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I Want To Be Your Canary - A Final Fantasy Podcast

I Want To Be Your Canary - A Final Fantasy Podcast

Author: Scooter McNaughton, Ross Trevino, Cullen Cantwell

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Thanks for visiting! Hope you enjoy as Scooter, Ross, and Cullen talk Final Fantasy.
44 Episodes
Listen as the boys yuck it up and conclude the weird story that is Final Fantasy 8!
Join the group as they discuss the upcoming FF7 Remake Intergrade. Wild speculation? Check. Misinformation? Probably. Good times? Always.
Come and listen as we talk about the first half of the Final Fantasy 8 story!
Episode 42 - FF8 Mechanics

Episode 42 - FF8 Mechanics


The junction system. The draw system. Guardian Forces. Enemies leveling with Squall. Triple Triad. All things Final Fantasy 8. Take a listen!
Listen as the boys talk speculate on some Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2. This episode was recorded before any of the recent Final Fantasy announcements at the state of play.
Episode 40 - Game Guides

Episode 40 - Game Guides


Prima, Brady Games, Game FAQ - yeah, you remember Game Guides. Listen as the boys reflect on using game guides, their importance, and the necessity of them in Final Fantasy.
Remember how cool limit breaks were? We do too. Come and listen as we discuss them!
Take a listen as the boys talk the Final Fantasy X storyline. After that, Scooter and Dyston tackle Final Fantasy X-2!
Come take a listen as the boys talk about the mechanics which made Final Fantasy X a great game!
Who were some of the best supporting characters in Final Fantasy? Let's take a listen! Big apologies for not talking more about Rinoa.
Check it out as the boys talk a little Final Fantasy 16.Had to salvage the audio from our twitch stream, so no music and thrills!
The squad looks at different ways Final Fantasy games has utilized summons and tries to decide which ones are best!
In this episode of You Should Play This, Octopath Traveler takes center stage and not to over hype it, but it's one of the best JRPG games ever made.
Aerith doesn't die in this one. Or maybe she does. We aren't sure what the second game in the installment holds but that isn't going to stop us from guessing!
Check it out as we talk about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake story!!
What's this? The first part of a four part series on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake? In this episode, we talk about the game mechanics of the Remake.
Mobile games. Shouldn't we be grateful that Final Fantasy made it to the pocket devices we all have and can experience anywhere? Well. Let's find out.
Scooter gives us a rundown of Persona 5 on this episode of You Should Play This!
We took our time, we played the demo, we came up with some ideas. Here they are.
Do side quests belong in Final Fantasy? Do they flow with the series? Will side quests make or break the Final Fantasy 7 Remake? Well, let's find out.
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McGinnis tails

Great podcast! I've been listening from the beginning and I really like that I can listen to the hosts jam about Final Fantasy with my kids. I always look forward to new episodes because I know that the gang will speak their minds without becoming overly negative. Keep it up.

Jun 26th
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Randy Ewing

Was looking forward to your thoughts gang. Thanks for the episode.

Mar 21st

Randy Ewing

Love the show and the tone. Just some friends sitting around talking about a great series. Informal but informative and well produced. Keep up the great work.

Aug 21st
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Raymond O'Donnell “Ray”

Finally consistency and the podcast is back, I’ve been wanting something to listen to when I go for my runs and study for exams

May 18th
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Dyston Madsen

I just keep asking myself, “when are they finally gonna make an episode about FF x-2 and give it the love it deserves”?

Mar 17th

Raspberry Cruse

hi guys, cool podcast! 😉

Dec 20th
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