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A little bit about my own encounters with a couple of angels, and 3 incredible parables one of them told me. I think of them as stories for adults but written so simply even a child could understand....but really, it's told so simply even an adult can understand, because kids get it. You can support my work by donating to me at it is much appreciated. You can also purchase anything from If you enjoyed listening, and see the gold in my bag as gold and not straw, I would really appreciate a 5 star review on Podchaser or Apple Podcasts. Please consider sharing with friends too. Thank you for listening. --- Send in a voice message:
True Love

True Love


True Love, for me is the very treasure spoken of in the Parables of the Kingdom, and yet the perpetuation of the Patriarchy and the shame and denial of the body and desires has led to very few actually achieving it. We deny ourselves the very thing we desire the most.  I talk about what True Love is, what it has become, and why.The Garden of LoveWilliam BlakeI went to the Garden of Love,And saw what I never had seen:A Chapel was built in the midst,Where I used to play on the green.And the gates of this Chapel were shut,And Thou shalt not. writ over the door;So I turn'd to the Garden of Love,That so many sweet flowers bore.And I saw it was filled with graves,And tomb-stones where flowers should be:And Priests in black gowns, were walking their rounds,And binding with briars, my joys & desires.If you enjoyed this podcast please leave a 5* Review on Podchaser, or Apple Podcasts. Let's connect on twitter! @joblakely42My poorly maintained website for this podcast is Shop at to support the podcast! or just donate to really need to hire some help! Thanks so much for listening! --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode we are exploring the gamification of the spiritual journey as represented through Tarot and also in Snakes & Ladders. And whether divination is good or bad. Or is it neither good nor bad. Or is it both! I go through all the major arcana and the suits and show the relationship between it and the Testaments of God - from the journey through the Old Covenant to the New. I have a theory that this interpretation has been hidden within the cards, like great truths within parables, to keep the teachings alive of the true early illiterate Christian Jews who had to go into hiding and conceal their knowledge or risk being murdered or exiled. It was a picture book in playing card format that depended on understanding the pictures and symbols, like words, which contained a wealth of knowledge about the true spiritual journey.  This morphed over the centuries into a gambling card game called Tarocchini and much later into use in Divination.  More information about this podcast and other episodes can be found at Here is the Wikipedia page of the Major Arcana for you to look at while listening if you like.Thank you for listening! If you enjoyed it, I would really appreciate a 5 star review here and discover another great podcast while there! You can support this podcast also by purchasing anything from or by donating to me through Follow me on twitter! Thanks for your support! --- Send in a voice message:
I had a convergence of several ideas that spoke truth and love to me. Things I ‘gravitated’ towards as much as they seemed to gravitate towards me. All these different ideas were coming together in my mind and led me to an understanding about my (our) true nature and that we are made of mostly nothing…held together by a sense of self which we think of as our edges—and I had a theory that if I wanted to, I should be able to literally become nothing and vanish with will alone. That was my theory at any rate and that theory…I was going to test. This brought me to a very condensed period of peak intensity and many things happening at once to ensure that my experiment and proof of my theory was not just a success, but something of great value, through grace, courage, love, and trust/faith. I fall apart a bit at the end. lol.  "Knock, And He'll open the door. Vanish, And He'll make you shine like the sun. Fall, And He'll raise you to the heavens. Become nothing, And He'll turn you into everything." Rumi"The prayer of the monk is not perfect until he no longer recognizes himself or the fact that he is praying." St. AnthonyWe cannot ask if the part is creating the whole, or the whole is creating the part - the part is the whole-the dream is the dreaming itself." Kalahari Bushmen WisdomMore information can be found at Send in a voice message:
Today we are going to continue our climb up the mountain and we will travel from Base Camp to the edge of the Leap of Faith. Depending on when you count my own start time – it took me about three years to get there.The climb is like a treasure map that has been cut into many pieces and each piece hidden somewhere on the mountain like a treasure hunt. The very gathering of the pieces and solving of the puzzles on the treasure hunt, creates the map of the journey. It creates the treasure itself --- the Eternal You - saved, whole and holy. There are 7 qualities you will need, and these same qualities will be tested and forged into a whole person capable of taking the Leap of Faith and inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven and the World to Come.  Discernment Humility Perseverance  Integrity  Wisdom  Purity Compassion. I will go into these a bit and why they are both the fruits and the way.Happy trails! A reading list and more information about this episode will be available shortly at Please see the episode guides for more information about each episode. --- Send in a voice message:
The spiritual journey has often been likened to climbing a mountain, and in this episode, I will be your Sherpa as we go from the valley at the very bottom of the mountain up towards base camp.  I will show you the amazing sites and terrible pitfalls that you will find here to help make your journey a safe one. More information can be found at Comments and questions can be recorded at You can also reach out and follow me at for listening!--- Send in a voice message:
Halloween has always been a favorite as I love to dress up in different costumes and I am born very close to the holiday so my birthday was always a Halloween costume party as a child. Halloween costumes became a competitive sport in our family. This week (so early I got it to you!! spooky!) I have two Spoooky Stories about all things dark and mysterious. the first,  I think should be called The Ballad of the Dark Matter Jabberwocky, and it tries to get to the bottom of the nonsense around dark matter. The second story is one of Dark Energy and Death.  Bwahahahaha.More information can be found at If you have any questions or comments you can record them at can also follow and contact me on twitter @joblakely42 Thanks for listening! --- Send in a voice message:
I have a theory - a big one - the big one....The universe we see is just one side of a dipole magnetic field and the return of that flow to source (which maintains the constant universe over 'time') is by the annihilation of the self through a density of information/understanding and converting mass to energy  'inwards' to that 'other'-side') and returning in the flow. The One Self-Reflecting.This is the return of information in such a form that it is as a 'proof of concept' capable of returning to source by the annihilation of the self/ego...this is why the teaching of humility is important as you can't become nothing if you are full of yourself - or have attachments to material things. In Christianity it is The Death & Resurrection, in Judaism it is 'Enoch walked with God and Was Not for God took him' & Chariot/Merkabah Mysticism, In Buddhism it is Mu which means 'Not', and in Sufism it is Fana Fillah. But wait there's more! The episode really does cover a lot of ground in an overall sort of way. I cover Time, Gravity, Left Handedness and Spin, Bicameralism, Particle Physics, Electromagnetic Field, Quantum Theory and more.  I welcome your questions, insights, knowledge, & corrections - You can record them at or reach out on twitter @joblakely42. More information can be found at the website BTW the book that I was reading that was the 'missing piece' for me was Faraday, Maxwell and the Electromagnetic Field. A wonderful biography of two geniuses that gave me an understanding about things I had not previously looked into or understood at all. I still barely understand the details- but the big picture - the theory of EVERYTHING - I really think I get well. Thanks for listening! 
James Clerk Maxwell, one of the 3 greatest scientists in history had a thought experiment in order to show how the 2nd law of thermodynamics - one of the supposed immutable laws, could be violated. He imagined that a demon separated the fast moving molecules from the slow moving ones causing one side to heat up from the motion and the other side to cool down. This reduction in possibilities and the heating up of particles from a cooler state goes completely against the 2nd law of thermodynamics. The requirement for this concept however was that the demon had to have full knowledge of the system and all the molecules in it in order to determine which were fast and which were slow and where they would be located at any given time. This idea was considered at the time nonetheless impossible because no one could know all the information. But big data and our lack of data privacy and laws have changed that and I have a theory that Cambridge Analytica (and others which surely will follow in their place) have 'cracked' this and have weaponized it against us, and will continue to do so until we do something about it.  More information and supporting documents and video can be found at Thank you for listening.
A lot of people (practically everyone who has heard of the Enneagram), has heard of the wrong, corrupted version that has turned a method to develop our consciousness and self-awareness and connection to God into something about personality types, where people 'find their number' and something that is truly useless and not worth anyone's time.The true enneagram that was taught by P.D. Ouspensky in his books The Fourth Way and In Search of the Miraculous is very different, has tremendous value, and is constructed based on the 'law of sevens' which is the cyclical mathematical marvel of 7ths and it's decimal .142857142857....and it's repeating cyclical pattern as mapped out on a circle.But mostly, it is about a way to examine the mind and become in harmony with the universe through the practice that they called The Work. It is a practice of mindfulness that is a blend of Sufi Muraqaba Meditation,  Jewish Merkaba mysticism, Buddism, Hinduism and his own spin on things . It was especially created for the western mind and lifestyle. The idea being that one didn't have to become an ascetic, monk or fakir in order to become enlightened or reach the highest heaven - in fact - that was probably a hinderance as it tended to disconnect from reality. It is about a Fourth Way, a kind of 'mind hacking' that enables us to fast-track our development of awareness and consciousness.  For more information and additional resources, please visit Podcast artwork is by Jo Blakely.
When we talk of hearing voices, we think of crazy people in the western world. It has been shamed and pathologized. Even though many revere those who have heard voices and the words they bring. Julian Jayne's believed that the split in the brain, the bicameralism, was a relatively recent occurrence in our development, and that prior to this separation in the brain one side turned to the other in crisis to ask what to do and instead of our regular inner voice, heard it as the voice of the God or similar. Although there is a lot of his theory that has merit, he didn't understand the way each side perceives and their role in our beingness. I have a theory that the right side of the brain is our 'link' and connection to the One and that the shaming of it is a way to create and maintain false and dangerous hierarchies and prevent people from hearing God for themselves. This episode....I will also help you learn how to hear better for yourself with something that you already experience all the time. Thank you for listening!
In the bible, in Genesis it says that mankind tried to reach the heavens with brick and mortar and the building of a tall tower but God didn’t want that for us so God confused all the languages. I have a theory that this story is to be looked at not in terms of punishment, but in terms of how to build a structure in ways that actually reach heaven. To not aim to reach to the sky with tall buildings or rockets and think that is reaching heaven, but by coming together to create a greater whole. Much like the image of the Black Hole which was created by taking several points of view over time and processing it into one image, a hologram and the The Holographic Universe Theory has similar qualities that express this idea.  And the One Electron Theory can help give us insight into the nature of electrons and the part they play in the atomic structure of things.   Both show us a path to  a structure that is integral and leads to a true heavenly dimension.  "Look then how lofty and how huge in breadthThe eternal Might, which, broken and dispersedOver such countless mirrors, yet remainsWhole in itself and one, as at the first.” Dante, Divine Comedy, Paradise Canto XXMore content and information can be found on our facebook page (@ihaveatheorypodcast) and you can support the podcast by purchasing from I have created beautiful art that goes with this episode and framed prints are available for sale. Thank you for listening. Comments and Questions may be left as a voice message at and I may use them in the show and will try to answer them.
I have a theory that all disease, whether of the body or of society, is all about too much hoarded information that isn’t shared through the system or too much information has become untrustworthy so the system becomes incapable of processing the data it receives. Unchecked greed and cancer are the same thing expressed different ways. And breakdowns in trust and auto-immune diseases are the equivalent of the data processing issues due to unreliable information or the rejection and oppression of information. How we gather and what our masses look like and the information that they impart to each other is important and I think this is revealed in the story of the Nephilim and the rise of what I am calling the Patriarchy Protection racket.
Genesis and Evolution

Genesis and Evolution


We are highly evolved feelers and gatherers and distributors of information. I have a theory that Genesis is about our transition from just sensing (feeling) the world outside without a sense of identity to the establishment of our sense of independent self. When we became self-aware. Suddenly now we were with our own unique data and trying to communicate it with each other. This episode explores this and what it meant for our evolution and what it means for our future. Thanks for listening. I hope you like the show. If so, please leave a 5 star review and help spread the word.
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