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Author: Melyssa Ford

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“My dating life MUST be part of God’s cosmic gag reel.” Putting a comedic (and real life) spin on the title, Melyssa Ford’s new podcast reflects the difficulties she, and most women, experience in their dating lives. Wanting to expand the conversation to include topics that relate to ‘Today’s Everywoman”, she is joined by cohosts Blue Telusma and Chantelle Anderson where they will share their thoughts, opinions and experiences on trending topics in a long form discussion. So grab a glass of wine, take off your bra and get comfy because these ladies are diving head first into some deep sh*t and unpacking some heavy baggage.
7 Episodes
Imagine a product that can be used over and over. Criminal enterprises have caught onto this and applied it to the fastest growing crime, globally. That crime is Human Trafficking. And it’s not just an international issue; it’s right at our doorstep with the United States being one of the worst perpetrators.On this episode of I’m Here For The Food, the girls take a somber look at the statistics and sit down with Jayla Baxter, a former teen prostitute turned Human Rights advocate and rescuer of trafficked girls. They discuss her lengthy and brutal story, how she has risen above her past circumstances and personal safety tips for everyone to arm themselves with. This is an episode you DON’T want to miss and should definitely be shared with those closest to you.
Reverend Marcia Dyson joins the ladies to dissect an array of topics including: women’s empowerment, prison reform, political policy, and intimacy & sexual prowess. Class is in session.
This week's episode focuses on forgiveness through lens of the Amber Guyger murder trial. The ladies share their perspective of the subject matter before assessing the "hug" that stirred up more controversy after the verdict. Are we too forgiving towards certain cultures? Is it a subconscious compliance? Let's get into it.
On our special segment "Dick in a Box” comedian Ryan Davis joins the ladies of the hour to talk companionship, standards of dating, and the infamous ideal mate list. Can Ryan simmer in the hot seat or will he reach his boiling point?Stay in the loop by following your new favorite group chat on Insta: @im.hereforthefoodSubscribe if you haven't already & we'll see you in the next episode!
The colorism fiasco surrounding Basketball Wives has blown over to social media! We welcome cast member Kristen Scott to the show to give her perspective on the issue. Tension is high as our hosts have their own personal traumas with colorism. Looks like this conversation is just getting started. 🍷
 Colorism is a variable that has plagued many communities of black and brown people, ironically it's a conversation that isn't addressed. Colorism or shadeism is the differentiation of treatment based off of someones skin complexion. As we take the bandage off this wound, notice that the scar is visible and painful.
Meet the hosts of the enticing and deliciously informative podcast I'm Here for the Food! Chantelle Anderson, Blue Telusma, & Melyssa Ford discuss how the show came into conception and the role they played. You'll also get a glimpse into the contrasting lives of these rising stars.
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April Bowles

I am here for this podcast.♥️ I love the "besties", the energy/balance, and the viewpoints. I am so excited.

Nov 11th
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