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Author: Brian Colburn

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"I'd Podcast That" is a show filled with resources and information for successful podcasting, Interviews with industry related leaders and consumers of audio content.
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Again this week, I coached a podcast creator who upset with the show results.Give engagement to get engagement.If you want your show monetized, Build the sales assets and sell.See You on Social!fb - - - -
So many people ask me "What Microphone Should I Buy?" I respond with the following questions;-What are your goals for the show?-Who is your target audience?-What type of show are you going to do?-Are you going to do a weekly show?-How many episodes do you have planned out?So many people buy equipment before they plan what they are going to do and how they are going to do it.Don't believe me, Go to Offer Up or Facebook market place and see how much-used equipment is for sale.Plan!See You on Social!fb - - - -
So, it has been a while (update) and without our MeetUp we are Virtual! Join us for an Open House, Q & A.Meet and network with other podcasters or learn how to start or grow a podcast of your own.You will need to download and install VirBela (FREE) and create a user account - TO Private Team Suite code - S1tchMemberBe sure to follow us on socialfb - - - -
What does it take to get your podcast in front of as many people as possible? A Plan, dedication and some time.LinksFacebook
Podcast Episode Length

Podcast Episode Length


How long should an episode be?Trends for 2019 in regards to episode length,LinksFacebook
What Happened?

What Happened?


So it's been a couple of months, Why, and What Now!LinksFacebook
The New Year! Resolutions & Goals. With a new year usually comes thought n self-improvement and goal setting. We encourage you to set the bar high?LinksFacebook
Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays, SEO & Marketing. Quick reminders that building awesomeness is only part of the equation. I hope you all have a great Holiday Season.LinksFacebook
So if you are looking for tips, tricks, and information on creating a podcast than this will no longer be the show for you.LinksFacebook
I am not getting hundreds of downloads a week. However, the downloads I am receiving, people are resonating with my content well and it has brought in customers…LinksFacebook
I want to talk about making the most of your episode and when I say making the most of, I want to encourage you, if you're not to ensure that your show, your RSS feed is submitted to all the different podcast players and platforms.LinksFacebook
What is going on with "I'd Podcast That" on "Sitch Radio"?Well press play and listen to Brian talk about this Coolness!LinksFacebook
9 Tips to improve your podcasts quality and reach. These simple steps, some of which are often overlooked can increase the value of your show and listener ship.LinksFacebook
New Numbers Should Motivate Your Pursuit of Advertisers, US podcasting, advertising revenue hit $314,000,000 in 2017.LinksFacebook
In today's episode, we cover 6 reasons why podcasts simply go away. Podfade, it's clogging up a search for new podcasts.LinksFacebook
Are You Ready for a Podcast Producer?How a Podcast Producer can Free Your Schedule and Improve the Quality of Your ShowLinksFacebook
Health of Podcasting

Health of Podcasting


After reading two articles this week on Podcasting, One entitled "Is the podcast bubble bursting?" by Mathew Ingram of the Columbia Journalism Review and the other "Is Podcasting In A Slump?" published on the Jacobs Media Strategies website written by Fred Jacobs, I wanted to discuss what these articles are saying.LinksFacebook
How to set yourself up for success if you want to sell advertising on your podcast. Are you a Salesman?LinksFacebook
Quality of Product

Quality of Product


When I say product, I'm not talking about just your podcast. I'm talking about everything that has to do with your brand. If it has your name on it. If it has your logo on it. That's what I'm talking about.LinksFacebook
The 3 X 3 approach to running a podcast, three topics and they are CREATE, PROMOTE, and SELL. Each of these topics has subtopics. We dive into these on this episode of “I’d Podcast That”LinksFacebook
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