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I am a Masterpiece

Author: Sandrine GDSTC

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Every two weeks, Sandrine shares what challenges her and what she is striving to achieve in her life or what inspires her. She wants to give us tools on how we can all feel energised, fired-up and making the most of our lives.

She is coming out of the closet by talking out loud what she shares with her client in her private practice, and she shares strategies to release trauma and to feel acceptant of oneself.
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Sandrine pays tribute to Karl Lagerfeld and to one of his precious teachings, self respect
We are not habituated to use our imagination to envision the results we want to create in our lives. In this episode, Sandrine shares why it is important to have precise goals and in which area in life we should focus on.
Small and big miracles

Small and big miracles


In this episode, I am questioning the difference between big and small miracles.
Here is my wish for you for this year, to amplify what makes you feel good! Listen and let me know if you are game.
What if Thanksgiving was not just once a year?
We are ALL Saints

We are ALL Saints


In this episode you'll find out what it means to be a Saint and why YOU are one too.
Life plays tricks on us at times. However when we understand that life and the Universe are out there to help us, it makes a great difference.



The last important insight I received during Byron Katie's event. It's about violence done onto children and in the world.
You let me down

You let me down


While still at the Byron Katie's event, I was deeply touched around blaming others and how I can be mean to myself and others at times.
While at a Byron Katie's event, I was singled out for "doing something wrong". This is how I turned it around.
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