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Author: Sam Buntich & Allie Raynor

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Sam Buntich and Allie Raynor are horrified. Enter an abyss of lighthearted panic and heartfelt hysteria with a podcast that explores the ups and downs of being alive in 2020 (all through the lense of two unconscionably anxious women). The world is chaos: be horrified with us.

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99 Episodes
Hey baby, you look good tonight. Not amazing, but like, pretty good. Do you wanna head back to my place and hear about the death of the Equal Rights Amendment while I kiss you with way too much tongue? You don't really have a choice, because this week we're talking about Pick Up Artists and Phyllis Schlafly, aka the two greatest enemies to women. Stay in the kitchen, or come along with us and Stay Horrified!
We all know we can't trust the government, but would you believe that you can't even trust your own brain? Well, of course you can't, but that's because your brain is calling all the shots. This week join your two favorite exhausted women for a discussion about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the ways our brain lies to us, and what the fuck happens during the Iowa Caucus- you can just be honest that you don't really know how it works either! Call your therapist and stay horrified. More resources for CBT and Cognitive Distortion:
This week, Sam and Allie cover two pressing topics that threaten our very freedom: Clearview AI and Chewing Gum. Get ready to regret your social media as you learn about all the horrible things facial recognition technology can do! Then, cower in terror of the true evil: Gum. Adjust your privacy settings, keep a wrapper nearby, and Stay Horrified!
Did you think things like Kellogg's Cereal and Trees were unproblematic? You have another thing coming! This week on I'm Horrified Allie takes us through the truly wild life of John Harvey Kellogg, and Sam tells us why planting a trillion trees won't mean the end of climate change. Unwrap a Krispy treat, call your local congressman, and Stay Horrified!
This episode may sound like a glamorous bachelorette party, what with its diamonds and glorious tans, but don't be fooled: its plenty HORRIFYING! This week Sam hits her old standard, historical sauciness, and discusses the Affair Of The Diamond Necklace. Also, we all kind of knew tanning was bad, but we get specific and maybe surprise you with new reasons. Sorry to ruin all your favorite things! But you probably expect that at this point! Throw out your bronzers and stay horrified.
Join us for another week of terror on I'm Horrified! This time, Allie takes us through the infamous fire at Boston's Cocoanut Grove, which changed our knowledge of burn injuries forever. Then, Sam takes us through The Snyder Cut, which will potentially change the final cut of Justice League forever. Find your nearest exit, sign into Twitter, and Stay Horrified!
We're celebrating 90 episodes with a whole lot of awfulness! First, let Sam tell you about a truly awful woman who is doing her darndest to personally steal crayons and picture books away from preschoolers. Well, maybe she's not doing that, but she sure as fuck is awful at her job! Also, as we look forward to a Netflix show about Gwyneth Paltrows controversial lifestyle brand, lets get into the details about just how many lawsuits Goop has started. Start organizing your vagina crystals and stay horrified!
A new dawn, a new day, a new year, but the same two lovable idiots you've come to tolerate! Join Sam and Allie in 2020 for the only reasonable conversation that should be happening in this global climate: Man, Cats (2019) was truly awful. Everything about it was awful and we don't even know where to start. Even the costumes were bad and there were only like 4 costumes. We made sure to have plenty of Mimosas at brunch (and then switch to just glugging champagne) so this counts as our drunk New Years Eve episode as well. Tag your spoilers, drink responsibly, and stay horrified.
Take a swig of gin and bite down on something hard, because today we're talking about Civil War Amputations and Olympic Host Cities! We delve into the history of the grisliest medical practices of the American Civil War, and why things had to get so... choppy. Also, the next time you're watching someone luge down a mountain for the glory of national pride, you can listen to this episode and know how much that undermines the local economies of the city that's hosting! Pledge allegiance to your flag and stay horrified.
Join us on another episode of I'm Horrified where we breakdown a historical lady and something you totally didn't want to know existed! This week, we're talking about the life of Lady Caroline Lamb, Byron's jilted ex. We then deep dive into Teratoma and learn a bunch of information you won't be able to unhear. Break out your quill, marvel at the human body, and Stay Horrified!
This week (like every week) we're talking about women who been done dirty: specifically, legendary opera star Maria Callas and all of the women who could have been in Star Wars since 1977. What good is it being the most famous opera singer in recent memory if you can't get Ari Onassis to marry you instead of Jackie Kennedy? Why did none of us notice that there was only one fucking woman in the first three episodes of The Mandalorian (a show that we love, by the way)? Send us your favorite Baby Yoda meme and stay horrified.
Why do frats still exist? Why do we embalm corpses? These are two questions Allie and Sam will try to answer this week, as they deep dive into Greek Life, quote Ask a Mortician, and ruminate on Sam's tiny hands. Every episode is a winding road, but as always Sam and Allie get a little bit closer, and hope you Stay Horrified! Content Warning: Hazing
Here we go again!!! It's your favorite girls with two awful topics, ready to ruin your week. This episode we're discussing microplastics, the tiny little fragments of plastic that we are certainly ingesting, and possibly even breathing in! They could be nothing, or they could be killing us all- who knows?! No seriously, no one really knows. Also, we discuss and dissect the beloved/behated medium of modern theatre, the Jukebox Musical. Chiquitita, tell us you're horrified.
This week, Allie and Sam educate the people about the foundations of the modern militia movement and what exactly a hymen actually is. If you want to learn about an incredibly dark occurrence in US History, or about why we prize a totally made-up concept, this episode is for you! Don't clench, but do Stay Horrified!
Ever wonder about the dumpster fire currently happening on the other side of the pond? This week, special guest Becky Thorogood reveals just what Brexit is, and why it's such a nightmare! Also featuring: a fat cat, the difference between "Island" and "Ireland", and three former roommates trying to figure out how to refer to each other. Grab your visa and Stay Horrified!
This week, Allie and Sam cover two topics that weirdly have a lot to do with Heaven's Gate. First, Allie covers the weird world of Niche Insurance, and we ask which body part you'd want to insure. Next, Sam explains the plot of Cats, just so we can all understand the movie when it comes out. Grab some popcorn, watch out for aliens, and Stay Horrified!
Today we're talking about two of the great romantic tragic tales in history: Alexander the Great and Four Loko. Both created sweeping empires that were cut short by the cruel savagery of time (or... the FDA, in one case). Join us as we bring you through the romance and tragedy of epic Bi-Con ATG, and recount the equally historically significant tales of frat boys vomiting all night in midwestern college dorms. Go refill your water bottle for once and stay horrified.
To kick off the spookiest time of the year, Allie takes us through the on and off set horror of the 1973 classic The Exorcist. Then, Sam talks about the real horror of youth trends with a look a vaping. Eat some pea soup, pass along the Juul, and Stay Horrified!
How will your two favorite ladies on I'm Horrified find ways to dive into controversy this week? Well, maybe it's by talking about the wildly divisive nuances of "PC culture", but probably its by discussing the mysterious history of an old wooden ship built in 1861. That's right. we're making a huge mistake and talking about Shane Gillis. We're already exhausted. Do like an hour of meditative breathing exercises and stay horrified.
This week we're pulling no punches and talking about two events with the greatest impact to American morale in the nation's history: Lincoln's assassination and the GOT finale. Well, not really Lincoln's asassinaton- more like the two guests they had at "Our American Cousin" and how one of them went bonkers. Also, Sam discusses what Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, and Game of Thrones all have in common: a terrible, series-ruining ending. Cancel your HBO subscription and stay horrified.
Comments (6)

Bethany Scofield

the urine that you pee out is NOT sterile...just an fyi

Feb 19th

Bethany Scofield

Silver lining, I like to think that gypsy rose while being in prison Maybe sees it more of like a College dormitory type situation where she can get her education but she has housing and 3 meals 3 meals a day, supervision, etc....friends, integrate in to social situations. it is 100% better then the hell she was in, but I agree she shouldn't be there

Feb 13th

Bethany Scofield

I feel the same way about The final destination movies that she do about it.

Feb 13th


to say you can't have reasonable debate due to threats is not true. ben shapiro and milo Yiannopoulos recieve death threats daily yet still encourage reasonable debate and even travel to areas in wich people have told them you will die if you come here. if you truly believe what you stand for then a couple of as you say incels arent going to take action in a public setting. i should mention im here to learn the other side of what happened during gamergate not to cast hatred or crucify people with oposing opinions

Feb 18th

Rónán Rupp

The new year's episode was my favorite so far. I love the podcast content but the *ding* everytime someone says "I'm horrified" is obnoxious and is actually a bit of a sensory overload for me. I like the absence of "dings" in this episode.

Jan 9th

Rónán Rupp

Well, I was going to move back to Oregon... not sure I'll be doing that now.

Jan 8th
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