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Iain Lee's Late Night Alternative Full Shows

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Every full Late Night Alternative show on talkRADIO from 2016 to the present day! (recent shows are on a delay),

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706 Episodes
The best bits from The Late Night Alternative between the 31st December 2019 & 9th January 2020 with Iain Lee & Katherine Boyle, Listen LIVE weeknights at 10pm on
Hannah talks her mum being addicted to alcohol, Jack is being bullied for being disabled and is worried after his friend says he is suicidal, Iain remembers Pizzicato Five, Nigel in Maidstone does The Beatles, Can vile troll Ollie walk back his comments?, Carol is upset at her carer, AirPods stuck in the stomach and being pooped out? and Jason is struggling as he doesn't see his children anymore
The show comes live from the countryside after last nights feisty show, Mark needs advice on dating apps, David gets very angry after Iain calls Tommy Robinson a racist, Iain trolls Lavinya with Ali-G quotes, Gerry is going to be in the papers, Charlie went to A&E for swallowing a knife, The gates of hell have been found?, Visiting dirty place names and Nigel in Maidstone gives us a song!
How's your mum?, Raheem and Lavinya go head to head in the battle of the sexes, Iain and Katherine's battle with a work colleague, Keith argues with Iain after Keith says he went to Stonehenge but didn't?, Kelly rings in very angrily and says she's been listening for 20 years and finds Iain rude, but didn't know his surname, Will buys a horse truck from eBay, except he doesn't have a horse, The callers troll Keith, Kelly returns for round 2 and Nigel in Maidstone is doing better
Henry thinks he's failed his German GCSE exam, Alan Caddick's mum isn't doing well, Iain updates on his mum's care home situation, Iain needs a name for the transcript book, ASMR on Twitch, David talks telling his 4 year old son he's moving out, 10,001 names for bands, Billy's song for scumbag Simon's, G wants to be sectioned, Oliver is transgendered and talks choosing his own name and Stealing from a cemetery?
Iain asks What's the best bargain you've had?, Henry is doing his German GCSE's, Another scumbag Simon put's his membership card on eBay, Iain and Katherine make a lot of Angela puns, Iain updates on the transcripts book, A weird Elton John medley, People who can easily be scammed by fake famous people and Iain needs a name for the transcript book
Who does music better than America?, Jack talks being bullied at school, Willie Nelson, Glen listens back to his old calls to Iain, Iain and Katherine talk about local radio and BBC 3CR, Iain takes calls on Periscope secretly, Jen remembers Iain on RI:SE, Roger talks going the cinema to see the new Avengers, Joey returns for round 2 and Nigel and Rainbow George have a chit-chat
Simon is a scumbag for putting his membership card on eBay so Iain wants a good Simon to claim it, Katherine is number 1 and Iain is number 7?, Daniel argues with Argos for not having spy toys and genetically engineer jellyfish into superglue?, Why are women putting garlic in their vagina's?, Gerry is still having care home issues, Imani's new single, Eben talks telling his parents about joining Scientology and Joey gets very angry with Iain and asks Katherine why she is at work and not looking after her children
It's party night on talkRADIO, Iain, Katherine, Caddick and Nigel do a concert, Sam comes in the studio after he's bored so Iain chats with him, The best three moments of your life, Chris gets an extra long drum roll, Iain remembers retro Spectrum games, Things get spooky with Chat its fate, Iain gives Katherine a backie and The weirdest restaurants
St George's Day is pointless, Chuck Winkle is in hot pursuit, Noel Taylor's got another invention, Richard claims curved TVs are spaceships?, Why do news stories break down terrorist incidents to how many Britons died?, Can we find something to unite the country?, Iain goes for a wee and leaves Katherine to it and Hiding insults inside car bumpers
Calls straight to air all night, Martin Sweethearts film gaffe's, Daniel won't wear nail polish and talks about telepresence robots, cashpoints for voting and a whole load of nonsense as Iain leaves him on air with other callers, Gerry is being kicked out of his care home, Iain goes to see Shane Ritchie in a musical, Simon poker, Katherine goes missing so Iain appeals for any information and Chris is living in the past
Martin from Birmingham and Alan Caddick come to furious blows, Iain does a 5 minute flurry for membership cards, Simon outs himself as the person who put his card on eBay, Who's your Jesus?, Nellie's things that sound familiar quiz, Kevin phones up drunk and Iain feels sad for him as he slurs his words, Jenny talks nonsense and Iain and Katherine argue over how much water does Thames water lose a year?
Iain wants some trust with the callers so he plays the alphabet game where the callers have to get from A to Z, easy!, Iain gets angry so leaves the callers to it, YouTuber DanTDM selling out arena's!, Someone is selling a Late Nate Alternative membership card on eBay, Nigel in Maidstone still hasn't been to the doctors, Josie gets trolled by her kids and Iain,  Ollie uses his detective skills and Eben reveals he joined Scientology and regretted it
Iain's cat makes its first kill, Angela's mum isn't her mum?, David Babcock compares Iain to Adolf Hitler, Roger isn't really blind?, Beards are dirtier than dogs?, Florence Nightingale vs Mother Teresa, Suing your parents over porn?, Darren tries a prank but fails, Cindy talks her son who is a YouTuber with 2 million followers and Sloop John B talks how horrendous Gene Simmons is
Iain is joined by singer and actor Noel Sullivan, formerly of Hear'Say who talks Popstars, Hear'Say, the papers, acting, keeping his sexuality secret and breaking down, George doesn't like Iain's views on the Notre-Dame, Iain and Katherine witness a dirty protest, Andrew claims he's the biggest Level 42 fan, Eduardo doesn't like being asked if he wants clippers or scissors at the hairdressers, An anonymous listener regrets joining Scientology, Pete follows up after coming out as transgender to his son and Iain's racist neighbour?
Iain sees Shazam at the cinema and his kids cheat at golf, Iain and Katherine give out membership cards for interesting facts, Nicky Ernest lives across the street from talkRADIO and rushes to get a card, Ollie pushes his luck, Anna was in a Star Wars movie, Secret Menu's and Smiling makes you happier?
Paul talks his drinking, Isabella gives her goldfish CPR, Iain misses a good power cut, Is Julian Assange a hero or villain?, Simon's family fortunes, Iain's old college friend Tash catches up, Sheila talks being depressed after going blind, Tyrone wonders if his calls add anything and Peter talks Jordan Peterson
Michael Jackson defenders are abusive?, Iain's Wi-Fly invention, James reads The Dirt about the Mötley Crüe, Einstein's rules for his wife, A classic interview with Nic Jones, Which Beatle could you beat in a fight and Rob Burnett talks Mrs Hinch the cleaner and his bloody bum
Iain argues with Michael Jackson supporters on Twitter, Anneka argues with Iain over inconsistencies in the Michael Jackson documentary, Jack says he is being bullied on Snapchat, Paul worries Iain as he doesn't make sense, Iain interviews Kate Robbins on the phone who talks Crossroads, Club tropicana the musical, Her movie with Mackenzie Crook and Her daughter doing I'm a celebrity, Paul and Iain discuss the four agreements and What's affecting your Wi-Fi?
Iain is joined by writer Will Storr in the studio who talks his new book, Ricky Gervais, David Irving and Holocaust deniers, Filling time until we die and Erotic fan fiction, Iain starts a revolution to thank the bus driver, More meditation from Katherine's little one, Better out than in, Dave questions whether Racist Jonathan should be allowed back on and Nigel in Maidstone enjoys Asian porn?
Comments (2)

Kizi chillin

Great radio host. Needs more airtime.

Jan 11th

Antony Baker

hey, really love catching the full shows, wish they were more regular but I guess it's a lot of work. thanks anyway

Nov 13th
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