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Rosie talks about love post divorce. Love is everything.
I Love My Idiot is back for Season 2. A New Year a New Podcast. Rosie is driving and discusses the dumpster fire of 2020 and makes goals for 2021.
Clyde and Rosie discuss idiot co-workers and people watching. Plus, Clyde shares details about an infamous November family right-of-passage called "THE ELK DRIVE."
Clyde and Rosie get some new pets. Also, they discuss Hamilton. Plus, Clyde shares about a Canadian friend of his.
Episode 48 - 3Skin

Episode 48 - 3Skin


Rosie is joined by the members of 3Skin: Clyde, Smyth, and Joel Nert. Check out Joel Nert's Youtube channel at:
Claudia joins the podcast again, this time with a gripe that Clyde has never asked her to do a Glory Days segment.
Episode 46 - Water-skiing

Episode 46 - Water-skiing


Clyde and Rosie discuss how summer is approaching. Some how, this leads to some stories of epic fails while water-skiing. Also, Clyde's Google Searches.
Clyde talked Rosie into watching one of his long time favorite movies. Rosie reveals her thoughts of the movie. Also, it is hard to believe that Rosie has been in her fair share of physical altercations, but she shares in this shocking episode. Plus, Rosie asks Clyde to apologize for something.
Episode 44 - Rosie the Mom

Episode 44 - Rosie the Mom


Clyde and Rosie pay homage to their moms with belated mother's day wishes. But Clyde explains why he thinks Rosie is the best mom.
Episode 43 - Couple's Night

Episode 43 - Couple's Night


Clyde and Rosie are joined by two other couples to discuss their relationships.
Episode 42 - Claudia Podia

Episode 42 - Claudia Podia


Clyde and Rosie discuss similarities Rosie shares with Disney Princesses... Then Claudia joins the show and it all goes to hell!
Episode 41 - The "Swear" Jar

Episode 41 - The "Swear" Jar


Clyde shares a childhood fear and Rosie teases him for it. Plus, they play a "Rosie-created" game, called "Dating him Swiftly."
Clyde and Rosie discuss a recent change in Clyde's life: He is now working from home. Also, a segment called "In or Out of the Cage," a game about Nicolas Cage.
Episode 39 - Farms

Episode 39 - Farms


Clyde and Rosie took the family out for a drive. When they passed a farm, it got them thinking, which of course led to a funny discussion about the idealized image of farming as opposed to reality.
In this episode we talked about a new generation of idiots.
Amidst the chaos of a society on the edge of a pandemic, Clyde and Rosie share their stories of their last minute purchases before the impending quarantine in this laugh-out-loud epidsode. Also, a new and hilarious spin on Google Searches.
Clyde and Rosie discuss some life changing moments. Also, Clyde's Google searches.
Rosie tells Clyde the moment she realized he was an idiot. Also, John Thomas from JT Project joins the podcast. Plus, Clyde discusses the GLORY DAYS with a special guest.
Episode 34 - Grandpa Rex

Episode 34 - Grandpa Rex


Claudia joins Clyde and Rosie again to discuss the man they credit for their humor style: Grandpa Rex. As usual, the conversation takes some interesting turns, finding many stops along the way, including waiters, idiot neighbors, what is like to shoe-shop with Rosie, and a particular police report with Clyde's name on it.
Clyde and Rosie discuss whether or not they respect the rules of lines. Also, a cowboy once said there is nothing better than "a woman cooked meal." Clyde and Rosie discuss this idea and whether there is something to it or if this is just pathetically out dated.
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