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Elliot Christenson: Entrepreneur, Tech Enthusiast, and Musician interviews interesting people across many realms of society.
74 Episodes
A great, long discussion about sales and prospecting issues and techniques for entrepreneurs with seasoned veteran Chris Vanderheyden. Chris put together a great PDF guide going over the ideas here.
Spike Cohen joins Elliot Christenson and guest host Wendy Coriell for a freedom loving Liberterian centric episode. In this episode, we discuss why the cost of healthcare is so high in the United States as well as freedom of health care being a Constitutional right. We also discuss police brutality, BLM and qualified immunity. Do […] The post Spike Cohen 2020 Libertarian Vice President Candidate – Freedom Talk appeared first on Ideas By Elliot.
This is one for you to comment below on how we are wrong – but also to invite your friends and family to watch with you for a good discussion on which computing platforms you should be using in 2021. We discuss ChromeOS, iOS, macOS, Windows, Android and even a little Linux and how it applies […] The post Fastest Algorithm: Eric & David Explain Computer Operating Systems appeared first on Ideas By Elliot.
March 17th, 2021 Sheri “Hardship” Hartzheim and Elliot covered the challenges of politics in the close-to-post-pandemic local election world. For more information about Sheri and her campaign:   The post Appleton School Board and City Council Candidate Sheri Hartzheim appeared first on Ideas By Elliot.
Dan joined Elliot on February 26, 2021 to discuss the toxic issue of Gerrymandering in the United States and specifically in Wisconsin – along with some potential solutions. Daniel Theno is the author of Winning Local Elections: A Guide To Winning Local, County and Legislative Political Campaigns available on Amazon here. The post Let’s Stop Wisconsin’s Gerrymandering Addiction with Author Daniel Theno appeared first on Ideas By Elliot.
Young people change the world. That was true when I was younger, and it’s no less true now. One of the most inspirational interviews I’ve had came last week with GBAPS “ICSC” President Noah Becker. As this gets published, students are just arriving in class on March 1st. We touch on everything from mental health […] The post Back to School Special with Green Bay’s Intra-City Student Council President Noah Becker appeared first on Ideas By Elliot.
Ald. Bill Galvin (sporting headphones that make him look like a space pirate) joins Elliot on January 28th, 2021 to discuss school opening, vaccines, Mayor Genrich and partisanship in City Hall, city services, the racist tax on the middle class (A.K.A. overnight parking ordinance) – we cover the gamut! The post Intergalactic Space Pirate on Green Bay City Council? appeared first on Ideas By Elliot.
Ald. Brunette joins Elliot to recap 2020’s crazy events and to discuss how we can get our city government more aligned and responsive to the needs and wishes of our citizens! From the election bomb in spring to attacks by our inspections department to wheel tax to redistricting, where’s the mayor to cut our microphones!? The post Where Jesse and Elliot’s Minds Go, Controversy Surely Follows! appeared first on Ideas By Elliot.
Rhonda Sitnikau joined Elliot to discuss the pending opening of the Green Bay Area Public Schools amid the COVID-19 pandemic including the issues surrounding this for students and families. The post Green Bay School Board Member Rhonda Sitnikau on the “Opening Question” appeared first on Ideas By Elliot.
In this video, Lawrence Williams and Wendy Coriell join Elliot to discuss the blooming market of cryptocurrency. We discuss digital assets and digital currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, XRP, Spark, Dogecoin, XLM and more. We’ll take a look at cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase and Kraken and how you can earn free crypto by […] The post Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Polkadot, XRP, Flare & More w/ Lawrence Williams and Wendy Coriell appeared first on Ideas By Elliot.
We cover the gamut in our discussion on January 16th, 2021 with Brown County, Wisconsin Board Supervisor Patrick Evans (Even – not Odd ????). Taxes Budgets COVID Southern De Pere Bypass Project and more In memory of a great mother, provider, mentor, and friend – Kay Evans. The post Sales Tax, Southern Bridges, and Snow Plows appeared first on Ideas By Elliot.
He is the driving force behind Green Bay news epicenter: The Green Bay Llama. Jason Jerry joined me on December 26, 2020 to discuss “new media”, politics, The Llama itself, and most importantly his very personal connection with the tragic abuse story of Nate Lindstrom. Press-Gazette article by Haley BeMiller: #ibelievenate: GoFundMe: Greater Green Bay Society of […] The post Green Bay’s Llama Prime: Jason Jerry on Movies, Politics, and #ibelievenate appeared first on Ideas By Elliot.
He is one of my Libertarian idols and an omni-partisan force in his community as a Winnebago County Board Supervisor, Brian Defferding discusses the political divide, the Libertarian, and most of all the fulfillment of serving your community on a local level. The post Wisconsin Libertarian Leader Brian Defferding Discussion on December 22, 2020 appeared first on Ideas By Elliot.
Interesting discussion with avant-garde independent filmmaker Jonwayne Stricker. What is fascinating was how inspiring and positive he is. In a year of fear, uncertainty, and doubt, this was a much needed shining light of self-assuredness. Make sure to check out Jonwayne’s YouTube Channel He has a fan fiction site He’s also involved with […] The post December 18th, 2020 Conversation with Independent Filmmaker Jonwayne Stricker appeared first on Ideas By Elliot.
Green Bay City Council Alder Barbara Dorff discusses the property tax special assessment relieving “wheel tax”, her take on the city’s response to COVID along with some of the potential positive after-affects, the mishandling of the 2020 spring election, and her positive action on assisting women in Politics! It gets heated, but this is an […] The post Green Bay City Council Alder Barbara Dorff: Wheel Tax, COVID, Spring Election, Women in Politics! appeared first on Ideas By Elliot.
For more information about ImprovCity: Support ImprovCity on Patreon: Devin Dugan on IMDB: Devin Dugan on Twitter: @devin_1974     The post Entrepreneur Founder and Director of ImprovCity Comedy in Orange County, California: Devin Dugan (Recorded December 5, 2020) appeared first on Ideas By Elliot.
We covered the gamut with co-host Wendy Coriell talking about everything from spirituality to entrepreneurism. Find Rachel on Facebook: Find Queen of Peace Stores, LLC on Facebook: The post Catholic and New Age Spiritual Store Queen of Peace Owner Rachel Porath (Recorded December 5, 2020) appeared first on Ideas By Elliot.
We cover the entire spectrum of city issues from oppressive daily $50 fines to fluoride in the water to what it takes to run for local office. It’s a fun discussion. You are guaranteed to disagree with one or both of us! 🙂 The post November 29, 2020 Interview with Green Bay Alderman of District 7: Randy Scannell appeared first on Ideas By Elliot.
Elliot was joined by Wendy to discuss the growing California and U.S. Cannabis industry as well as other entrepreneurial issues facing an inspirational CEO in mid-pandemic 2020. The post California CBD Entrepreneur Mae Bereal CEO of LAV8 CBD appeared first on Ideas By Elliot.
Discussion with Wisconsin State Representative Shae Sortwell on cannabis legalization efforts in the legislature for Wisconsin, an update on the November 2020 election issue, and his efforts on criminal justice reforn. The post November 13, 2020 – Wisconsin Rep Shae Sortwell appeared first on Ideas By Elliot.
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