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IGotFlow Podcast Episode 90: “BANG!!!”

The 90th episode features Dub and Flow chopping it up re: Earl Thomas’ surprise, unceremonious release from the Seahawks and the assumption that he will be joining the Dallas Cowboys, the NBA bubble and playoffs, the Big 10 cancelling the college football season amidst controversy, why Flowman thinks so many ...


IGotFlow Podcast Episode 89: “Canceled”

The fellas return for the 89th episode and chop it up re: The controversial “WAP” single by Cardi B and Meg The Stallion, the NBA season in the bubble, Flowman’s encounter with a white, liberal outrage mob on Twitter, deconstructing why the self-acclaimed Marxist organization of Black Lives Matter is ...


IGotFlow Podcast Episode 88: “Blame It On The Covid”

On the 88th episode the fellas chop it up re: Pat Mahomes’ new $500M deal, Dak Prescott playing the 2020 season on the franchise tag, a heated argument on the merits and pitfalls of having Dak on the tag, if Covid-19 will derail the 2020 season entirely, NBA & MLB ...


IGotFlow Podcast Episode 87: Everything That Wasn’t Said

The 87th episode is here and J-Dub comes back to join Flowman as they chop it up re: The 15-month podcast hiatus, 2020 blowing our minds with unprecedented events, Coronavirus, Black Lives Matter, protesting, anti-maskers, and Dak Prescott signing the $31.4M franchise tender. Music from: Isaiah Rashad Cypress Moreno JAG ...


IGotFlow Podcast Episode 86: “The Cattledog”

After an extended hiatus, the podcast is back! Flowman interviews long-time collaborator Clay Perry about his new single, “Roll N’ Ride” and how he’s unlocked a burgeoning fanbase over the last few months during the quarantine where live shows are all but impossible. Featured Music: Clay Perry – Roll N’ ...


IGotFlow Podcast Episode 85: Six Rings, Euros, and Stardust

The fellas return to recap the NFL season and segue into offseason coaching changes for the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott’s looming contract extension. After that they talk the NBA and the trade deadline and all associated shenanigans. They also speak on Liam Neeson’s confession that he once roamed the ...


IGotFlow Podcast Episode 84: “Don’t Nobody Say Nuthin’ 2 Me”

2019’s first episode has the fellas celebrating the Cowboys’ Wild Card playoff win against the Seattle Seahawks. They move on to discuss the ongoing #MuteRKelly movement in lieu of the “Surviving R. Kelly” series on Lifetime, discuss the latest chicanery from Donald Trump, and more!


IGotFlow Podcast Episode 83: The 2018 Finale

2018’s last podcast has Flowman and J-Dub breaking down at length their concerns about the Cowboys’ chances in the NFL playoffs and offer a more nuanced critique on the play of Cowboys’ QB1 Dak Prescott. They also touch on other playoff scenarios and who the Cowboys may end up facing. ...


IGotFlow Podcast Episode 82: “Who’s To Blame?”

The 82nd episode features Flowman and J-Dub getting into a heated argument over who is to blame for the Cowboys blowout 23-0 loss to the Indianapolis Colts in Week 15. After that, the fellas talk about the current state of video games and how seemingly every major game developer likes ...


IGotFlow Podcast Episode 80: Candy Conversion Therapy

The 80th episode is here! The fellas chop it up re: Halloween, Reese’s candy exchange stations, power ranking Halloween candy, plus the slander of Dak Prescott continues by Flowman, the Cowboys pick up Amari Cooper for a 1st rd pick, & more!


IGotFlow Podcast Episode 79: “Piss Poor Performance”

The 79th Episode is here. The fellas chop it up re: The Dallas Cowboys’ disastrous performance offensively against the Carolina Panthers, other assorted nonsense in the NFL season, and touch briefly on the battle between Eminem and MGK.


IGotFlow Podcast Episode 78: Stand Or Kneel?

The 78th episode is here! The fellas chop it up re: Cowboys training camp and preseason, Dak Prescott’s comments about the national anthem and the ensuing backlash, & more!


IGotFlow Podcast Episode 77: “Indignation”

The 77th Episode is here! The fellas chop it up re: NBA Draft and Free Agency, LeBron James moving to the Lakers and the Warriors adding Demarcus Cousins, Roger Goodell being a corrupt authoritarian, NFL Players needing guaranteed contracts & CTE, and Drake’s “Scorpion” double album. (Recorded: 7/3/2018) Music featured ...


IGotFlow Podcast Episode 76: “Delayed Upload (Pt. 2”

The second installment of our delayed episodes. The fellas chop it up re: The aftermath of the NBA Finals, where Lebron James will go in free agency, the NBA Draft, & more!


IGotFlow Podcast Episode 75: “Delayed Upload (Pt. 1)”

Ok, so this episode was technically recorded 3 weeks ago. However, due to server issues we’re just now getting it up. With that said, enjoy the first of the two delayed episodes. The fellas chop it up re: NBA Finals, Trump doing more fuck shit, and more!


IGotFlow Podcast Episode 74: “Drake vs. Pusha T”

The fellas chop it up re: Pusha T vs. Drake.


IGotFlow Podcast Episode 73: “Half & Half”

The fellas chop it up re: The NFL Draft, the Cowboys’ 9 picks, NBA Draft, and the Dallas Mavericks’ likely picks with the #5 pick


IGotFlow Podcast Episode 72: “The Show Of Shows”

It’s Wrestlemania Day! Flowman and J-Dub talk NFL (specifically Dallas Cowboys) free agency and Wrestlemania 34. Flowman expresses his general contempt for the card and J-Dub runs down his top 10 all-time Wrestlemanias. (Recorded 4-4-2018). Make sure to like, share, and subscribe!


IGotFlow Podcast Episode 71: “Back For The 3rd Time”

The 71st episode has Flowman & J-Dub talking NFL Free Agency and the Cowboys lack of major moves (this is before we found out about Allen Hurns), give their thoughts on Marvel’s record-setting Black Panther movie, and who are some of the local artists poised to breakout in the next ...


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