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Has someone ever screwed you over and then made you feel like you're the crazy one? We take your stories of relationships gone wrong, sex, friendships, romance, work, and more, and use them to give advice to the world. We will read your experiences on the air and then discuss what we think happened. We're on your side and will do all we can to assure you that you're not the crazy one!
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We are beyond excited to share this special episode with you all, featuring the new duo Brother America. Fresh off the release of their first song and music video, Blacktose Intolerance, we sit down and have a conversation about the inspiration behind the song and the group’s direction. Listen now to hear the inspiration for their hit new single. Brother America is a musical duo forged in the cultural and political dumpster fire known as 2020. Their mission is to cultivate a cultural shift towards a society that embraces tolerance, love and respect for all fellow human beings.
Tune in this week to hear our exclusive interview with San Diego Comedian, Josiah Moreno! Josiah gives us a peak into his world. Did you know Josiah also does impressions? From Seinfeld to Yogi the Bear, Josiah does his best to make us laugh.
Only one thing trumps love… and that may just be meeting someone in the dark. Just like meeting someone while drinking, they’re not going to look the same in the light of day. Tune in to hear this week’s story where meeting someone in the dark is just the beginning. Nick Steffl joins us for a super special episode.
You asked and we delivered! That funny girl Jess is back with another wild adventure (listen to episode 17 "If At First You Don't Succeed, Try Again, Corona Virus Edition"). Jess gives a new guy not one, not two, but THREE tries. Is it love? Or was it the Pandemic? Tune in to find how one fateful evening of bingo resulted in many months of adventures.
Check out our exclusive interview with the amazing Tommy Modifica Jr. from the Brew Crew - Movie Review Podcast! Tommy tells us his unbelievably crazy-ex stories. From being stalked while taking a shower to hooking up with a girl that was a little TOO relaxed during 69… Tommy has all of the hilarious details that we never asked to hear! Don’t forget to submit those stories to
Our deepest apologies for missing last week. Michael gives Bekah a call this week and we discuss the DISTURBING “Make Women Great Again” Conference. Tired of mansplaining, misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia? Well don’t attend this conference! Michael also deep dives into some disturbing dreams he has been having… and should he start online dating again? Tune in for more!
Get ready for another wild ride. Our guest host Melissa McClure tells us a story where she stepped up for a friend, and the results were less than pleasing. How would you react if your friend started destroying your reputation? Listen in to hear how Melissa handled it and to find out what Bekah and Michael have to say about it!
We are lucky enough to have the fabulous Nick Steffl tell one of his own crazy stories. A love that spanned three countries. But was it good enough to last? Tune in to find out. Also, happy Pride Month! Michael tells his cringe-worthy coming out story. Listen in today!Don’t forget to submit those stories to info@imnotcrazyyourecrazy.comAvailable on:Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and StitcherHere are some resources:Black Lives MatterNAACPHere are some places to donate (in addition to the links above):National Bail Bond ProjectEmergency Release FundNational Bail Out
Bekah, Michael, and guest host Kate Dorsey of Thrive Coaching, Inc. discuss world events including the protests following the death of George Floyd. It is time white America recognizes white privilege and the systemic racism that plagues our country. Have you ever had a relationship that ended and you didn’t get closure? Trust us, you’re not alone. Listen in for some strategies on how to find closure yourself, and what exactly needing closure might mean for you. Remember, you are worthy! Check out below for more information about Vanessa Nakate, a climate activist, that was denied being included in photos during a press conference in Davos, Switzerland.
Bekah tells her own crazy story of Natalie - her beautiful, hilarious High School best friend. Natalie is someone Bekah loved with all her heart. Natalie's life spirals out of control and as much as Bekah wants to save her friend, she can't because Natalie must want to save herself.  DON’T WORRY! It’s not all bad news, the gang is back together for another week discussing relationships, drama, and desires.
Bekah, Michael, and Nick read a story about missed opportunities and regrets. We all have them, listen in while we share our own stories too!
We have an exciting story this week. Straight (or should we say gay-ly forward) from the horses mouth. Michael dishes a story of his own. Have you listened to the podcast and thought, wow those co-hosts must not have any crazy stories of their own? Well, we do! Listen in to hear how terrible people have screwed up our very own, Michael LaDouceur’s, life! Okay, that may be a bit dramatic. But tune in to find out what happened! Featuring Nicholas Steffl.
Michael and Bekah get serious about the world of family drama... just kidding! Crazy stories come in all shapes and sizes and everyone has at least one story provided exclusively by their parents! Tune in to this episode to hear more about some family drama, what it's like to start a job during the cover-19 pandemic, and more! Featuring extra special guest, Sara Drenzek!
We continue our social distancing with a very fun social call to actor, comedian, and beauty queen Lauren Rachael. Ever wonder how Rabbits, Blow-up Couches, White Claw, Nails, and Bekah being pant less have in common? Well of course, its the episode!
Hey all you I’m Not Crazy, You’re Crazy listeners. Help us celebrate our 21st birthday… erm… episode. Our baby can finally drink and we’re all stuck inside! We’ve got more COVID-19 isolation horror stories for you. Think you’ve got it bad? Think again! Listen in to find out how one person’s relaxing night turned into to one expensive mistake after another. Make sure to submit those stories to
Bekah and Michael are thrilled to have Josiah back on with us. We know everyone is dying to know what is happening in this stand-up comedian’s day to day quarantine life. Will he survive, better yet, will his hair survive? How will he eat? Does he eat? Is he human? Tune in to find out the answer to these questions and So Much MORE!! Remember, stay home and stay safe. Thank you to all of the essential workers and medical staff out there! XOXO - Michael and Bekah
Our hosts discuss life alone and call a actor / model / comedian / life coach for their take on the situation. We discuss fitness, dating, and so much more in this crazy time. We give Dan Prock a call to check in and see how life and business has been for the actor / model / and life coach. What has Dan Prok been up to since the Corona Virus sent everyone home from work? Find out by listening to our exclusive interview with Daniel Prok. Award Winning Model, Actor and Life Coach.
Ever have a terrible roommate? You're not alone! Survey says one in four people have (just trust us on this one)! We read you a really good, or terrible depending on how you look at it, story about a roommate and a roommate's significant other gone BAD. Featuring Nick Steffl
Join your regular hosts for the first of likely many episodes of the I'm Not Crazy You're Crazy Podcast - Corona Edition! We'll be here to give you an outlet during these trying times. A special story teller joins us and tells us about not one, but two outrageous stories stemming from the same dive bar exactly 1 year apart! Think you're Christmas with your family was ridiculous? Listen in and you won't think that anymore!
This week we received a love question from a listener. Kate Dorsey of Thrive Coaching Inc to help answer your questions! We also ask Kate about dating in the age of the app culture. With Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge, the dating scene has changed a lot over the last few years. Kate has some amazing tips and tricks to identify red flags in relationships.
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