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I'm Nobody

Author: Zack Wiseman

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I'm Zack Wiseman and I'm many things: a father, an amateur comedian, half of a high five, a soon to be filmmaker and an absolute nobody. A podcast where many nobodies interview another nobody on a mission.
3 Episodes
Molly Wallace teached me that I don't like music, I do love passion, I need to go to museums with more people and Taylor Swift CAN be good. Also...talking is an art?!FOR ALL FRIGGIN' QUESTIONS email to
Caden Tuttle teached me that I hate grass, that my life is a decent TV series and that I need more Mexican food. Also...where is Tom Bacon?!FOR ALL FRIGGIN' QUESTIONS email to
Feeling understood is the most powerful sensation. Zack Wiseman is a nobody on a mission to understand the world, one person at a time.If you have any interest in a nobody trying to be a better person, this podcast is for you!
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