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Author: Billy and Ashley

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This podcast is hosted by Billy and Ashley Moyer, AKA Bashley, a millennial couple committed to their careers, lifelong learning, and philanthropy. Bashley believes that TOGETHER they can achieve more. This weekly show is about how they find success as a team of two in business and life in general, and how their differences make them stronger.
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EP 39: We Re-Do Dreams
In this episode of I Do, We Do, we re-do one of most popular episodes. We each share and discuss 10 new dreams and work them out together in order to add to our official combined Dream List. We love dreaming and setting goals. Hopefully hearing us go through this process will show you just how simple it is. Click here for a free Goal Setting for Partners download. What We Talked About in this Episode: We each share and discuss our 10 dreams Ashley’s Dream List See the Northern lights Take a trip with both sets of parents... and pick up the tab Take an immersion trip into a cultural trip (like SBE) Learn Spanish Make a large philanthropic gift somewhere Own property = (i.e.  owning a building downtown, a chunk of land, etc.) Have an impact on education policy; provide a lot of testimony like policy change locally, at the state, or national level Speak to a large group of people (thousands) Make a career change for the challenge Host an international exchange student Billy’s Dream List Live in Center City Philadelphia Go to the Kentucky Derby Live in another country Write a novel (wrote 4 business leadership related books) Star in a musical Own a Philly sports team Make a 6 figure donation Play a basketball game in the Palestra arena in Philadelphia Have a beer with Chase Utley Run for political office “We talk a lot about our problems, we complain a lot about our problems, but rarely will people step up and do something to put a stop that problem. Added to Combined Dream List Take a vacation with both sets parents... and pick up the tab Spend a significant amount of time in another country to culturally immerse ourselves See the northern lights Go to Kentucky Derby Learn Spanish Speak to a large crowd together → turn into a goal Make a 6 figure gift House an international student “Have an open-mind. Be excited for your partner’s dreams. Push them. It’s okay to question them a little bit, but don’t tear them down right away.” Ashley is motivated by Will Smith’s recent YouTube video, because he preaches the importance of how you should do things that scare you so that you’ll grow   “If you can be disciplined and write down everything you truly want to do and discuss it with your partner, it leads to a lot of “ah-hah” moments.” “It’s not about whether you need more of in life, because you should be happy with who you are and where you are. This is about whether or not you want something more and if you want more then you really are searching for growth.”

EP 39: We Re-Do Dreams


EP 37: We Re-Do Goal Setting
In this episode, we do a re-do of one of our most popular episodes. Goal Setting! We share why we set goals and how. We believe setting goals together ensures that we are always growing together rather than apart. Billy has a long history with goal setting. Ashley drank the kool-aid and together we consider setting and achieving goals one of our greatest and most important collabs. Download a free goal setting lesson for partners at Music “Sunny” by What We Talked About in this Episode: Billy went through his first goal setting program when he was just four-years-old He has continued learning about goal setting and teaching others about the subject ever since Paul J. Meyer, the founder of the personal development industry said, “If you are not making the progress you would like to make and are capable of making, it is simply because your goals are not clearly defined.” Goals bring out the best in us. Ashley shares the story of Billy asking her about her goals and sharing his goals when they first met Some companions from Billy’s past were turned off by this, but Ashley was intrigued and of course stuck around to learn more Ashley shares more about her own personal thoughts on goal setting and how they have changed with Billy Ashley is go with the flow, Billy is the planner But we both enjoy setting goals. The goal setting process begins with a Dream List This is how we got started goal setting together and they continue adding to their list every year. A Dream List is exactly what it sounds like. Some call it a bucket list. This is simply all the things you want to do in your life together. Next comes creating a short list of goals - no more than 10 We do this every year as well. We start by setting individual goals and then coming together for a date night to share the goals and work on our combined list. Through this process especially, it is important that we fully support one another. There are no stupid goals. This should be a real discussion. What do we really want to accomplish together over the next year? What are the benefits of the goal? What obstacles stand in our way? What steps need to be taken to achieve it? Set challenging goals together that are realistic There are no unrealistic goals just some really bad target dates. Goal setting is supposed to be uncomfortable. Goal setting begins with an awareness of where you are right now and a desire to change your future together Goals are a prelude to action, they are a course to take; they are an expression of your strengths; they are an exercise of your desire for becoming better together Growing together is a choice all partners must make Growing apart is an excuse.
EP 32: Enneagram Part 2
We’re revisiting the Enneagram! The ever popular Enneagram is back on our minds but we’re focusing on what it's like to work with a Type 8 (Billy) and a Type 2 (Ashley). We talk through a few characteristics typical of a Type 8 (The Challenger) & Type 2 (The Helper), how they relate to each of us, and how we work around these traits and embrace them to be a powerhouse team of two. Music “Sunny” by What We Talked About in this Episode: A recap on our enneagram types Billy is a Type 8: The Challenger Ashley is a Type 2: The Helper These types are more similar than they seem both desire impact & influence but have different ways about achieving it Type 8 is direct and results oriented Type 2 is people-oriented and altruistic Type 2 is nicknamed The Helper and it couldn’t describe Ashley more perfectly. She has built her career on helping others and takes this on in her personal life too. Type 8 loves to challenges but loves to give other the opportunity to be challenged and convinces others to take on challenges Ashley often tells Billy when she convincible When we started this podcast, Billy always asked “What’s the end result?” to which Ashley responded “Just to have fun.” Later, he convinced her to start business which they officially started in February 2019. Type 2 can be seen as a fairy-godmother Unknowingly, Ashley often jokes about being a fairy godmother to the many scholarship recipients of the non-profit she runs How Ashley needs a wand Type 8s love control and hate being controlled, which completely describes Billy Even physically, Billy hates certain positions when cuddling because he doesn’t have control of his body Ashley had difficulty working with this when before she was always the one who was forced to make plans She doesn’t desire control, but likes to fill needs and help others Type 2s are empathetic and are in tune to others, Type 8s like results and often loses emotional contact Billy doesn’t walk into situations wanting to make friends, but recognizes that others might & that’s where Ashley’s skillset shines Ashley often serves as a consultant for Billy when communicating emotions with others Type 2s help others so much, it often is to the detriment of their own health When Ashley gets tired or stressed, her emotions come out. Billy then asks himself, “What can I do for Ashley to help her, so she’s not always being the helper?”

EP 32: Enneagram Part 2


Comments (2)

Ashley Flores

"it's always better with a woman in power"...100% agree Billy! ...Great episode you two!

Sep 15th

Louise Blazucki

The podcast has a slow take off, but I'm going to hold on and keep listening to see how Ashley and Billy grow. I am surprised at the vocalized pauses and the slow tempo, but it must be a big transition from public speaking to podcasting. I'm ready to learn how they work through conflicts, especially with their busy schedules.

Aug 11th
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