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I Said No Gifts!

Author: Exactly Right

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Host Bridger Winegar invites friends, loved ones, and people he’s secretly trying to destroy to join him in conversation. He only has one request: No gifts! Naturally, every guest disobeys, meaning their chat will eventually turn to whatever object lies beneath the wrapping paper.
22 Episodes
Bridger avoids exploding when Chris Fairbanks forces a gift on him. Together, they discuss firemen calendars, scents, and The Penguin.
Bridger tries not to blow a gasket when Sasheer Zamata (Saturday Night Live) gives him a gift. Topics include pets, working at Disney World, and stilts.
Bridger can't help but feel betrayed when Emma Thompson ambushes him with a gift. Topics include bonfires, hot air balloon rides, and vacuuming.
Bridger doesn't fly into a fit of rage when he learns Yassir Lester (Black Monday, Duncanville) has a gift for him. Topics include sewing machines, working retail, and celebrity sightings.
Bridger makes every effort to not wig out after learning Karen Kilgariff has a gift for him. Together they discuss living in a simulation, going to the movies, and the Devil.
Dave Ross Disobeys Bridger

Dave Ross Disobeys Bridger


Bridger takes slow, deep breaths while accepting a gift from comedian Dave Ross. Together, they discuss hats, waterbeds, and getting thrown out of airplanes.
Bridger uses all of his strength to stay calm when Andrew Michaan (Podcast But Outside) surprises him with a gift. Topics include shoplifting, The Legend of Zelda, and Rocky Mountain fever.
Bridger doesn't allow Caroline Goldfarb (@officialseanpenn, Chad, Alone Together) to rile him up with a gift. Topics include Mariah Carey, innovations in cereal, and customer service scams.
Dave Holmes Disobeys Bridger

Dave Holmes Disobeys Bridger


Bridger keeps a positive attitude after being blindsided by a gift from Dave Holmes. They talk about peanut butter, fashion, and the beauty of magazines.
Lamar Woods Disobeys Bridger

Lamar Woods Disobeys Bridger


Bridger controls his emotions while accepting a gift from writer/actor Lamar Woods (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Single Parents, New Girl). They discuss customer service, holidays, and popular attractions at the wax museum.
Bridger does everything in his power to remain calm when Langan Kingsley (The Goldbergs, Corporate) just shows up with a gift. Together, they discuss Real Housewives, psychic readings, and cooking.
Bridger avoids going berserk when writer Carey O'Donnell (Heathers, Summer Camp Island, Billy On the Street) shows up with a gift. Topics include Martha Stewart, fugitive polygamists, and handbags.
Bridger can hardly control his anger when comedian Janelle James gives him a gift. They discuss time management, Grand Theft Auto, and pocket foods.
Bridger struggles not to lash out when writer/showrunner/comedian Patrick Walsh gives him a gift. Topics include Mormon high school dances, Paris Hilton's filthy dressing room at SNL, and who should host the next Oscars.
Bridger resists a tantrum when Lauren Lapkus arrives with a gift. Topics include DNA tests, Zachery Ty Bryan's involvement in the buffalo wing industry, and learning to eat new foods.
Bridger doesn't make a scene when Louis Virtel (Keep It, Jimmy Kimmel Live!) forces a gift on him. They talk about award shows, overly competitive adults, and Janet Jackson's memories of the Game Boy.
Bess Kalb Disobeys Bridger

Bess Kalb Disobeys Bridger


Bridger does his best to keep it together when Bess Kalb (Jimmy Kimmel Live!) bursts in with a gift. Their conversation includes astrology, Shelly Miscavige's whereabouts, and carpeted bathrooms.
Bridger is more than gracious when Langston Kerman (Insecure, High Maintenance, South Side) surprises him with a gift. They discuss Tootsie Rolls, reading, and the enduring terror of teens.
Bridger tries not to make a fuss when Andy Richter arrives with a gift. Topics include Wonder Woman, relationships, and denim.
Jessica Gao Disobeys Bridger

Jessica Gao Disobeys Bridger


Bridger bites his tongue while receiving a gift from Jessica Gao (She-Hulk, Rick & Morty, Corporate). They discuss Costco, wrapping paper, and ham, then circle back to discussing Costco.
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The postmates issue has nothing to do with race. It’s because you’re alone and on your phone. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Jun 29th

Danielle Marsh

i love bridger! what a refreshing pod!

Mar 29th
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