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Brandon Calvillo and Ry Doon have a podcast! Each episode we talk about what it's like to be in the social media world while pursuing bigger dreams. We're gonna gossip... a lot. And we'll have on guests from social media and standup comedy to ask them what it's like to be pursuing a goal that most people deem to be irrational. Our parents want us to have stable careers, so... I'm sorry dad!
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what's the name of the song at 31:24

Jun 6th

The Dick Diaries

I love Brandon mom on the podcast!!! can you have her on more plz!

May 22nd

John Kirkwood

Haven't listened in a few months (sorry), was too into Sword and Scale (sorry again). I just put your latest pod on and the sound quality is waaaaayyyyyyyyyy better. thanks guys

May 12th

Isabella Sharp

I feel the same way about my mom. I'm pretty sure she's bipolar but not sure. She's done so many fucked up things to our family and we had to try to pretend things were okay. The day after she told me to kill myself I asked her why she always expected me to be fine with all the shit she says to me, her response was "Why can't you" and rolled her eyes. My dad passed away last year so he's not here to calm her down when she goes through her bs episodes..none of my friends understand's hard and my depression has gotten worse but I can't do anything but try to believe it will get better.

May 10th

Wyatt Westling

Isabella Sharp oh my God, that sounds really tough. Hang in there. I hope all is well.

Jun 9th

Vicky Jay

looooove! 💙

May 1st

Saurabh Trisoliya


Apr 5th

Amanda Holloway

I love this podcast it's super funny really down to earth... Just to weirdo friends talking about everyday stuff! I do have a question... Or comment / concern... I feel like I Ry Doon has verbal Tourette's just by the way he yells certain things out... I mean I understand because I do it sometimes also but only when I have ingested copious amounts of caffeine and or cocaine

Mar 24th

The Dick Diaries

this one got be my favorite podcast ... im at the gym laugh... serious podcast but made laugh. thanks guys

Mar 21st

Stacey Dobbins

This is the broiest podcast I've ever listened to.

Mar 17th

Victoria Lopez


Mar 15th


Digging the podcasts, but the audio is whorendous, my only real complaint. Your volumes are in and out.

Feb 24th
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