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Podcast featuring @clockarniie @jamesjordan14 @s_pezz & occasional guests

Our format is simple
We've scoured the web, stumbled across things, heard stories, and we’ve all found something we think is awesome, interesting, funny or absurd and we’re going to explain and pitch it to the group and get their thoughts.
One week we might be talking cryptocurrenices, next might be parrot hats, who knows!
Hopefully, we’ll get a reaction out of the team and you as our dear listener, be it to laugh at us, with us, scream because we’re talking utter BS, or learn something you didn’t know.
45 Episodes
Untimely Spooktacular - Bonus EpisodeFeat. hosts:James Jordan (JJ) (@jamesjordan14)Suzi Perryman (@s_pezz)Rob Arnold (@clockarniie)
Episode 44 of the I Found This podcast.Feat.Facing off: Death: wrong to be right: hosts:Suzi Perryman (@s_pezz)James Jordan (JJ) (@jamesjordan14)Rob Arnold (@clockarniie)More Links:
Episode 43 of the I Found This podcast.Feat.The Cake is WHAT?: Nicest Place on Earth: Rugby: hosts:James Jordan (JJ) (@jamesjordan14)Suzi Perryman (@s_pezz)Rob Arnold (@clockarniie)More Links:
Feat.Alien Radio Silence: Google: Code: hosts:Rob Arnold (@clockarniie)James Jordan (JJ) (@jamesjordan14)Suzi Perryman (@s_pezz)Other links:Wilhelm scream: chord song:
Feat.French Green Goblin vs Robotic Postman Pat: TOOL: links: hosts:James Jordan (JJ) (@jamesjordan14)Rob Arnold (@clockarniie)Links:
Feat.Alien Carships: Format: hosts:James Jordan (JJ) (@jamesjordan14)Rob Arnold (@clockarniie)Other links:
Feat.Humanoid Zebra Meat: Habits Shock Hard: Gone Ape: hosts:James Jordan (JJ) (@jamesjordan14)Rob Arnold (@clockarniie)Suzi Perryman (@s_pezz)Other links:
Feat.Fly Me to the Moon: Massive Yellowstone: didn’t Start the Fire:,_PennsylvaniaShow hosts:Suzi Perryman (@s_pezz)James Jordan (JJ) (@jamesjordan14)Rob Arnold (@clockarniie)Other links:This paranormal life (Centralia):
Feat.Budgy Smugglers:*t a brick: Tubular: hosts:Rob Arnold (@clockarniie)James Jordan (JJ) (@jamesjordan14)Suzi Perryman (@s_pezz)Other links:
Feat.Gaseous Entities from Brown Town: Dune: Bag: hosts:James Jordan (JJ) (@jamesjordan14)Suzi Perryman (@s_pezz)Rob Arnold (@clockarniie)Other links:
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