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A provider of world-class executive education, IMI equips leaders to build the future. In this podcast series, we hear from some of the world's leading business thinkers about what it takes to lead today.
18 Episodes
In the past five years, the business world has seen the birth of a new breed of company. The Exponential Organisation has revolutionized how a company can accelerate its growth by using technology and transformational leadership. An Exponential Organisation can eliminate the incremental, linear way traditional companies get bigger, leveraging assets like community, big data, algorithms, and new technology.Yuri van Geest is an international keynote speaker on exponential emerging technologies, digital transformation and technology trends. During his IMI Masterclass, Yuri explained why some organisations are able to grow exponentially and the fundamentally new ways corporations are organised to deal with disruption, exponential technologies and accelerated change through transformational leadership.For more on IMI events, go to
Context is king, especially when everything keeps changing. In this week’s IMI Talking Leadership episode we talk to Marco Mancesti, R&D Director at IMD Business School, about the ‘disruption-fit’ leader. This is a leader who constantly questions what is happening around them and is both agile and people-centric enough to do something about it. For leaders to succeed in a disruptive environment, they need to learn to put context at the centre of their professional armoury. Marco was a speaker for an IMI Talent Forum event for members. For more on IMI events, go to
In a world of unimaginable complexity, how are leaders today supposed to make consistently great decisions, especially in the absence of tangible information? How can a leader operate across different cultures and marketplaces and not let their inherent biases affect their decision-making?On this episode of IMI’s Talking Leadership podcast we’re joined by Kriti Jain, a behavioural scientist passionate about developing research and training leaders in making better decisions. Kriti is a programme director on Leadership Decision Making - a programme from the IMI Executive Series for senior leaders. Go to for more.
How can leaders achieve peak performance? Can we activate our minds in a way that allows us to perform at pace in the long-term? This week we talk to Friederike Fabritius about the neuroscience behind peak performance, and how getting the mixture between ‘fun’, ‘fear’ and ‘focus’ right can make you and your organisation perform brilliantly. Friederike is a lead designer on the Mastering the Performance Mindset programme for senior leaders. Find out more at
How does a leader drive greater diversity within their organisation? Why does it matter? And where does Ireland stand in the world when it comes to comparable economies?On International Women’s Day, we sat down with Brid Horan and Carol Andrews from the 30% Club to talk about diversity in the working environment.
In 2018, IMI partnered with Goal to support the development of Goal workers around the world. In this special episode, we talked to Nebras in Syria and Vincent in Uganda about how completing an IMI programme has impacted their work, and what difference it's making to vulnerable people where they work. We also met with Siobhan Walsh, CEO of Goal, and Janet Humphreys, Head of Group Services at Goal, to take a look at what work the charity is doing around the world and what difference developing their leaders makes to the work being done on the front lines.
IMI's National Management Conference was about 'Equipping Leaders to Build the Future' and we sat down with the three keynote speakers to get their opinion on what will take to lead tomorrow. We were joined by Deborah Rowland, author of Sustaining Change: Leadership That Works, who spoke about large complex change and how to manage it in this climate.Terence Mauri, currently writing a book for the Financial Times called Leaders who Dare and talked at the conference about ‘The Leaders Mindset: Leading with Purpose’.American professor, Nathan Furr, examined the topic of Innovative Capital and how leaders can innovate in creating a future for their businesses.
As the business environment becomes ever more competitive, disruptive and complex, future-fit leaders are required to be agile in how they think about problems, and how they deliver solutions. This week we talk to Danica Murphy about the performance mindset; what it is, how leaders today can benefit from the thinking and development behind it, and why it’s necessary in the modern business environment. In the conversation we cover topics such as the importance of Focus, Resilience and Wellness for senior leaders.
Decisions, decisions, decisions… leaders make thousand every day, and their organisations make millions, but how can you improve a process as complex as decision-making? In this episode we sit down with Dr. Simon Haslam, one of the lead associates on the new IMI Navigating Complex Decisions programme, and talked about what clouds decision-making, how to improve it as a leader and organisation, and why algorithms will have a hard task completely replacing humans.
This week we talk to Margit Takacs, change management consultant, on how leaders should drive, influence and support change initiatives within their organisation. We cover communication best practices and techniques, how to structure initiatives so leaders receive timely and accurate information, how to measure results, and the common missteps leaders make during a change initiative.
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