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I Choose Me with Jennie Garth

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Jennie Garth became synonymous with Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills 90210 when she uttered these three words: “I Choose Me.”

What started as a line in a script became Jennie’s formula for fulfillment and she wants to share it with you.

The I Choose Me Movement is the ultimate form of self-care and self-love.

Be the star of your own life and watch the world around you improve.

Join Jennie as she continues her quest for contentment and gratitude.

Choose health, choose healing, choose happiness….come along and live by the words “I Choose Me!”
9 Episodes
In honor of June being Men's Health Month, Jennie and her husband Dave are joined by board-certified surgeon and Associate Professor at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Dr. Cedrek McFadden. In this episode, they will deep dive into numerous topics pertaining to men including receding hairlines, erectile dysfunction, and prostate checks. Jennie also gets great advice on how we can encourage the men in our lives to go to the doctor more often. Follow the "I Choose Me" Podcast on Instagram and TikTokFollow Jennie on Instagram, TikTok, and FacebookCheck out the Jennie Garth Website Guest Info: You can follow Dr. Cedrek McFadden on InstagramSee for privacy information.
In part 2 of this conversation, Jennie is again joined by her ex-husband and co-parenting partner, actor Peter Facinelli. Together they continue their in-depth discussion about their co-parenting journey and how they incorporated step-parents and significant others into their lives.  Jennie is also joined by licensed therapist and friend, Adele House, to debrief and unpack her feelings in the days following this emotional conversation. Follow the "I Choose Me" Podcast on Instagram and TikTokFollow Jennie on Instagram, TikTok, and FacebookCheck out the Jennie Garth Website Guest Info:You can follow Peter Facinelli on Instagram and XYou can follow Adele on ThreadsSee for privacy information.
Jennie is joined by her ex-husband and co-parenting partner, actor Peter Facinelli in part 1 of this special episode. Together for the first time, in an intimate conversation, they discuss how they navigated through divorce, transitioned to being co-parents for their three children, and reflect on how they handled things through that time. Follow the "I Choose Me" Podcast on Instagram and TikTok Follow Jennie on Instagram Follow Jennie on TikTok Follow Jennie on Facebook Check out the Jennie Garth Website  Guest Info: You can follow Peter Facinelli on Instagram and XSee for privacy information.
Licensed therapist Adele House is back again, this time to answer listener questions with Jennie! Adele joins the podcast to go over your listener-submitted questions with Jennie that cover everything from: how to not let social media make you feel insecure, advice on how to pick yourself up when you're feeling blue, why Jennie has taken the approach to her healthy eating and lifestyle - and so much more! Jennie also talks about why it's so important to take "Me" time!See for privacy information.
Licensed therapist Adele House (also known as Jennie's bestie) is the person she turns to when her anxiety takes over. Adele joins the podcast with great advice on how to cope with stress, racing thoughts, and those pesky negative voices in your head. Plus, find out how a certain street sign can stop your panic attack in its tracks! See for privacy information.
Jennie is joined by 'Mr. Showbiz,' her longtime manager and friend Randy James who discovered her as a teenager. Randy was present for every major decision in Jennie's career (and personal life) and in this episode, they recall one particular fork in the road she faced back in the 90s. Find out what went into the choice she made, and how it changed everything forever!See for privacy information.
After Jennie's painful and public divorce, she took a beat before looking for love again. But one fateful meet cute turned her trajectory upside down in the best way ever. In this episode, Jennie is joined by her hubs Dave for a revealing first date rewind. Find out the bold move she made when she met him, how he went from bachelor to father of three, who objected to their sudden romance, and why Jennie is Sorry NOT Sorry for taking a leap of faith!See for privacy information.
I Choose...Me

I Choose...Me


'I Choose Me' was once a line in a script for Jennie Garth's character on Beverly Hills 90210, almost 30 years later, they are words to live by. In this episode, Jennie describes feeling lost and lacking purpose until she put those words into practice.  Learn about the benefits of putting yourself first, why it's not a selfish thing to do, and why it's time to embrace our choices once and for all! Jennie Garth is ready to examine some very personal choices, and invites you to do the same.See for privacy information.
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