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Steven and Michael shoot the breeze about what they learned in the last week or two.
James Leftwich is the founder of, the online dating service for people with a considerably sserious or long term mental heal health condition. James joins INUFsaid to talk about the concept, how it was developed and why it is a pioneering dating site for people previously diagnosed with a mental health condition to meet new partners. Edgar and Michael are our co-presenters finding out more on why No Longer Lonely is proving to be an ultimate icebreaker and what reassurances and effectiveness it is providing as dating moves online. More details on the dating service discussed can be found here: #dating, #MentalHealth, #NoLongerLonely, #online, #OnlineDating,
Amie, Elif & Naimah arrive as part of the charity "National Citizens Service" (NCS) to visit INUF and explain 'The Challenge' project and their plans to renovate the Ithaca House garden and the impact they are making on the INUF Drop In. With a long term view to make things more homely for all of the INUF members, they share their experiences of visiting a mental health charity, what their roles are at the NCS and their leading impressions of the members they met in their social action project. What ideas have they put into practice? What have they changed to make it better for members? What are they doing to raise awareness for the charity that is INUF? Press play and lets find out! #Amike, #charity, #CharityPartner, #gardening, #NCS, #SocialAction, #students, #TheChallenge, #VolunteerDay
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This could / should be another INUF episode
Tracia, Naomi and Chezia from National Citizen Service (NCS) introduce themselves to INUF and explain more about the NCS experience, the work they delivered to a community placement. INUF the charity are always opening doors to the community and ...........
INUFsaid on the airwaves again with Revive FM. This rough edits starts at approximately 7 mins and 4 seconds Abdul Malik hosts and presents on behalf of Revive FM and welcomes INUF Staff and Members as special guests on his talk show to talk more about mental health in the community and what it is that INUF does for Newham based residents with a background in mental health. Humaira Hussain is joined by INUF members Debbie Williams and Michael Ahern and they lead the discussion on what role Independent Newham Users Forum plays in the lives of its members and how the registered charity collaborates with other organizations in Newham. #healthcare, #INUF, #MentalHealth, #mindfulness, #Newham, #NHS, #wellbeing
Mr Funky invites Trevor from INUFsaid to hang out on Supreme FM for an interview to discuss the charity Independent Newham Users Forum, mental health and the impact of the NHS in the local community. This is a live-recorded show "Keep It In House" presented by DJ Funky!! This two-hour special is filled wit soulful house music, neo soul music and burst of lively chat and debate between Mr Funky and Trevor, with an added bonus of a quickfire question round as well. Find out more about the charity, where it is in the community and how to join. #charity, #community, #DJ, #INUF, #INUFsaid, #LiveBroadcast #MentalHealth, #MentalHealthMatters, #Newham, #radio
Edgar Cassidy comes in to the podcast to talk about his appreciation for comedy and how humour can affect mental health for better or for worse. Looking back at the talented fraternity of comedians who have taken to the stage and performed stand-up....
Dual or multiple diagnoses is one of the more difficult things to deal with when managing a mental health condition. In this episode, we listen to Edgar Cassidy as he discusses how he lives with both a long term mental health condition and long term physical health condition. This episode goes into the trials and tribulations of coming to terms with cerebral palsy as a child, as well as the bullying he faced, before Edgar channelled his experience into a more positive outlook framework that helped him overcome several obstacles. While everyone's experience is unique we are also grateful that this story can be shared, as we come to understand different ways of reaching a manageable level of well-being and social engagement. #CerberalPalsy, #CP, #CopingStrategies, #DualDiagnoses, #mentalhealth, #podcast, #WellBeing
Social Media and the online world have taken a grip on our lives like nothing humankind has experienced before. Avatars, comments, doctored images, hyper-connectivity, notifications and web presence have come to represent the personality and the reality of the individual at large. We have invited guest expert Olivia Mohtady (psychology graduate) to discuss both the merits and detrimental impact of social media on mental health. We also consider the factors behind these effects and how they may be observed. To find out more about Olivia Mohtady's work please visit: Olivia promotes well-being through her honest commentary on managing mental health in contemporary society. You can see her recent post on the challenges for millennials in staying connected in the digital age here: #Psychologist, #DigitalAge, #MentalHealth, #Millennials, #OnlinePersona, #SocialMedia, #WellBeing
Defining how trauma has an impact on individual mental health with our guest expert and qualified Counsellor Stefania Santoro.A person who experiences a traumatic incident directly, or witness it happening to someone near by, can develop Psychological Trauma. Michael step up to the mic to co-present in this delicate interview.If you or anyone you know of are affected by the issues raised in this episode you can NHS approved mental health helplines: find out more about Stefania Santoro visit:, #PTSD, #symptoms, #trauma
Have you ever wondered what makes up a good charity or bad charity? Are we scrutinizing in the correct and appropriate way? What indeed is good governance?"When charities go wrong" is an episode where #INUFsaid explores and finds out what is happening and what is being done about it. Are there cultural, geographic or sociological reasons for the failings and successes.Step inside this episode to find out the reasons why charities lose their way or fall by the wayside. Big names come into the spotlight and the scale of the organizations discussed are national and international.#charity, #commission, #corruption, #investigation, #misconduct
There is a worrying trend for people to experience debt after a major life event and persons with mental health not being provided the space to arrange their finances before further repercussions take place.#INUFsaid presenters are joined by INUF (the charity) member "Matt" to talk about approaches and strategies for managing debt and what situations are leading to this difficulty and what pathways we can take to emerge from debt.If you are experiencing debt problems at this time, there are reputable sources to explore and discuss your circumstances, including:FREE mental health guide from Money Saving Expert: Point Recovery: article (incl. "Debt charities can offer debt help and advice" shortlist):, #charity, #debt, #finance, #mentalhealth
INUFsaid welcomes Jordan Saeed from, the community group Newham People First, as a guest expert on what it is like to either volunteer and/or work with charities.Newham People First helps individuals with learning disabilities, Jordan is also a former police officer who worked extensively in the community.To find out more about Newham People First you can contact#community, #LearningDisability, #Newham, #NPF, #RegisteredCharity,
Working for a living and finding work in your local borough can be a tricky and competitive thing to do, in some cases you may need an Emplyoment Advisor to help. In this session we listen to Paul Wren who has over 20 years experience of working for the London Borough of Newham, who divulges his experiences, tips and advice. Our presenters grill our in-house employment advisor.
#INUFsaid talks about TV series that have come and gone and our presenters (Michael & Steven) try to discuss and explain with our host (Trevor) what makes shows good and what makes the bad.Doctor Who, Gotham, Supernatural & Sunset Beach all get a mention.Do we like characters, plot or scene settings? Or is it the power of fandom that keeps a series continually on our screens and worth watching? How do we categorize the "best" t.v. shows?Comptrolled by #MKH#BreakingBad, #DoctorWho, #Gotham, #Neighbours, #NetworkTen, #SunsetBeach; #BBC, #HBO, #NBC
The Mueller Report is the official investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. With this in mind what is it that has happened and what should we be worried about?The INUF podcast team tries to understand what is behind the allegations, the conspiracy and the obstruction of justice that have been part of the Donald Trump presidential election campaign.What value can we assert in this investigation and what values have risen to the surface, despite the redacted 448 page publicly released report. A hot topical subject which has been amended by the executive privilege of "protective assertion", what does it mean?#DonaldTrump, #MuellerReport, #politics, #POTUS
Our presenters have come across a relatively new term called "Incel" and seek to go down the internet rabbit hole and news articles to find out more about this phrase. Incels are members of an online subculture who define themselves as unable to find a romantic or sexual partner (despite desiring one). This is a broad catch-all meaning. However, we discover why it is a statement that is never too far from contradiction or controversy depending on which article you read. Listen to presenters discoveries.
Do you have any spare time on your hands? Fancy a day out in and around London? Perhaps our meandering thoughts and research can help you on your next trip. A quick, casual look at the options and opportunities to visit places of interest in one of the greatest capital cities in the world. Listen (and maybe take note) of our great places to visit.
Music is the food of love, is meant to soothe the soul and picks you up where other people have left you behind. Music clearly has an affect on each one of us whatever we do. Our presenters approach the mics to discuss music and it's relationship to mental health. So can music help people with their mental health problems and well-being to relax and de-stress? Listen to this session, find out more!
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