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Bridging The Gap

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Welcome to IPTM Live's "Bridging the Gap"! – Remember leaving your training, arriving on the crime scene and thinking, how do I use what I just learned? Join Officer Ashley and Sergeant Frank on the first and third Friday of each month as they bridge the gap between training and the real-world application in law enforcement. Officer Ashley and Sergeant Frank will discuss actual cases and how the techniques taught in the classroom were applied in the field. They’ll explore the topics from IPTM’s vast course offerings, have special guest appearances, and a ton of fun along the way!
8 Episodes
Officer Ashley will be discussing body worn cameras, how patrol can better utilize them and the benefits they bring to modern policing. Lieutenant Allan, BWC expert and IPTM adjunct, will be joining the show.
Officer Ashley, Sergeant Frank and special guest, Dan McDevitt, examine the tragic events that took place at the Waukesha, WI Christmas Parade. McDevitt – a long-time IPTM instructor and an expert in major case management – will discuss the case from an investigative perspective based on information available to the public.
Welcome to "Bridging The Gap"! Officer Ashley and Sergeant Frank, along with a special guest, will explore the critical role of Emergency Communications Specialists. They'll share some real 9-1-1 calls and discuss what's happening on the call and behind the scenes.
IPTM Live! is rebranding!  IPTM Live will offer a livestream and podcast called "Bridging the Gap" which will continue to offer solutions for taking your training to the real world every first and third Friday of the month! Join Officer Ashley & Sergeant Frank as they continue to bring in guest and discuss real life scenarios in which their training was applied.
Officer Ashley, Sgt. Frank and their guest Officer Cory (SRO and former U.S. Marine) discuss rookie days – FTOs, supervisors and even civilians. They share submissions from friends,  listeners and a few fun and crazy stories along the way!
Officer Ashley and Sergeant Frank will examine a complex DUI Manslaughter case involving two best friends. Retired Officer Darrell will explain how experience, training and forensics lead to a conviction in his case.
Checkout the first installment of IPTM Live here! Officer Ashley and Sergeant Frank discuss the Gabby Petito case, missing persons and homicide investigations. Special guest Detective John, using his many years of experience as a special investigations detective, will give his insight on the case and discuss it with our hosts.
IPTM Live! - Trailer

IPTM Live! - Trailer


In this episode of IPTM LIVE, your hosts Officer Ashley and Sgt. Frank will introduce you to the live streams that will occur the first and third Friday of each month with podcasts available the following Monday!  Your hosts will explore real world cases, have guest appearances and have a ton of fun along the way!  Let’s have some fun with Officer Ashley and Sgt. Frank!
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