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Author: Kristen Carder

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If you're an adult with ADHD (or you think you might have it) this podcast is for you! Feeling scattered, frustrated, and misunderstood? Join ADHD Coach Kristen Carder as she chats about the frustrations and challenges of adulting, relationships, working, and achieving with this neuro-developmental disorder. Kristen will help you understand your unique brain, unlock your potential, and move from Point A to Point B.
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Taking Massive Action

Taking Massive Action


Massive action is the type of action that produces an actual RESULT. It's the opposite of passive action (researching, learning, asking for help) which doesn't actually PRODUCE anything. Tune in to learn more! for more adult ADHD resources. 
Finally! We’re chatting today about procrastination – why we do it and how to overcome it. for more adult ADHD resources.
In the midst of Covid-19, an election year, and all of the difficult cultural issues in our world, here’s my pep talk for you to STAY FOCUSED on what’s most important and consume less of other people’s thoughts. Hang out with me while I process my own anxiety while we chat :) for more adult ADHD resources. 
No one tells you that success actually feels TERRIBLE, but it does. I want you to be on the lookout for the discomfort that goes along with reaching goals and experiencing the good stuff so that you don’t self-sabotage and derail yourself from forward motion. ADHDers are so used to failing…how do we even handle life when we actually start succeeding?? for more adult ADHD resources.  
How To Be Productive

How To Be Productive


All adults with ADHD want to learn how to be more productive. Today on the podcast I’m sharing my 5-step FAIL PROOF system for upping your productivity. Get ready for one of my most value-packed episodes ever. for more adult ADHD resources.
Today I’m and telling you about the 2 mindsets that will always 100% steal positive results from you. I speak from experience, and I hope you find this to be extremely insightful. If you can rid yourself of these 2 insidious ways of thinking, you will 10x your positive results! for more adult ADHD resources.
ADHDers are notoriously bad with money – I want to lead CHANGE for our community in this area. Everything about my finances has transformed in the last year, and I want to give insight into my new thoughts and beliefs about money so that everything can change for you, too. This episode is all about bringing up your money BS, analyzing it, and creating new results for yourself on purpose. for more adult ADHD resources.
Do you wonder if it’s too late for you? Do you make the same mistakes over and over and wonder if improving is even possible? On today’s episode, I’m interviewing 4 of my clients who are doing the work of real change in their own lives. Be inspired. Change is possible for you, too! for more adult ADHD resources.
How To Be Consistent

How To Be Consistent


This is probably the most important episode I’ve recorded to date. for more adult ADHD resources.  
ADHD + Buffering

ADHD + Buffering


Buffering is anything we do to avoid feeling badly. Identifying buffering in your life is a MAJOR ADHD HACK because once you see it for what it is, you can gently help yourself to get back to the task at hand. for more adult ADHD resources.
Today’s episode is all about intentionally spending on your time on what you’re good at and outsourcing the stuff that you suck at. I’ve got lots of ideas of how to do this for FREE as well as how to spend your money strategically so that you don’t have to waste hours of your life on the mundane stuff that you hate. for more adult ADHD resources!
Failure is the most important skill you need to learn if you want to be successful. I know we've talked about it before, but DUDE! If we ADHDers could learn to fail (and be ok), we'd be unstoppable! for more adult ADHD resources and info on how to work with me. 
Today we talk about sticking with ONE idea at a time and seeing it through to completion. Our brains love novelty and hate boredom, but if we want to live up to our potential, we need to stick with something long enough to ACCOMPLISH it.   Visit for more adult ADHD resources.
Today I’m sharing the 5 things I’ve recently learned about entrepreneurship that have changed EVERYTHING for me. It’s allowing me to create money FAST. If you have a business or a side hustle OR if you’re an entrepreneur wanna-be, this episode is for you! Visit for more adult ADHD resources and info on how to work with me.
Self-acceptance is the FOUNDATION for behavior change. You will never produce consistent positive results in your life if you don’t first decide to accept your own humanity and your ADHD brain. This is probably the most important episode I’ve ever recorded. for more adult ADHD resources.
Raise your hand if you struggle with self-confidence. Today’s episode is a class that I taught in Focused on Self-Concept & Identity, which are the building blocks for self-confidence. I wanted to share this with all of you because whether you’re a client of mine or not, you deserve the tools to feel better about yourself and create results that you WANT in your life. for more adult ADHD resources.
Do you give yourself permission to rest and relax? My guess is that you don’t. Let’s chat about how ADHD adults can peacefully turn their Ferrari brain off to recharge. for more adult ADHD resources.
Raise your hand if you struggle to go to bed on time. “On time” = when you want to go to bed, or when you promise yourself (and others) that you’re going to go to bed. This is a constant struggle for many of my clients, and in this episode I give you 10 tips to getting to bed ON TIME. for more resources and information on how to work with me.
Today we’re talking about perfectionism: Holding yourself to unrealistically high standards and then beating yourself up when you inevitably do not meet those standards. Perfectionism is a productivity killer, a contentment killer, and it prevents us from celebrating our wins.   For more resources and info on how to work with me, please visit
Procrastivity is a term that Russell Ramsay coined, and I love it. Ramsay is the author of the new book, Rethinking Adult ADHD, and I’m telling you: HE GET US. 100%. On today’s episode, I dive into a portion of Ramsay's book in which he talks about procrastinating with activity that SEEMS productive, but isn’t. Procrastination + non-essential activity = procrastivity. This is a game changer!   For adult ADHD resources and information on working with me, check out
Comments (4)

Reese Digby

I love your podcast! It's like a goldmine of useful info. I also love how you cannot help yourself from externalising those thoughts that come up. Mega cute :)

Feb 5th

Byron Embry

This is the best thing I have ever heard.

Jul 11th

Byron Embry

mind blowing

Jul 9th

Shelley Kathleen Reed

These podcasts are really helping me look into my recent diagnosis of ADHD at the age of 42. I'm a single MUM and right now finding life a struggle. Thank you for your positive words.

Feb 12th
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