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Gail Buck is a Master Life Coach, speaker, content creator and researcher. The “I Love Me Lab” Podcast was created to share many different ways and perspectives to experience self-care with the intention of self-love. This Podcast shares inspiring, interesting conversations with leading experts in their fields that range from mindset to health care to spirituality and everything in between. With the belief that self-love leads to the capacity for greater love for others. Thank you for opening your hearts and minds! Together, we can make this world a better place and it starts with you. For more information visit:
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Back by popular demand is Veronica Barragan.Veronica Barragan, Joti Radjeep Kaur is a Spiritual Wellness Counselor, certified KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher and currently finishing her Kundalini Yoga Therapist Certification.She is the founder of the #SovereignWoman Movement & Academy and Satori Wellness & Spirituality. It is a virtual group coaching community for women disrupting karmic ancestral cycles by holistically healing body, mind, and spirit through her SWC method of Kundalini yoga/meditation therapy and a course in miracles spiritual Psychotherapy which she has studied since 2008 and teaching since 2018.In this episode:- Get to know Veronica Barragan and how she coped with her life struggles.- Healing Techniques: How can meditating help you?- Ancestral Karma: How to break it? And why is this important? - 3 most important must-do's to disrupt Ancestral karma & Self heal- How meditation supports a childs' development- How to calm your nervous system?- What happens when you live in constant stress?Connect with Veronica Barragan:WebsiteInstagramFacebookYouTubeConnect with Gail Buck:InstagramFacebookLinkedInYouTube#kundaliniYoga #meditation #plantmedicine #karmichealing #soverignwoman #spiritualwellness
Thanks for joining us today for our Addiction Recovery MasterclassFor a FREE Resource Guide and Information about our upcoming Webinar with Mike Speakman on the "5 Things you can do NOW to help you child with SUD" click on the links or go to this episode, we have compiled parts of previous episodes that includeMike Speakman, Founder of  Mike is a Life Coach and Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor with a passion for helping parents save a loved one from addiction. His knowledge comes from a successful career of helping addicts and alcoholics in residential treatment centers since 1988. You can find Mike at Shelly Young, mother, author of Recoverthemother, A forward-thinking, paradigm-shifting, emotional, spiritual wellness column for the Mothers of children, young and adults with substance use/addiction or in recovery.Niel Brooks, Father, Businessman, Realtor who is passionate about helping Fathers like himself, navigate the addiction space. Highlights of the episode:- Learn how we have also experienced trauma as mothers.- How do stigma and Shame contribute to ongoing addiction?- How stigma is the biggest barrier to people seeking the help they need?- How words MATTER - the danger of labels.- How to spot the first signs of addiction.- The harsh realities of the effects of addictions.- Magic moments with Mike.- A better understanding of addiction and substance overuse.You can find the original full episodes @I love me lab with Gail BuckResources:Don't forget to download your free resource guide HEREAnd to register or get additional information on our upcoming webinar HERE!Connect with Gail Buck:InstagramFacebookLinkedInYouTube
Genetics plays an important role in our health and so it is important to understand how that plays into your fitness and health regimen. Sometimes, too, what you think is good for the body may not be good for you because not everyone's physique is the same as everyone’s. We also need to see how our bodies are responding to what we are eating or what our bodies are missing out on because of what we are not eating. Find out more about by listening to the episode till the very end. Enjoy! Who is Tammy Reeves?Tammy Reeves has a Master’s degree in Kinesiology; is a Certified Personal trainer, Certified Nutrition coach, 200 hr RYT Yoga Instructor, Active Life Certified coach; Level 1 Crossfit Coach Tammy realized by the age of 19 that one of the best stress relievers for her was working out. She became a group fitness instructor during her college years. She was able to ‘out-work’ her bad nutrition habits until she realized that her lethargy and stomach issues were a direct reflection of poor nutrition. She began seeing a ‘holistic’ type of physician, and this started her journey on how she needed to eat. Needless to say, her health took a dramatic change for the better. Tammy lives by a holistic approach to living with daily exercise and clean eating following the Plate Method for a robust healthy lifestyle and coaches her hundreds of clients to do the same. Highlights of the episode …- The start of Tammy Reeves journey in figuring out what good health is about.- What made Tammy go for a degree in Kinesiology instead of physical therapy?- How important is it to stay strong, fit and healthy as we get older?- Why is it that for Tammy, weight lifting exercises are more important than cardio? - Why does Tammy refuse to get into statin as prevention for cholesterol buildup? (...What are the side effects of statin on some people?)- What are essential fats and what are those fats that we need to get rid of? (...Why do insurance companies require you for measurements around the waistline and the hip area?) - Fad diets and fasting, what works for some and what doesn't. - What is the plate method diet?- Why is it important to get that balance in nutrition from the food that we eat? (...What has salt got to do with sodium and iodine?)- How has it been for Tammy's family about good food and nutrition? - What's going on with Tammy's membership for her healthy recipes and grocery list. (...What else is included in the membership?)- What are the causes and symptoms of inflammation? (...Why are processed foods the number one cause of inflammation and what foods are the best anti-inflammatory?)- Why is it important to pay attention to how we feel when we eat certain foods?- Tammy's words of wisdom for self-love and self-care.Connect with Tammy Reeves:FacebookEmail address: InstagramTwitterConnect with Gail Buck:InstagramFacebookLinkedInYouTube
In this episode we revisit 3 nationally recognized Coaches with the common goal of helping people live more productive and fulfilled lives. All three coaches have a strong foundation and are certified Trainers and practitioners of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy® Listen to learn how each coach has taken their backgrounds to new levels by expanding their knowledge, experience and areas of expertise to truly help their clients live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives! Here is a brief introduction to each guest: Simon Gledhill is a  Master Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis. Simon travels the world extensively leading in depth training and certifications in these modalities. He currently resides in South Africa where he is developing new standards for coaches and also works with youth showing them how to live a grander life by optimizing your thoughts and beliefs utilizing NLP foundational work. In our conversation, Simon digs into the NLP Communication Model. Discover why it takes more than just setting a goal to achieve it, why changing a habit takes more than a conscious decision to change it..Once you explore the beliefs that you carry in your subconscious and how to change them, then this becomes the starting point for lasting change. You can find Simon’s full conversation on Episode 26. Emile Allen, MD, Board Certified Hypnotist, Clinical Instructor, TEDx Speaker and Author.   Dr. Allen is the Director and Founder of The Pharmacy Within, a drug-free pain therapy solution for chronic pain. He has helped thousands of people worldwide through his unique drug-free acute and chronic pain relief technique. Combined with his decades of experience and unique perspective as a surgeon and medical hypnotist, Dr. Allen is advancing the field of Medical Hypnosis for pain management.  In this session, we explore how, Dr. Allen discovered several physiological, psychological, and social factors involved in the development of chronic pain leading him to redefine chronic pain from the current medical definition for an effective drug free self treatment for “conditioned” pain. Dr. Allen enjoys teaching people globally how to manage their chronic pain drug free through his online classes and sessions. His passion for helping people worldwide has made him a two-time international award-winning author and an internationally-recognized speaker. You can listen to Dr. Emile Allen’s full conversion on Episode 10.    Kate Curran -  International Master Trainer of NLP & Hypnosis, Parallel Universe Surfer, Reality By Design Artist, Consciousness Connoisseur, Imagination Astronaut, Subconscious Mind Hacker, Amazing Mother & Wife, teacher to many students and a being evolving and growing like everyone else.  Lean into our discussion as we dive into taking our power back (which is our energy) bringing awareness around how we give and leak energy, and how to cultivate energy because we use energy to do everything.  It’s a great way to love thy self. For Kate’s full conversation, tune into Episode 23.In this episode:- NLP Misconceptions.. What is really NLP? - The difference between what’s important to us and what we like.- How our mind works, the conscious and the subconscious?- The placebo aspect of how our bodies are able to heal, how our bodies are able to control conditioned pain. - How do we merge the other version of ourselves that we want to experience or become? — Kate will talk about what View Pointing is. - How do we help somebody not to lose their...
When you have a dream or a goal, there are a lot of factors to consider that can make it harder or easier to achieve. So what is the #1 thing that prevents you from living your dream? Certainly getting on clear on what you want. Having a vision and moving towards that vision. But even with a clear vision… Fear can leave us frozen in our tracks. And when you dig into self exploration and look underneath the fear…. What you may find is shame. So what is shame anyway? Shame is a fear of looking foolish or failing, often associated with a time in the past where you interpreted something that you did or didn’t do that you perceived that you looked foolish or as a failure to others. And that all comes from the stories that you created in your head. So what if you can change the story and remove the shame attached to the story. Does your fear go away?Meet the host: Gail Buck Gail Buck is a Certified Master Trainer of NLP and TLT®, a business consultant, Life Coach, and Speaker. She is the host of the I LOVE ME LAB podcast and Facilitator of pilgrimages all over the world.In this episode:- You're getting stuck and don't know how to get unstuck? - Let go of shame and build self-confidence!- Anxiety is a hugely common mental health problem in modern society. It can often have a devastating impact on our lives, making it more difficult to be happy and enjoy what we're doing. - Worrying is a complex emotion that is often accompanied by other emotions such as fear, anxiety, stress and/or sadness…- Fear is the most powerful of all human emotions.- Discover what may be underneath your fear and how to eliminate itConnect with Gail Buck:InstagramFacebookLinkedInYouTube
Ayahuasca is a powerful jungle medicine and teacher plant. A that brings deep multi-level level healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This is serious work that should not be entered into lightly – It certainly is not for recreation or amusement. But once you know how to approach it, with the right intentions and proper guidance, the experience can be truly life transforming and relatively safe.Ayahuasca has been known for ages as a medicinal plant used for healing many aliments. Every day, dozens of people decide to have their first ayahuasca experience. All of them have different reasons for doing so. Some are spiritual, others are recreational and some have urgent healing issues. She’s a native plant that can help you experience deep spiritual and mental healing along with closing past traumas and opening you up to more love, creativity and empowerment. Enjoy listening!Who is Pamela Dharani?With over 13 years of experience in medicine and holistic therapies all around the world, Pamela formed her offerings through the teachings of her many different guides and masters. Interested in both traditional lineages and also alternative western healers, her studies include walking the red path, working with the Santo Daime Church, learning from Shipibo and Quechua masters in Peru.In this episode:- How do medicinal plants help elevate our ascension? And how can it open up our hearts?- Is Ayahuasca psychedelic or not?- Ayahuasca ceremony: How is it done?- Know more about the powerful boost of cacao.- How can we heal our traumatic experiences?Connect with Pamela Dharani:WebsiteInstagramFacebookConnect with Gail Buck:InstagramFacebookLinkedInYouTube
Being a parent of a substance abuse child can be one of the most difficult challenges you will ever face. The first question that many people ask is "How did this happen, and how do I fix it?" Substance abuse has been an epidemic in this country for many generations, and it's more prevalent today than it was 10, 25 or even 50 years ago. Who is Neil Brooks? Neil Brooks is a businessman, realtor, coach, father, husband who has been through a situation that a parent has never dreamed of. In this episode with our guest Neil Brooks is going to share his experiences being a parent. Life's hard. It sucks. It breaks us. And it changes us. But if we're lucky enough, we'll learn something through all that suffering. We all used to believe that the more suffering we experience in life, the more wisdom we obtain in return. Enjoy listening and be inspired.In this episode:- Hear about the story of Neil Brooks, how it all started and how is it going..- How Neil Brooks made the hardest decision of his life?- When is the time that you have to love & let go?- How to cope and bring out the wisdom in suffering?Connect with Neil Brooks:Instagram: @arizona.unpluggedFacebook: Neil BrooksWebsiteConnect with Gail Buck:InstagramFacebookLinkedInYouTube
Meditation is one of the most popular ways people heal. But, how do you look at it? Meditation is just a way to relax or chill out? How about you think, it's a way to improve focus and concentration. Meditation is a great way to transform your life, overcome depression and anxiety, and learn to control your emotions. In this episode, My young and wonderful guest is going to talk about Kundalini Awakening. If you know of or have been experiencing Kundalini Awakening, you will find this helpful. If you're not familiar with Kundalini Awakening and don't know much about it, Our guest is here to shed some light on what Kundalini Awakening means and how it can affect your health (physically and mentally).Kundalini Awakening is an interesting subject. There is a lot of misinformation, controversy and myths about it in the western world. At the same time, many people are trying to awaken it without success or understanding what it really is.. Who is Veronica Barragan? Veronica Barragan, Joti Radjeep Kaur is a Spiritual Wellness Counselor, certified KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher and currently finishing her Kundalini Yoga Therapist Certification.She is the founder of the #SovereignWoman Movement & Academy and Satori Wellness & Spirituality. It is a virtual group coaching community for women disrupting karmic ancestral cycles by holistically healing body, mind, and spirit through her SWC method of Kundalini yoga/meditation therapy and a course in miracles spiritual Psychotherapy which she has studied since 2008 and teaching since 2018.In this episode:- Get to know Veronica Barragan and how she cope with her life struggles- Kundalini Awakening: What Is It and How To Awaken It- Healing Techniques: How can meditating help you?- Ancestral Karma: How to break it?- What is a Sovereign Woman?- The Difference Between Dharma and Karma Connect with Veronica Barragan:WebsiteInstagramFacebookYouTubeConnect with Gail Buck:InstagramFacebookLinkedInYouTube
You've been thinking a lot about forgiveness lately, haven't you? I know I have. It's such an eye-opening topic — one that makes me stop and think about how I really feel . . . or haven't felt in a very long time. And only when you can truly forgive someone can you begin to clear out all the junk in your emotional closet. So let's talk about forgiveness. What is it? Why is it important now? And most importantly, how do we do it when we can't seem to find that key that unclenches our hearts?The Power of Forgiveness is a mental technique that you can use anytime to clear emotional blocks keeping you from your purpose. This episode will help you clear your mind, forgive others and yourself, and open up to new possibilities in life. Enjoy listening!Who is Matthew J. Brownstein?Matthew J. Brownstein is the CEO of Anahat Education Group and the Executive Director of the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy. Matthew founded the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists, and where he teaches the Anahat Meditation System. He is the author of five books including The Sacred Geometry of Meditation, The Sutras on Healing and Enlightenment, and Interpersonal Hypnotherapy. Matthew is a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles and offers free classes on Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Growth, and Life Mastery Work through the Institute. He is the founder of the Interpersonal NLP Society, Silent Light Publishers, and IGE Business Networking Groups. When not working on the Vision of Anahat Education Group, Matthew enjoys hiking, kayaking, yoga, and meditation from his home in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York.In this episode:- What is Interpersonal Hypnotherapy?- Learn how to forgive and free yourself.- Erasing the emotional stains of your past.- Get to know The Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy.- What does it takes to forgive and grow?- Things I have to forgive to forgive myself.Connect with Matthew J. Brownstein:WebsiteInstagramFacebookLinked InYouTubeConnect with Gail Buck:InstagramFacebookLinkedInYouTube
Love your body, love yourself. It is a message we hear over and over. But why do people not heed it? And how can we make people heed it? Body shaming has been a growing problem in this country. Finding confidence can feel like an ongoing process, but once you find it, it always stays with you. The way to find self love is to start small. That might mean changing your hair or finding your perfect outfit. The important thing is that when you look in the mirror, you see someone beautiful staring back at you because guess what…? You are beautiful.Our guest for this episode will help us in loving ourselves. Be inspired and enjoy listening!Who is Richele Henry? Richele Henry is a Trauma-Informed Transformational Coach. In her private practice, she supports women to heal the root of emotional eating and body image struggles so they can develop a deeper sense of self-trust, self-acceptance and self-love. Her methodology integrates Transformational Coaching Method™, rooted in ethical NLP and Family Systems Theory, and Somatic Experiencing™, a body-based approach to trauma-healing and nervous system regulation.Alongside her business, she has served as a Mentor Coach for aspiring entrepreneurs with world-renowned coaching schools such as The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Health Coach Institute and Live Your Message.For the past 15 years, it has been her tremendous honor to serve over 1,000 clients, clocking 10,000+ coaching hours doing what she most loves to do - facilitating deeply healing experiences where people feel seen, heard and loved.In this episode:- How to Love Your Body When You’re Not Really Attracted to It?- Best tip on finding inner confidence!- How Richele Henry found self-love In midlife?- How to get support in your self-love journey?- The importance of supportive relationships in your self-growth and self-love.Connect with Richele Henry:InstagramFacebookLinkedInConnect with Gail Buck:InstagramFacebookLinkedInYouTube
Have you ever asked yourself, "why am I still single?" There are so many aspects to finding the right person. Finding someone who is compatible with you can be overwhelming. But how do you know if someone is your soulmate or just a waste of time? If everyone else is happy in their relationship, but you're not, why? Sometimes it takes a step back to find out where things went wrong.Sometimes all you need is a little confidence to walk up to someone and talk, right? Maybe you're nervous about making a fool of yourself. Whatever the reason, most of us can relate to feeling this way.Who is Carisa Montooth?Carisa Montooth, M.S. is a Love Coach, Certified 6th Generation Healer, Author and Speaker. Carisa shows single women how to attract and date marriage-minded men without self-sabotage. She helps her clients identify their blind spots in love, heal their subconscious blocks to love, and navigate the dating world with grace and confidence. Featured in Yahoo Finance™ as a Top Ten Love Coach, Carisa holds advanced degrees in Psychology and Counseling and has written extensively about topics relating to relationships, dating and love. In this episode:- Did you know that self-love is an integral part of finding your soulmate? - What makes some people heal better than others?- Most important thing you can do in creating healthy and happy relationships.- Have you ever wondered how the universe will send you your soulmate? Connect with Carisa Montooth:WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitterEmail: carisa@carisamontooth.comYouTubeConnect with Gail Buck:InstagramFacebookLinkedInYouTube
You may be thinking: how do I know if the values in my relationship are aligned? The answer lies in understanding that everyone has different goals and priorities in what is important to them. If you take a step back from your own.Today, I have the pleasure of having Simon Gledhill. He is certified as a Master Trainer of NLP, a Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching and has completed 2 levels of APEP.Simon is driven to create change and make a difference because he believes in the potential of everyone, which goes far beyond what they can imagine.Enjoy listening!“What is more important to you, what is more valuable to you will ultimately determine everything you do in life”. - Simon GledhillIn this episode:- What are the stages of development that lead up to teenage rebellion?- The word “smack” can have a different meaning for different people.- The difference between what’s important to us and what we like.- Chronic care management team vs. corporate values.- How do you know if the values in a relationship are aligned?- What’s a self-exercise you can do to know what your values are?Connect with Simon:simon@connect2NLP.comConnect with Gail Buck:InstagramFacebookLinkedInYouTube
Did you know that as much as 80% of all diseases are caused by food choices alone?We all know we should eat healthier and exercise because it's good for our bodies. Although their importance can never be doubted, many people have failed to incorporate these good habits into their lives.Join us on this episode as have our guest, Leks Vucko, Fitness Trainer & Master Coach for the Vucko Method, talk to us on we can have a firm body, a strong mind and unstoppable energy every single day, how to be at your A-game daily, and feel unstoppable day in and day out for years to come.Don’t miss this episode! Highlights of the episode …- Who is Leks Vucko? - Why is our relationship with food sacred?- The power of making a conscious choice. - Why diet plans don't work.- Why processed foods are extremely dangerous for your body. - Chronological age vs Biological age: How can your body become younger than your age? - Highly effective tips to lose your belly fat! - How many times a week should you work out? (... get to know the easiest way to start a habit.)- What is the “Vucko Method”? (... a look at how the Vucko Method can help you start feeling great, have more energy & have the body you want.)- Fruit: Is it healthy or not healthy? (... get to know the role of water and fiber to our body.)- The Vucko Method food recipe. - The common misconceptions about meditation. - Leck’s one piece of wisdom. Connect with Leks Vucko:WebsiteFB pageTiktokInstagramYouTubeLinkedInFB profileConnect with Gail Buck:InstagramFacebookLinkedInYouTube
Across the globe, numerous studies have proven the benefits of regular meditation, especially for our mind and body. Meditation can help us learn how to stay centered, how to see the positive things in life, how to stay happy despite the setbacks and life challenges, and how to keep our inner peace.The biggest question now is this: Is there only one way to meditate?Join us in this episode as we have our guest, Yuktesh Ji, a Spiritual Thought Mentor & Teacher, Meditation & Yoga Expert, talk to us about the different kinds of meditation, how it supports our inner growth and spiritual well-being, to rediscover our underlying sense of connection, fulfillment, and harmony of life. Enjoy listening!Highlights of the episode …- What does a monk look like? (... a look at Yuktesh life’s journey through the flow of love and connection.)- A glimpse at the different meditation techniques and how it helps your mind, your health, and your overall body condition.- Do we act or react in our journey of life? (.... let’s hear what Yuktesh has to say based on a wonderful Buddhist story.)- Control vs Love: Why do we get more reactive to the people we love the most? - The importance of deeply recognizing the blessing that we have in order to fully feel the love and happiness around us. - What is Right Meditation? Yuktesh shares the context of his article on the benefits of Right Meditation. - How can we learn to meditate and to quiet our mind?- What is Hamsa Yogi and how does it help people awaken your internal state of who you are? Connect with Yuktesh Hi:Hamsa YogiLinkedInConnect with Gail Buck:InstagramFacebookLinkedInYouTube
When it comes to our energy, our energy is our power. This has always been true; We use energy every day. From the simplest of things, such as flicking a light switch, to the most complex devices and tools, such as cell phones and laptops, our lives are powered by energy. Energy is what allows us to get up in the morning, drive to work, produce goods, communicate with friends and family members, and do it all without having to contend with the elements or manually work with our hands.In this episode, my friend Kate, talks about our brain power and how we can effectively manage and have good boundaries around our energy.Highlights of the episode …- What does the parallel universe surfer means? (... understanding that there is a different version of yourself in every universe.)- How do we merge the other version of ourselves that we want to experience or become? — Kate will talk about what View Pointing is. - How can we give and leak energy?- What are energy vampires and how can you avoid them?- The highly effective ways we can cultivate our energy. - The importance of recognition: When should we drain and when should we replenish. - How do we help somebody not to lose their focus? Kate talks about her expertise on how we can have undivided attention.Connect with Kate Curran:WebsiteConnect with Gail Buck:InstagramFacebookLinkedInYouTube
You're feeling stressed, anxious, maybe a little depressed. Your primary coping mechanism isn't working, so you've turned to searching for answers on the internet. I get it.Dealing with hardships can be difficult. Finding the motivation to press on is crucial. It's important to remember that you're not alone; others have been in situations similar to yours and have emerged victorious. Life can be a struggle sometimes and there can be days when nothing seems to turn our way. But I'm here to help!Listen to the episode and get into the exercise that will help you build your resilience.Enjoy!Highlights of the episode …- What is resilience, and why is it important during challenging times?- Get into an exercise that builds resilience!- How can we focus on solutions, not problems?Resources: with Gail Buck:InstagramFacebookLinkedInYouTube
A variety of happy and stressful situations confront us every day. It is often difficult to remain optimistic under adverse circumstances. When emotions run high, your ability to think rationally can be compromised.Have you noticed how often people tend to focus on the negative rather than seeking and appreciating the positive? At some point, we are all guilty of that. Worry no more! In this episode, I’ll guide you through the ten surefire ways to change your perspective so you can live your life happily and stress-free. Highlights of the episode …- Why is it so important to change your perspective in every circumstance? - The power of your perception: The key to change the world around you. - The TEN surefire ways to change your perspective.Resources:Tony Robbins eventMentioned episodes: - Ending the Addiction Stigma With Gary Mendell: - Recovery for Mothers Impacted by Children With Substance Use Disorder With Shelly Young- What Every Parent of a Child With Addiction Should Know With Mike SpeakmanConnect with Gail Buck:InstagramFacebookLinkedInYouTube
Over the years, topics about sex and sexuality has been a delicate subject matter to talk about. Even the names of our body parts have been given other names. Everything goes back to sexual shame. And to avoid this, we have to first identify what we have and understand that it is part of our body.This podcast is a bit different from the other ones that we have because today we have the founder and medical director of Novant Health, Dr. Alyse Kelly Jones to educate us more about sexual shame and women’s sexual wellness. She is a physician and a TEDx speaker where she shed light about sexual shame and other information that will certainly help, motivate, and inspire women.Highlight from this episode:- What is sexual shame and how to change that?- The importance of being familiar with your body- What will happen after menopausal? - All about  genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM)- The significant role of sex therapists and physical therapists- Valuing being familiar with your body- Tips from Dr. Alyse on what to do before reaching menopausal stage to avoid sexual intercourse- How PROSAYLA can help support women- Hormones: A Game Changer- Advice from Dr. AlyseLinks and Resources:International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health PROSAYLADr. Alyse Kelly Jones’ Videos in VimeoInformation about Novant Health Women's Sexual Health & WellnessTEDx TalkBooks recommended by Dr. Alyse Kelly Jones:She Comes First: The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a WomanBecoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters--And How to Get ItConnect with Dr. Alyse Kelly JonesTwitterInstagramFacebook TikTokDr. Alyse Kelly Jones’ Hotline - 704-412-8877Connect with Gail Buck:InstagramFacebookLinkedInYouTube
The experience for mothers with children on substance use disorder is very traumatic, and oftentimes they also isolate themselves from the world.  They even stay out of touch with friends for fear of judgment.  But the greatest impact for mothers is the hurt they feel seeing their child go through this disease.  They are the first people that reach out for help on behalf of their children, they are the first responders to their children’s well being. That being said,  mothers need recovery, too, for their own physical and mental well-being. Listen to this powerful conversation of two loving mothers, Gail and Shelly Young who found in themselves a common connection to allow themselves to be just their authentic self, with no judgment, no blame or guilt.Highlights of the episode …- What inspired Shelly to create the newsletter "Recover the Mother"? - Shelly’s thoughts on the stigma and shame associated with addiction that she felt as a mother.- Why does Shelly disapprove of the language used to refer to people with substance use in conversations or even in the recent book she has read by Martha Beck?- Why is there a need to focus on teaching children early on about taking care of the body, the mind and spirit?- Why can mothers be at risk of isolating themselves from people?- No matter how hurt mothers feel, it can't disconnect the love for their children. - Why did Shelly choose the non-traditional path for her own recovery?- What is the objective of the newsletter, “Recover the Mother”?- Shelly's words of wisdom for mothers in remembering self-love. - Is there a  book in the offing for Shelly Young?Resources:Pathways to Recovery and Self Care with Shelly YoungConnect with Shelly Young:Subscribe to the newsletter!Email - Connect with Gail Buck:InstagramFacebookLinkedInYouTube
Society has a backlog in the understanding that drug addiction is a disease just like diabetes is or any kind of disease. There is also a stigma that society has attached to people with drug addiction, for them to feel the shame, being an outcast or a junkie. In this episode, Gail speaks with Gary Mendell, the founder of Shatterproof, who as a parent was impacted by a child with addiction. After his son Brian died, he made a promise to his son that he would spare others of this tragedy. That promise has now become a movement, something that the country needed to bring people together for awareness of the disease. Highlights of the episode …- What drove Gary Mendel to start the foundation Shatterproof?- In what ways does Shatterproof work in changing the stigma attached with drug addiction? - How was the foundation able to change the knowledge and attitudes of people in Pennsylvania about the disease in just 12 months?- Is Shatterproof going in the direction of going to the media or Hollywood to share stories and information that drug addiction is a disease? - They say that there is a higher chance of addiction when started at a younger age, what should be the role of schools in educating the kids?- Gary's website, its impressive line up of Board of Directors and the resources and programs available for addiction treatment. - What recommendation can Gary give to parents who undergo the same emotional experience and are impacted by addiction? - Words of wisdom on self love and self care that Gary passed on to listeners, especially those who have the drug addiction disease.Resources:For more information on substance abuse prevention, go to Communities That Care Plus Where to find Help and TreatmentConnect with Gary MendellWebsiteConnect with Gail Buck:InstagramFacebookLinkedInYouTube
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