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I Saw What You Did

Author: Exactly Right

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Millie and Danielle, a film expert and a film enthusiast, program a double-feature of their favorite movies with a different wild theme every week. Join these friends as they dissect the films and explore the weird ways we respond to and learn to love movies.
4 Episodes
Laconic Oaf

Laconic Oaf


Danielle and Millie talk about KLUTE (1971) and 3 WOMEN (1977) and meeting murderers at fast food joints.  See for privacy information.
Foot Cigarettes

Foot Cigarettes


Danielle and Millie talk about WALKING AND TALKING (1996), ME WITHOUT YOU (2001), and getting stuck watching sex scenes with your mom.  See for privacy information.
Esteemed Dirtbags

Esteemed Dirtbags


Millie and Danielle talk about THE HONEYMOON KILLERS (1970) and HEAVENLY CREATURES (1994), and Danielle's grandmother explains the life lessons we can learn from horror movies. See for privacy information.
Meet Millie and Danielle, the hosts of the new movie podcast from Exactly Right. Each week, these friends will serve up a unique double feature with a wild theme. Whether you call them films, movies, cinema, pictures, flicks, or talkies - Millie and Danielle have got it covered. See for privacy information.
Comments (6)

Jennifer Patzer

Hilarious! I love this podcast! ❤

Nov 18th

John Keal

love love love this ! Thanks

Nov 14th

Becky Brock

Your Grandma is amazing!

Nov 12th

Leigh Rainey

OH, this is the podcast I've always wanted. I can't wait for more!

Nov 11th

Kathleen Ryan

I can't wait for this podcast!

Oct 23rd
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