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I4C Trouble with Daly and Wallace

Author: Clare Daly, Mick Wallace

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A brand new political podcast from Ireland's two best-known independent left wing MEPs, straight from the belly of the EU beast. Unfiltered by mainstream media they grapple with the problems at the very heart of the European project.
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The EU is not coming after the small farmers of Ireland with the proposed Nature Restoration Law but that is how it has been painted at home. This is some of the most significant EU environmental legislation for decades and it is urgent. This week we’re breaking down the new law, what it would mean for people in Ireland and we’re busting some of the myths surrounding peatland rewetting - particularly the idea that farmers will be forced to rewet agricultural peatland as a result of the law.
This week on the podcast we've got a new intro and a new host - Mireia. Mick and Clare discuss Ukraine, the anniversary of the Nakba, EU militarisation, Belarus and Sudan.
This week Mick, Clare and Damien discuss a debate on the role of farmers in the ecological transition where the EPP are doing their best to scrap the green deal, a parliament vote to fast track ammunitions manufacture for Ukraine and how fortress Europe has enriched the warring factions in Sudan.
This week we’re discussing Micheál Martin’s recent comments about China, Commission President von der Leyen’s horrific speech about Israel and the state of electoral politics in Georgia.
This week on the podcast we’re discussing the gathering momentum for the anti-war movement across Europe. We also discuss how government policies in Ireland are driving people into the arms of the far-right, the approach of the international community to the war in Ukraine and the recent fighting in Sudan.
Mick and Clare join us from Strasbourg. They discuss the parliament plenary debate on China, EU “battlegroups”, the European Green Deal and the EU’s inconsistency when it comes to defending media freedom.
This week we have something a little different. Mick sits down with Ilia Lobjanidze of the United Communist Party of Georgia to discuss recent unrest in Georgia with the foreign agents law and the protests which followed. They talk about what life is like for those in Georgia today and the attitudes of Georgians towards their government and towards the EU.
This week Mick and Clare are hot off the heels of their visit to China, they discuss their impressions of the place and the people, and China's place in the geopolitical sphere.
This week on the podcast we discuss: greenwashing, carbon credits, Interpol, and how the EU is lecturing African countries to take sides in the war in Ukraine.
This week on the podcast we're talking about a strange week in Strasbourg. We discuss some debates where Mick and Clare did not get to contribute - notably on Israel and Iran, as well as a heated debate over the issue of sending arms to Ukraine.
This week we're focusing on Israel. Attacks on Palestinians by Israeli armed forces and settlers have increased dramatically in the past year, meanwhile, within the EU, any criticism of Israel's actions is increasingly being smeared as anti-Semitism.
This week on the podcast we discuss the growing anti-China sentiment in the EP and where things are headed in terms of EU-China relations. We also discuss Sajid Khan Nasiri, a young Afghan man who visited the parliament last week to discuss his journey to Europe and the pushbacks he experienced along the way. Finally we get into the reluctance of certain groups in the EP to ban dangerous pesticides.
This week on the podcast Mick, Clare and Damien discuss the Ukraine war, one year on and where it could go from here. They also discuss #winegate - the recent media storm that developed around comments made by Mick that he owned wine bars in Dublin.
This week on the podcast Mick and Clare are in Strasbourg. They discuss the Nord Stream attack, a debate on the Istanbul Convention on violence against women, a debate on CO2 emissions from cars, and the devastation caused by the recent earthquakes particularly in Syria, where sanctions are preventing aid from getting in to save lives.
This week Mick and Clare are discussing the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, the unfolding humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan where the World Food Programme is not getting the money it needs to distribute food. They also discuss Zelensky’s visit to the Parliament and the need for independence in international organisations and monitoring bodies.
This week Mick, Clare and Damien are in Strasbourg. They discuss the 30 year anniversary of the single market; the parliament voting yet again to reject calls for peace; a resolution on the establishment of a special international tribunal to prosecute Russia for crimes of aggression; the protests in Iran; and Clare pays to a friend, we finish the podcast with her speech this week about the late poet Kevin Higgins.
EP 118 - Buon Natale!

EP 118 - Buon Natale!


Mick and Clare are back in the parliament for the last episode before the Christmas break. They discuss their recent trip to Lithuania where they visited journalist Algirdas Paleckis in prison, Julian Assange’s nomination for the Sakharov prize, the US Inflation Reduction Act, the Qatargate corruption discovery in the parliament and the end of Michael Martin’s time as Taoiseach
** NOTE ** this is part two of Mick and Clare’s interview with Katie Halper, if you haven’t already listened to part I, we recommend you go back to last week’s episode before listening to this one.
This week we're sharing part one of our appearance on The Katie Halper Show. We talk about the EU-US in the context of the war, among other things. Part two to follow!
This week we’ve got something different for you. Clare and Mick recently appeared on Sina Rahmani’s the East is a Podcast to talk about the EU in the context of the war, the energy crisis, and what this all means for the future of the EU. Today we're sharing that episode. Follow the East is a podcast on Twitter @east_podcast
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