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The Late Night Alternative with Iain Lee Full Shows

The Late Night Alternative with Iain Lee Full Shows

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Every full show for Iain Lee's Late Night Alternative between 2016 and the present day (recent shows are delayed),
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888 Episodes
Vance claims China is profiting from the Coronavirus, Wayne's hedgehogs, Iain does Blankety Blank with Caddick, Anita Harris, Dave Lee Travis and Kenny Everett, Barry from Watford gets tit in his hair and Iain tries a Periscope love bomb but it gets sweary
Lavinya's potato song, Marie is annoyed at people not keeping their distance, Alex says NHS workers are more priveleged than older people, Barry from Watford's charity for testicles, David Babcock's call for love and Katherine's daughter does another meditation session!
Iain is joined by actor Robin Askwith on the phone, Barry from Watford apologises to Sonia and sings a war song with her, Pat's 2 metre snorkle solution for coronavirus, Straight to air for the last hour, Martin phones in to complain about Nick Abbot and Rainbow George continues to ignore Iain's views
Isla claims the NHS created the coronavirus, Peter Bobby asks should we criticize the prime minister in these times?, Barry from Watford story of lies, Aled doesn't agree with the government paying people's wages and Rainbow George's message to Boris Johnson
Sonia is upset at Barry's son Dave, Michelle had to put her husband in an amulance, Matt's dirty talk, Barry from Watford's flower of love, Nigel in Maidstone's coronavirus song and Liam is stuggling after being broken up with
Barry from Watford's son, Dave, threatens to knock Iain out, Kai talks Grindr during social distancing, Cleo's knob on a windowsill, Martin claims the government want to close jobcentres and gets angry when Iain says it nonsense and Vouchers?
Alan Caddick has been fired, Nigel in Maidstone thinks we should move to the moon, Isla says Boris is overreacting, Iain's stocking up on Rustler's burgers, Seduced by a dolphin? and Arthur talks having sex with a horse and says that they enjoy it
David Babcock's cure for the coronavirus, Barry from Watford beats up a duck and upsets Iain's son, Calls straight to air, Line 2 is angry that he can't see his child during the coronavirus crisis and Iain Periscope love bombs Bridge of Christ again!
Producer Elef has 24 cats and one pooped on a cancer patient?, Barry from Watford takes calls on lifting spirits, Nigel in Maidstone is still worried about the coronavirus, Gal Gadot's imagine and Dreamweaver and Iain disagree over a complaint Dreamweaver made
Straight to air for the first hour, Kai claims the media has gone over the top, Barry from Watford's keep your spirits up special, Russ talks not being interesting in sex and Sheila is upset because she can't see her dad
Caddick claims coronavirus was made by ISIS?, Some Scottish people try a prank, Chuck Winkle gets angry, Rob Burnett's worried about Jimmy Nail, Pablo gets Iain angry and Craig claims China. Korea and Russia are in a coalition?
Iain and Katherine do the show from Iain's home, Caddick's feeling down, Roger's worried about his dad, Iain kicks a cable out and breaks everything so Katherine does the show on her phone, Nigel in Maidstone goes upbeat and Sheila gets upset as she might not see her dad again
Ways to protect The Who, Iain is joined by Pete from What's On The Tapes in the studio to talk his project, Goodbye Marcus, Robin cheats on Iain with Jim Davis?, Clive is concered about Pat who's worried about the coronavirus and Iain Periscope love bombs Toya
Iain is happy and proud to pay his TV license, Sonia talks finding it difficult because her son was suicidal, Iain phones Italy to get the latest on the coronavirus, The most out of date thing you own, Kara talks struggling as her daughter tried to kill herself before Christmas and Iain's made up musical song breaks Katherine,
Iain goes solo, Ollie gets shrunken, Pat rings in to do his Britain's Got Talent act but breaks Clive's plates, Aileen gets racist, Floyd's been to Italy but won't admit if he has self isolated and Mark takes 16 tablets and wants to die but Iain won't let him
Iain attempts to track down the "Succulent Chinese Meal" guy, Noel Taylor says the coronavirus is caused by hate?, Iain is worried about his mum and coronavirus, Jessie's 3D cat videos, Tricky finds a tissue in his frozen pizza and Fake Sheila battles Gareth
First time callers only for the first two hours, 9 year old Oliver's dad is looking for a strawberry thief, Luke, dad and mum, Alice's animal psychic mum, Dylan's riddles, Dylan is very rude to Andre and Sonia talks losing her husband Godfrey 19 years ago after meeting him in 1957
Iain plays Dan Wootton's Dolly Parton, Ollie pradeep's Iain in the bath, The hydration zone, Dylan doesn't know who Dolly Parton so Iain teaches him, Russ challenges Iain to iPod roulette, Iain pranks David Babcock as a Russian man and Trevor puts his song forward for Yes word or S word
Dean says his throat constricts when he tries to sleep, Katherine's youngest puts a hex on their award nomination?, Dylan's work experience, A quick game of pass the chat on, Chuck Winkle gets angry, Taking LSD in the 50s and Complaining to the newspaper everyday for 42 years?
Iain is joined by comedian Sara Barron in the studio who talks her new standup show, Coronavirus and Gets Gatford to open up about being a 45 year old virgin, Iain introduces his nephew Dylan who's on work experience who teaches Iain about TikTok, Should we worry about Coronavirus?, Iain makes a deal with Stephen to stay off drugs and Iain watches Speed with the kids
Comments (2)

Kizi chillin

Great radio host. Needs more airtime.

Jan 11th

Antony Baker

hey, really love catching the full shows, wish they were more regular but I guess it's a lot of work. thanks anyway

Nov 13th
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