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IG Talk w/ Robert Smallwood
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IG Talk w/ Robert Smallwood

Author: Robert Smallwood

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Information Governance interviews, news, events, and Best Practices. All about data privacy, info security, compliance, e-discovery, infonomics & data monetization, digital preservation & more.
24 Episodes
Robert Smallwood dicusses the purpose and approach to creating the new Certified Information Governance Officer (CIGO) certification
Robert interviews Dr. Prashanth Southekal about analytics and his new book on Best Practices in Analytics
Robert talks with Doug Laney about infonomics, data monetization, and recoginzing information as an asset.
IG World magazine co-founders Robert Smallwood & Baird Brueseke discuss the exciting new virtual IG Summit to be held in 3D Virtual Reality
Trellis Research CEO Nicole Clark discusses trial preparation challenges, and the unique approach Trellis uses leveraging AI and Machine Learning to allow trial lawyers to gain a competitive advantage and improve outcomes.
Barry Moult discusses GDPR and privacy compliance, and key principles organizations should consider in privacy program management.
A conversation with NVISNx CEO Glen Day about information accountability, ROT cleanup, and data mapping for privacy compliance.
A conversation about IG in the mission of InfoGov ANZ, IG in the Australia/New Zealand region, and the confluence of privacy, RIM, and eDiscovery.
An update on what CCPA covers and its requirements, amendments, penalties, and deadlines.
A discussion with digital transformation and robotic process automation expert Chris Surdak from Gartner on the future of work. 
Cybersecurity Basics

Cybersecurity Basics


An introduction to cybersecurty with expert Baird Brueseke; he discusses principles of cybersecurity and approaches to cybersecurity assessments. 
Robert talks with Richard about privacy regulations including GDPR & CCPA, privacy program drivers, and his transition from globetrotting GDPR evangelist at IBM to Global IG Director at White & Case law firm, one of the world's largest. RIchard also talks about how he got into the computer business, which was somewhat by accident! 
An introduction to Robert Smallwood's comprehensive new IG book, written in collaboration with over 20 SMEs.
A conversation with Dr. Patricia Franks, PhD, coordinator of the Master of Archives & Records Administration program at San Jose State University
George Firican discusses the importance of data governance, some common DG myths, and how to treat data as an asset.
A conversation about the importance of "data stories" - not only the 'why' but the 'how' - and what role good master data management practices play in the digital transformation process.
Robert talks with ACEDS President Mike Quartararo about e-discovery & IG, career development, and the ACEDS global network of chapters.
Interview with LINQ Ltd CEO Neil Calvert about digital twin modeling, infonomics & more.
An interview with Randy Kahn, Esq, author of the new book, "The Executive Guide to Navigating the Information Universe"
A Conversation w/ with Andrew Ysasi
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