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In this episode of IN Jewish History, we have a guest whose service to the United States is incredible. Rear Adm Rabbi Harold Robinson was Rabbi of Temple Israel of Gary, Indiana, 1974-1977. A true innovator and trailblazer, Rabbi Robinson was the first Rabbi and non-Protestant to serve as chair of the National Conference on Ministry to the Armed Forces. And as Director of JWB Jewish Chaplains Council, The first Siddur or Jewish Prayer book for US Military Personnel was Published and Distributed to our Armed Forces since World War Two.  --- Support this podcast:
We are joined by Rabbi Dr. Gary Zola, Executive Director of the American Jewish Archives, as we discuss how some of Indiana's early Rabbis were trailblazers who shaped the future of American Judaism.  Pictured Rabbi Bernhard Felsenthal  --- Support this podcast:
Warren Rosenberg Professor Emeritus from Wabash College discusses what it was like being one of the few Jews in a small Indiana Town and how being a Professor at an All-Male College with few Jews informed many of his ideas about Jewish Masculinity and the role of the Jew in American pop culture.   --- Support this podcast:
Michael speaks with William Lasser, author of "Benjamin V. Cohen: Architect of the New Deal" We learn about how a shy genius from Muncie, Indiana, shaped World History and Legal Policy with legislation that still shapes our current lives.  --- Support this podcast:
Professor Carl Zimring, an Environmental Historian from the Pratt Institute and the author of Cash for Your Trash: Scrap Recycling in America (Rutgers University Press, 2005), discusses how Scrap Metal is an integral part of the American Jewish Experience. And why Scrape Metal was so important to Jews in Indiana.  --- Support this podcast:
Historian Dr. Rabbi Lance Sussman was a three-year Rabbinic student who served the Jewish Community of Richmond Indiana almost 40 years ago. Rabbi Sussman published a History of the community with the Indiana Jewish Historical Society in 1981 called "The Emergence of a Jewish Community in Richmond, Indiana." We talk about the uniqueness of Of Temple Beth Boruk in Richmond Indiana where Rabbi Sussman served as Student Rabbi and how it differs from other Jewish communities of similar size in Indiana. We discuss how small communities such as Richmond Indiana can be a great launching pad for future Rabbinic carriers.  --- Support this podcast:
Dr. Jack Glazier discusses his book "Dispersing the Ghetto" About how a Group of Wealthy German Jewish American Philanthropists sent Eastern. European Jewish Immigrants westward to destinations such as Indiana, including small towns without Jewish communities in an attempt to assimilate them into American society and to find the Jewish Immigrants work from the 1910s to the early 1920s, please listen to this fascinating little known social experiment called the "Industrial Removal Office" or IRO. --- Support this podcast:
Dr. Susan Hyatt, the Chair of Anthropology at IUPUI, talks about how marginalized groups of African Americans and Sephardic Jews bonded in Indianapolis. After the South Side of Indianapolis was torn down to make way for a highway system, the two communities were dispersed. To save the history of this unique integrated community, Dr. Hyatt discusses how she learned about its History. And how she worked with both the Jewish Community and African American Community to preserve its history and legacy. Funding Support for the IN-Jewish History Podcast came from the Leonard & Marion Freeman Charitable Fund. --- Support this podcast:
On the occasion of her lifetime membership to the Indiana Jewish Historical Society, Judy Weitzman discusses growing up in the greater Lafayette area discussing her family's early contributions to Purdue University and her time becoming a board member Purdue Hillel when the organization was in a time of transition. Funding Support for the IN-Jewish History Podcast came from the Leonard & Marion Freeman Charitable Fund --- Support this podcast:
In our first episode, we go out on a historical journey with Dr. Hasia Diner Paul, And Sylvia Steinberg Professor of American Jewish History at NYU. Who joins us to speak about the Jewish Peddlers who changed the way Americans shopped. Then, going a little deeper, we learn about how a Jewish Peddler from Bavaria named Adam Gimbel started a retail empire from his first shop In Vincennes, Indiana. Finally, we find out how Jewish Peddlars positively shaped the way Non-Jews perceived Jews across the US and ultimately shaped the destinies of Jewish immigrants to follow.  Funding Support for the IN-Jewish History Podcast came from the Leonard & Marion Freeman Charitable Fund. --- Support this podcast:
Noted author Eric Kimmel shares with us his passion and inspiration as a Jewish writer and his experiences in Indiana and exploring his own Ukrainian Jewish Heritage. Eric wrote such beloved books as "Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins." --- Support this podcast:
Caitlin and Alex from The Shapell Roster Project discuss discoveries about Indiana's Jewish Service Members in the US Civil War.  --- Support this podcast:
Peter Plotke speaks of his father, Frank Plotke, a Rabbi who fled from Nazi Germany, and discussed how his family was rescued from the Holocaust. After a few different American Pulpets, Peter Plotke's family finally settled in Hammond. Later, Peter went to Indiana University, where he was one of the founding members of the AEPI Jewish Fraternity at IU.  Funding Support for the IN-Jewish History Podcast came from the Leonard & Marion Freeman Charitable Fund. --- Support this podcast:
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