaign: Kind Campaign on IG: Lauren on IG: Molly on IG: Visit for a free sun scarf with purchase! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Pilates builds long, lean muscles... but what does that mean?! Cassey Ho, the #1 female fitness channel on Youtube, shares her workout tips and tricks with the Secret Squad! Learn all about the practice of Pilates, and why so many celebrities and athletes are turning to the practice to build strength and flexibility. Cassey touches on nutrition, motivation, and the importance of REST! She also shares her personal story of going from 24-Hour Fitness instructor to fitness mogul (with her class being taught at 24 Hour Fitnesses nationally!). This episode will get you motivated to MOVE from the BEST! More info at Episode Resources: Cassey on IG: Cassey on Youtube: Website: Popflex Activewear: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Need some girl time? Well, sit down and pour yourself a Bloody Maria (our fun Drink of the Day this week!). Robin and her friend, tony-award nominated actress Geneva Carr, sit down to give you a needed midweek pick-me-up! Robin and Geneva talk about how they met through BULL, the CBS show that Dr. Phil and Jay McGraw produce and Geneva stars in, and how great social media is at keeping friends connected! We discuss Geneva's impressive Broadway career, how she landed BULL, and how she built it all after starting a career in finance! Robin and Geneva hop quickly into a fun Paris-inspired game and Drink of the Day because... it's girl time! PLUS: You will LOVE to hear what Robin has planned as a surprise for Geneva. You'll want to follow the entire surprise on Youtube after, we promise! More info at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Hannah Testa has devoted her life to saving our planet... and she's only 18 years old! Hannah explains the plastics crisis going on in our world, and what YOU can do to help. Learn how plastics are made, why they aren't being recycled like we think they are, how they affect our ocean ecosystem, and what we can do to replace them. This informative and inspiring episode will give you all of the information you need to start doing GOOD for our planet. Listen to how Hannah led a grassroots campaign to limit single-use plastics, and how she influenced global businesses to adopt more sustainable practices. At 18-years old, she explains the age bias she receives when trying to make a difference, and why it's so frustrating! This episode is one you can't afford to miss! More info at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We've covered numerology, psychic intuition, tarot... and now it's time to learn about ASTROLOGY! Hollywood's favorite Astrologer, Aliza Kelly, stops by to teach the Secret Squad about how to use astrology to strengthen relationships, get to know ourselves better, and how to get the MOST out of our lives! We can all read our horoscopes in the newspaper, but that’s really just scratching the surface! Listen to how the planets affect our mood, personality, and decision-making. Planets affect the ocean tides, so why wouldn't they affect us? Aliza then spills some JUICY astrological insights about the upcoming summer... you WON'T want to miss what she has to say! (and what she warns us about!) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Robin spends time with another impressive entrepreneur about how she turned her wild dreams into a reality! Katia Beauchamp developed the Birchbox beauty subscription service while getting her MBA at Harvard, and built it into the multi-million dollar brand it is today through perseverance, passion, and listening to her gut. Listen to how Katia ignored the doubters and stayed focused on disrupting the beauty industry. She also talks about her difficult pregnancy- resulting in an 100-day stay in the hospital- and how she was able to keep her business in motion while going through this difficult time. Robin and Katia discuss the treatment of mothers in the workforce, and the subconscious bias that the corporate world often has for women that take time off to have a child. This episode is an inspiring look at how to push through and create the life that YOU want for yourself! More info at 30% off a pre-paid 6-month beauty subscription (Use 6MONTHDEAL30 at checkout:): Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
People-pleasing, overextending ourselves, and the fear of letting others down are such common issues for so many of us. It's time to set some boundaries! Robin talks about this very important element of healthy relationships with a Boundaries EXERT: Nedra Glover Tawwab! The two women discuss why a lack of boundaries and assertiveness underlie most relationship issues, and the steps we can take to become more comfortable with caring for our own needs. Do you feel guilty saying "no?" Do you find yourself overworked or "burnt out?" Do you regularly put aside your needs and desires for those of the people around you? If the answer is yes, then you'll deeply benefit from this episode! Learn what Nedra thinks about the concept of "choosing your battles" and the phrase "oh, that's just how they are." Robin shares how her and Dr. Phil created boundaries early on in their relationship, and the things she worked on to be healthier in the marriage. Learn to create fulfilling, healthy relationships with yourself and others! More info at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We all know what acupuncture is, but how much do you REALLY know about its many benefits? To break down this popular Chinese-medicine practice, Robin enlists the help of Dr. Jill Blakeway! Dr. Blakeway was named one of Manhattan's Top Acupuncturists by The New York Times, as well as "a fertility goddess!" She explains how acupuncture works, what it feels like, and the common misconceptions surrounding it. Did you know that acupuncture can fix your allergies, shorten a cold, and kick your hormones into normalcy? Robin also talks about how she successfully used acupuncture to cure her sugar cravings!!! How crazy is that?! Acupuncture is NOT a temporary fix or mask, and Dr. Blakeway describes why. Alternatives for those with a fear of needles are also discussed in great detail. Stay until the end for a game called "Pressure Points!" More info at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Have you ever wondered about supplements? We all see rows and rows of vitamins and powders at the grocery store, but what ARE all of these things?! What should we be taking, how much, and how the heck do you choose a brand?! Walter Faulstroh, CEO and Co-Founder of HUM Nutrition, sheds some light on the world of supplements, and how you can strategically use them to benefit your health, beauty, and energy. Walter explains why even the most stellar eaters need supplements, why a multi-vitamin isn't necessarily your best bet, and even sheds some light on which supplements HE takes! Robin discusses her relationship with finding vitamins and nutrients to help her body, and is FLOORED to hear Walter's story about supplements clearing up his skin! (even Accutane couldn't do that for him!) Stay until the end to bust some myths: does chocolate make you break out? Does "hair-of-the-dog" help a hangover? This episode will have you driving straight to your nearest supplements store! More info at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Actress Rachel Bilson stops by to chat about career, family, fashion, and everything in-between! Rachel talks about how she nailed her first role as Summer Roberts on The O.C., how she handled the instant fame, and if she'd ever consider a reboot! Robin and Rachel gush about their respective little ones (Rachel's daughter and Robin's grandbabies!), and even talk about how to handle "the talk" with them! On that front, Rachel talks about what it was like to grow up with a sex therapist mother, and the paralells that Robin draws to being married to Dr. Phil! Lol! The two swap fashion secrets and discuss the time that Rachel was robbed by the infamous "Bling Ring" 5 times. Stay until the end for a fashion game that will inspire you to bring back that Juicy Couture sweatsuit! More info at: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The tips in this episode are life-changing! Demi-Leigh Tebow, former Miss Universe and philanthropist, has an eye-opening conversation with Robin on the importance of knowing how to defend yourself. Demi-Leigh, just 3-months into her reign as Miss South Africa, was involved in a traumatizing car-jacking situation that you have to hear to believe. 4 men with guns swarmed her car and tried taking her to a second location, but the techniques she shares on this episode single-handedly saved her life. Don't think it can't happen to you! Demi-Leigh and Robin discuss the pressure that society puts on women to "suck it up" when placed in uncomfortable situations, and why you should fight against that. Remember: if it feels wrong, it probably is! Stay until the end for a fun pageant game called "MISS IGAS!" You'll learn things that both Robin and Demi-Leigh have NEVER shared with anybody before!!! More info at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Today is the day that you TRANSFORM, from the inside, out! Robin is joined by Heidi Powell, renowned Transformation Specialist from "Extreme Weight Loss," and Jennifer McKee, who lost 138 pounds in less than ONE YEAR (naturally)! The ladies discuss the process of fully reinventing yourself, and why weight loss and transformation are NOT the same thing. You'll LOVE hearing about Jennifer's journey to drop weight despite a life-altering foot issue standing in her way. She reflects on how her first step was learning to love herself, and describes the chain effects that happened from there. Heidi shares some absolutely critical information about where to start, how to start, and how to hold yourself accountable. She describes her "perfectly imperfect" method that takes the pressure OFF of ourselves for once (you'll be floored to hear that sometimes Heidi only works out for 5 minutes!). Stay until the end for a fun "word transformation" competition game. If you're looking for a sign that it's time to transform yourself, this is it! More info at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Great episode,wish Robin could get a word in!🙄

Apr 23rd

Amy Jo Schoene

can you put the web site here for me so scared to order anything off the web

Apr 14th

Tina Castellani

I'm not sure how to reach u ? Mrs Mcgraw. I've got a huge secret. And all I want is for my husband to believe me . these career criminals have ruined my life w a device given by the state . he's listening to me . I'm not the only women . there's 3 I know of and one's a good Friend . we met because she felt stalked . 27 of stalking me . he's 20ft away and. nobody believe that he send Brian Keith Freeman to my bedroom window five day after I tried to press voyermum charges. idk who he was. we went to court after Brian. I threatened to shot him and I got a 6 month restraining order . I had a blood clot and went into 6 comatose state stress induced migraine. he called my drs and pretended to be from the medical board. a Dr from another country. they scared him. he never ran any test on me my sister died from his neglect becux of phone calls . all I need is the link. I have no enemies. he has a motive and the means. a non fixes voip phone goes thru wifi and can by pass pass word . w great receiver on his roof got pics. he can pick up 100 ft . he's used my name identity theif. the fbi in Toledo Ohio have gov jobs w codes in international water. Brian in some foreign country. it sickens me . I'm so so desperate. your producer of Dr Phil, Amanda or idk Alison. id been back next door a day. and told her the Fbi will help me first. there awesome but can't confirm nor deny. this pervert has a wayward home in WV and it takes in troubled teen omg. it's for him to get to the babies. his charges r buried. I raised my daughter here and everyone real ass to them have charges w children. he interrupted a 911 call. I can't believe all this . but I told the feds here plaz don't let them around young ppl. he turned my oldest friend into dea. but the house next to her was the dopeman whose drugs killed a 16 yr old week before. he had my friend raided . her daughter stole some of my nerve pills he knew all that but he's a revenge stalker out to ruin u and he has me. her daughter went to rehab and the next day she raided her husband needed a kidney and died a month later. no drugs she couldn't take it all took her life. he's killing ppl literally and those young ppl omg help me plsz. idk if your ppl can find more. idk to give the names since this is a comment

Feb 8th
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Elizabeth Thielen

my oldest son died in march of 2019. I'm having a really hard time getting past the grief I'm feeling. It comes on at no particular time or place. I just hits me whenever I least expect it. How can I get past this grief to carry on with my life. I've tried volunteering and that helped but it's a short lived relief.

Jan 16th

SC Malatia

Hi Robin, I was listening to your husband's Podcast where you were the guest. I'm listening to you now because I heard you on his Podcast. I would like you to talk about bio identical hormones. I've been taking them for a while and I wonder if you still are taking Bio identical hormones. Thank you

Jan 5th

lisa aisthorpe


Dec 29th

Rebecca Pedigo

Absolutely loving this! amazing information and insight into some great topics!

Oct 30th

Lisa Leduc

I just started listening to your podcast. I live what you're about. You're simply amazing.

Oct 17th
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Hi Robin! I've been listening to your podcast and I love it! you are the epitome of a lady and such an inspiration to women everywhere! and I love when you and dr. Phil do the walk off after the show. thanks for sharing all your wonderful wisdom. Lots of love from Canada... Love Keri

Oct 5th

Nicole Eldred

love this so glad your doing this!!!!!

Sep 29th

Shannon Hinton

I love you Robin. I just watched the 3000th show and then downloaded podcast to watch.

Sep 26th

Elizabeth Edwards

I loved this so much Robin! can't wait for more episodes. I am a South African living in England and your Texas accent is just charming. Thank you for sharing your secrets x

Sep 23rd

Sharon Hermens

love you, Robin !

Sep 18th
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